What is the inspiration behind your username?

  1. reddit assigned it to me. I wanted something that would not reflect any other usernames I use elsewhere on the internet so I just went with the randomly assigned one

  2. Mine wasn't randomly generated, but it has the same reasoning behind it. I had an account before this one, but it was recognizable by those who know me. I'm not playing that game on Reddit; I need my antisocial media.

  3. You're a Shoddy Cobbler, I'm a Shoddy Jellyfish! Thanks for the insults, Random Reddit Name Generator. 🦑👞😊 (I kept mine, too, since it was unique and weird like myself).

  4. my dad's old xbox gamer tag is Reckliss, when he made me an Xbox account he made my name Little Reckliss. We used to play together but since then he kinda stopped playing games. Now i just make my name some variation of Reckliss on whatever platform I go on (Besides xbox, i'll keep that Little Reckliss forever) so remember his name.

  5. I did the same. His PSN was Wingnutpipesy71, so mine is PipesyJr. That carried on to my Reddit username in a way.

  6. This reminds me when my foster dad stopped playing Halo 2 online and gave me his old gamertag which was named SexMachine69. Needless to say I was only 14 and my friends called me the virgin sex machine. I eventually got my own account and that's what my username is.

  7. I love this. My husband and son have been building a world together in Minecraft for about six years. Its very special to them and the memories will be there forever. You have a good dad.

  8. This is a whole new world I didn't think about. My parents didn't even know what xboxes were and the idea of an internet moniker is totally foreign to then.

  9. My brothers will come over with whisky on Christmas 2 bottles. They get 1 each they’ll drink that fuck and still seem sober… can you do that too?

  10. Growing up in the south as the only boy in the family I got my nickname. I hated being called it, and I swore that when I was an adult I would never be called that again. Shortly before I graduated high school my oldest sister had the first baby of my siblings. Everytime I came over to see my nephew my sister and brother in law would tease me and tell my nephew to say Bubba. Of course I hated it and told them not to do so. Some time later I was visiting my nephew who was playing on the floor, he crawled over to me, used me to help himself stand up and then promptly said Bubba clear as day and laughed. It was his first word beyond mama and dada. 21 years later, and now all my nieces and nephews call me that, and you know what, I'm ok with it.

  11. I wanted people to know i am an intellectual, an avid conversationalist, and have an expertise in a wide range of topics. A sort of renaissance man if you will. I think my name sums that up perfectly

  12. I thought, that username.... Is it... Henry Kissinger? Can't be Leonard Cohen, he died. And James Bond and Sherlock Holmes are fictional.

  13. "Tremolat" is a French village in Dordogne where I spent the summers of my youth. The 1970 movie "Le Boucher" was shot there and most of the villagers (including my grandmother) had their 15 seconds of fame. The place has changed little since then. So much history in the surrounding area. Downside is that it's a royal pain in the ass to get there from NY.

  14. Thanks for asking, it is because since I was in Elementary school due to having very little friends I’ve kept making imaginary friends one after the other which slowly transformed into an entire universe which has taken up residence inside my brain.edit

  15. teenage me wanted to rule the world as a king. then i started referring to myself as a future dictator.

  16. In high school my best friend and I were tall and skinny. Both over 6’ and both under 180lbs. We were pretty much inseparable. At a party one night someone said we look like the number eleven standing next to each other. We all laughed. Somehow that turned into the two skinnies so it went from there. Has been my handle now for over a quarter century.

  17. Name of the sleep demon I had growing up. More I use the name the less he appeared in my dreams, stopped showing up when I was 23-24.

  18. I tried a few non-cadbury's chocolate bar related names and they were all taken but I tried a cadbury's related name and that came up green, but I've never liked Cadbury's so I made my position clear with this name instead.

  19. My name is Jared. I didn't wait long enough typing it on a keypad. E changed to F. I thought it was funny

  20. Mine was Elvis Presley’s alias he used when checking into hotels, I am a fan of Elvis, so there you go! I hope data miners don’t use this info!

  21. I wanted a username that has nothing to do with me in real life nor sound like any other name i've used before. Basically, I don't want anyone I know see this user name and even for a second think that it's me. And these two words were the first thing that popped into my head. It has nothing to with a show or song or anything that I watched that day.

  22. I want to create posts that has genuinely good content in my opinion and then link the viewers to the people who created it. It's my way of encouraging good artists.

  23. Wanted something unique, clever, and quirky so I thought, video game logic like where you can be healed by eating lots of apples or fit an entire bike into a bag.

  24. A cat sat on a glass table I was cleaning and I spotted a little greasy spot after she left. Henceforth I saw them everywhere and called them "RandomActsOfAnus"

  25. My friend and I made a comic when we were teenagers called the adventures of alcorabbit and wannabebunny. A plush Rabbit that had multiple personality disorder. One an anarchist punk, the other an international drug mule. It wasn't great but we were very proud of it.

  26. When I was 14, I was pretty depressed and there was an old man who I would used to talk to. He was like 60, but he was a large man, and I don't mean that he was fat, but he was just a muscular person.

  27. I hit random name on xbox 360 wayy back in the day i spent probably 2 hours generating names and this one is what i decided on

  28. We were at my grandma's for family dinner on my 12th birthday, and my older siblings and cousin started calling me a "dark cloud" because I rain on everyone's parade. This was all said in good fun, and I was/am proud of my role as the shitty little sister and family realist. The nickname has stuck for over a decade!

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