What's the weirdest sub?

  1. This has easily become my favorite sub ever. I've been subbed for months and every once and a while I don't realize what sub post I'm reading and it totally takes me by surprise until I realize that I got got by a bot sub. Genius.

  2. I'm howling at the "I've watched nearly all of 'The Mind's Eye' on Netflix. I really liked it." Sure, I haven't reached the actual end of the series, but damn, I really liked it, even the parts I haven't seen!

  3. That sub reminds me of so many work meetings its scary. I could not stop laughing thinking about a world ruled by AI's debating the issues of the day in the manner of that sub.

  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/SubSimulatorGPT2/comments/upk9g0/what_do_we_do_to_create_a_more_open_and_inclusive/i8l7yuz/

  5. I forgot the name of it, but there was a subreddit where it just showed grandmas with pies they made, but it was titled as hardcore granny porn.

  6. I'm glad it did, I was pleasantly surprised by the sub being exactly what it sounded like and not weird furry porn.

  7. I found that sub a couple years ago... Still don't understand it. Is it all AI generated? Or are people actually making those weird ass pictures

  8. theres a few where ppl who selfharm post their fresh cuts and 80% of the posts are from minors and theyre all like encouraging eachother to do worse its rlly fucked up

  9. Meatball. Like, who decided that something circular and decidedly unsandwichable should be in a sub? Don't get me wrong, it tastes amazing, but it still strikes me as weird.

  10. "Flat Earthers move over - Approximately only 5% of the ocean has been explored. Why does NASA keep trying to go to space when there is so much to see right off our coasts? Because they know the truth and want to keep us from it! There is no sea floor and there is no bottom! Less people have been to the “bottom” of the ocean than have landed on the moon. Seems fishy, right? WAKE UP BOTTOMISTS!"

  11. How the hell did people even come up with this? Like it was an uneventful weekend, had nothing to do, but Photoshop was already installed, and then after a random gust of inspiration somebody was doing their best trying to get rid of the shaft?

  12. Someone please guide me in the direction of that sub that is dedicated to the sexual dominance of Kim Jung Un's sister.

  13. I read the sub name as HeroinCats and thought it was weird, but it might be possible on reddit. Thank you dyslexia.

  14. I think the Surcouf and the I-400 are weirder - the former carries cruiser-caliber guns and the latter was designed to carry and launch aircraft.

  15. The Jimmy Carter is a full hundred feet longer than the other two boats of her class, I agree that that's fairly unusual

  16. My friend recently showed me an automatic email he got from Reddit, and it said that the sub he looked at for the third most amount of time was

  17. The explanation and title of the subreddit actually made me laugh...but my god I get zero enjoyment from seeing it even thinking about other sustaining serious head injuries

  18. I guess I shouldn't be surprised there are actually people who want to take Benadryl more than once to get high. But I am.

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