People who live in the US, how would you describe your state without saying which state it is?

  1. Peachtree St, Peachtree rd, Peachtree Blvd, Peachtree circle, Peachtree Corners, Peachtree City. A whole lot of Peachtree, even though we are not the biggest peach growing state.

  2. When I visited Georgia I was gonna take a pic of every sign that said ‘peachtree’ and post it to my story, but I quickly became too overwhelmed and gave up

  3. Say what you will about that silly foam hat, but when you flip it to find multiple cup holders for your beer and a space for your nachos, suddenly you're sitting pretty.

  4. People in other countries think we still ride horses, and there are tumbleweeds blowing across the street. And that there are cowboys everywhere. Actually they aren’t altogether wrong. They still do in some places.

  5. I don't even live there, and I already know it's Maryland. I've seen enough print marketing material to know that every Maryland company puts their state flag on everything LOL

  6. The first time I went to Michigan I asked my friend why we weren’t stopping for tolls and she said we were on the freeway.

  7. unusually large man speeds through residential neighborhood wearing a neon safety vest, throwing fast food leftovers out the window, after pretending to do environmental excavation and soil remedation. there aren't enough porta potties to accomodate their shit.

  8. I literally thought that just sounded normal and was confused by this comment… how could you possibly discern what state that was? but I’m from a Florida.

  9. Everyone living in this state has watched the sopranos twice all the way through. Bagels and Pizza make knees buckle.

  10. Weather is amazing, beaches are awesome, mountains are incredible, traffic is a absolute nightmare and the people are fake as fuck.

  11. You forgot to mention my favorite part - working to afford to pay crazy high rent! YAY WEST COAST 🎊🎊🎊

  12. Virginia 1967 Supreme Court case loving vs Virginia overturned states interracial marriage laws. Virginia state slogan since 1969

  13. I can see Russia from my house. I can't drive to my state capital. Unbelievable to some, but we're bigger than Texas. If you still can't get it yet...we all live in igloos.

  14. in the public schools every morning right after we say the pledge of allegiance we say the state pledge and we fly our state flag the same height as the US flag and we purposely built our state capitol building to be taller than the US capitol building

  15. A state that is both Southern and Southwestern associated with cowboys and yeehaw. There was an entire episode of SpongeBob SquarePants about us.

  16. no one cares about us except for when a bunch of horses run in a circle really fast, or if they’re talking about our alcohol.

  17. When there’s someone in the movies who is from the middle of nowhere and now they are in the big city, but they don’t want that person to seem uneducated, simple, or a farmer, they’re from my state!

  18. Michigan probably. Michigan is seen as the mysterious state that’s not quite urbane, not hillbilly and not country either. Just obscure and in the middle of everything.

  19. I scrolled far too long to find Ohio and I'm really depressed that THIS is the description that made it farthest up the page . . . And that I knew instantly this had to be it.

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