What YouTuber seems like they’d be a genuinely nice friend?

  1. Etho always had such amazing builds in his SP/Hermitcraft/Mindcrack super nice guy aswell, I had the pleasure of playing with him a few times in the early days

  2. He is the only youtuber I am aware of that never self promotes. Instead of asking for likes and subscribes he just says "thanks, have a good day, bye bye!"

  3. Love me some Etho. I love that everyone calls his most famous invention the Etho hopper clock. Except for Etho. It's just a hopper clock to him.

  4. I love how Ethos videos still have the same feeling YouTube videos had years ago. It isn't scrambling for subs and likes, it doesn't try to game the algorithm, it doesn't have an annoying sponsored segment, and it isn't just clips from a livestream. I don't know many other youtubers (especially in gaming) who still put out videos like that and it's one of the reasons I love his videos.

  5. Thank god someone said it. I never see him mentioned anymore. Don’t play or watch Minecraft really and haven’t for the last decade almost, but I still check his channe and watch a video here and there every once in a while cause he is just so soothing. I started watching back on his first LP world and fell in love with the OOGE content

  6. Just discovered him a few days ago. I've been watching last life episodes made by many of the participants and its actually really cool to see all the different perspectives.

  7. i discovered his channel like two weeks ago and i watch at least one of his videos a day, i absolutely love the content!! And yes, he seems very nice and i know conversations would be very interesting

  8. Came for this and sad but unsurprised how far I had to scroll, she's pretty niche. Honestly that whole crowd (her, Bernadette Banner, Morgan Donner) seem super lovely.

  9. He really doesn't seem like he would be a weird narcissist or full of himself. He would probably sprinkle a bit of nutmeg in your coffee too. He just seems like a genuinely nice person.

  10. I found his channel thanks to the late night Youtube algorithms. Never was really interested in that era of history but the fact that his videos are about the food of that time piques my interest.

  11. Joel Haver, he makes comedy shorts with some that he animates himself. The humor is so funny to me it's light and kind of awkward. He also has some awesome introspective videos that he's posted also. Just genuinely a good guy it seems.

  12. He’s just so funny. I love his little comments that are like “but don’t do it like I just did because I did it wrong” or like at the end of the mini tacos video where he’s like “it tastes just like tacos and it’s twice as much work!” He just seems so cool and fun to hang around.

  13. Oh, totally. She doesn't seem like the typical YouTuber. She's a hard worker, has a stable family and her husband is funny and down to earth. Plus, she often criticizes the whole idea of making videos for the sake of making them because it's pushing real creatives off the platform which means she has a conscience about what she's producing.

  14. I met her! she’s such a lovely woman. in her meet and greet, she handed out chocolates for people staying in line!

  15. Yes! She just gives off such strong, smart, mom vibes. She is one of the few people on YouTube that seems like their public and private personas align well. Adopt me Anne!

  16. I feel like there would be some really interesting days of just off handedly mentioning an idea for a baking idea and then two weeks later she just turns up at your house with a levitating lemon drizzle cake where the glaze is rising from the bottom instead which she's spent the last 10 days brainstorming.

  17. Scar has so many health issues and everything but he’s always so positive and energetic, he seems like a great guy. Most of the hermit craft people do tbh.

  18. The man is the most positive man i've seen in a long time, how he keeps his head up is a big mystery to me but i respect it so much

  19. The guys from SortedFood seem to have an amazing friendship. And Josh and Ollie (especially Ollie) from KoreanEnglishman/Jolly seem good friends to have

  20. Ian Mccollum from Forgotten Weapons. He just seems like a super interesting, knowledgeable and genuine dude. I imagine he would be really cool to hang out with and have a scotch while talking about obscure French rifles.

  21. His love of his subject is really infectious, and I don't sense that he's overbearingly political like some other youtubers in his genre.

  22. I went to high school with him. He was a good, funny, weird guy that I didn't talk to a ton but had a positive opinion of.

  23. So I wouldn’t consider myself close with William Osman, however a few years ago I bought a 3D printer and knew nothing about how to set it up or use it. So I figured I’d message William on Instagram And ask for help. I definitely expected to be unopened or left on read but to my surprise he messaged me back and when I had problems I could ask him and he was there to help. So…. Definitely William, he is a genuinely good guy.

  24. Came here to say this myself. I tend to refer to their videos as "Friend Noises" because they're nice to have playing in the background even if I'm not paying attention to the art process.

  25. Plus by extension you could work that through Caldwell over to the whole NADDPOD crew who also seem like lovely folks from everything I have heard about them.

  26. I LOVED his video about Boomers the other day. Put a lot of things into perspective, especially about them wanting cake and eating it too. “Your generation is too sensitive!!” / “Back in my day, we respected other people!”

  27. That whole group seems fun, CallMeKevin and TheSpiffingBrit. I would love hanging out with all three and getting a drink

  28. Him and CallMeKevin are who immediately jumped to my mind! Eish, whenever I’m feeling down I just watch his To the Moon stream or one of the Ace Attorney ones and feel better.

  29. ElectroBOOM. Although it often seems like he acts stupid, he does his "accidents" mostly on purpose. He is actually a smart guy who cares about his family.

  30. Dankpods for sure, wanna try and fix up a shitty old Italian hatchback and then jam on some drums for a couple hours? Seems like Wade's your guy.

  31. I've seen him on a few podcasts, and he seems like he's pretty chill most of the time. He just amps his personality up to 11 for his videos.

  32. Yes! Clint is the best, seems like such a sincerely good dude. Fortunately his videos already kind of feel like hanging out, just love his pacing and editing for what they are (be it awesome old tech, going thrifting or making sandwiches).

  33. That moment where she called Adam Savage to be the voice of her "proud parent machine" and his reaction to it is one of those youtube moments you need to save for when you're in need of a "happy tears" experience.

  34. There was a video recently he did trying different coffees with James Hoffman and I’d watch a six part miniseries with the two of them discussing anything in softly spoken English accents

  35. Adding to this, Jay Foreman. The video of him and tom going on aerobatic flights on Tom's 2nd channel was brilliant

  36. It's insane to me that NL is this popular now. I've been watching him for... I mean, not as long as he's been around, but a long time. 8 - 10 years, probably? It's crazy to look back on his old videos from that time and see where he is now.

  37. Had to scroll wayyyyy too far for Northernlion. He has a great group of friends so it’s easy to see that he would be a good friend to have. I’ve never heard a negative thing about him

  38. Always thought Tom Scott would be cool to hang out with. He seems genuinely curious about the world around him and eager to learn new things. Would be a great chat.

  39. Absolutely. I was so legitimately happy to watch his Britcar win episode. When he broke down after the win... Shit. Was not expecting to feel that!

  40. Jimmer is an inspiration, doing what he loves and being very open about mental health as well. Seems like a real great guy all round.

  41. Honestly I think CallMeKevin would be a great friend. The sort who would always without fail be able to make you laugh but would also know when to stop joking around and just be supportive when you need.

  42. Kevin and RT Game are both wonderful people. Both being different sides of the same chaos, but I'd love to have a drink with either of them.

  43. Omg Kevin is the first person I thought of but I didn't expect to see his name this high. Seems like a genuinely good dude.

  44. I have honestly never laughed harder at a video series than his Harry Potter play throughs. I had tears streaming down my face. I still quote ‘a bean!!’ regularly. I was pleasantly surprised that he is just as funny on his streams and it’s not all just editing magic

  45. The surgeon sim vid he did with the other lads was the funniest shit I'd seen in a long time. Just the way Kevin wiggles the fuse at nogla through the window and Noglas anguished scream

  46. I just wanna play board games with him, he seems like the type of guy who you would be able to spend an entire day playing and learning new games with!

  47. Definitely. Jaiden is just such a sweet woman, her content is so relatable and wholesome, and she's done collabs with a bunch of other creators I love, like TheOdd1sOut and Boyinaband. Also, Ari xD

  48. His Brutalfoods videos are some of my favorites. His editing is bizarre enough to be consistently hilarious but not so much as to be overwhelmingly intrusive

  49. Bdubs would be a blast to have as a friend! Outside of Hermitcraft his interactions with The Crew (KYR SP33DY, Deluxe 4, etc.) are always amazing!

  50. TITLE CARD! This was my first thought too! I would love to hang out with him and Chelsea, just talking about horror movies and wrestling. And I would pet Lucy!

  51. Katie Carson of Royalty Soaps, she makes beautiful soap (so relaxing to watch!) and she's just so genuine, bubbly and wholesome.

  52. I barely watched the guy but instantly thought of him. As i was scrolling down, searching for him, i wondered "wait is this guy like, a dick? No way, he HAS to turn up soon".

  53. Company Man. He seems like a chill guy and his videos are good natured and despite talking about huge companies he manages to not make it filled with drama/stress

  54. Laurie and Anni from Hydraulic Press Channel. They're like the most wholesome couple I've ever seen on YouTube, it's really sweet.

  55. Hampton seems like the kind of friend who would notice that you’re falling behind the group as you’re walking and slow his pace to join you

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