Have you ever experienced a haunted trailer (mobile home), or knew someone who did? What kinds of things went on?

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  1. So I don't know if this was just wishful thinking or what but when I was 15 years old my Grandfather suddenly died from diabetic acidosis. We lived in a trailer and my Grandma was crying all the time and could barely get out of bed because his death was so unexpected. About a month after he died we started recognizing little things happening ... his wedding band kept showing up on the kitchen sink even though my Grandma repeatedly put it in her jewelry box, the smell of his cologne would wake us up early in the morning at the time that he used to get dressed for work, the TV would suddenly mute during commercials just like he would do whenever we were watching the nightly news, etc. Just a bunch of little things that were scary but were very specific to him. It might have just been our imagination but I like to think Grandpa Turner was letting us know that he was still around. It's been almost 20 years no and all us kids have moved out of Grandmas place but she still claims that little things continue to happen every now and then that she thinks are signs that Grandpa is still with her and honestly, it wouldn't shock me if he was waiting around for her ... their love was the type of love you read about in fairy tales.

  2. Anywhere can be haunted...I experienced alot of haunted places because it followed me from a 2 story house I lived in. That's where it all started....I still have nightmares about that house. I had one the other day...oyyyyyyy

  3. I'll say one thing... Having a spirit whisper in your ear when in a trailer bathroom is so creepy.

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