If you and a woman are about to have sex, and you find out on disrobing that she looks pretty different than how she appeared with clothing on (has smaller boobs, a larger stomach, etc), how do you react? How much would it matter?

  1. I’m a skinny guy underneath my clothes, and some girls have been surprised when I fully undress at how skinny I am. But it’s one of those things that I can’t really help but hide when I have clothes on.

  2. As another 6'+ sub 140 pounder..I get exactly what you mean. It's usually what women find the most attractive about my body, but it has stopped and slowed some encounters because they think I'm...well i don't really know what they think lol. Usually that all goes away with some foreplay or further undressing.

  3. Oh I’ve had this happen to me! This dude I ended up dating for several years wore baggy clothes. I had no idea he was so incredibly skinny until he took his clothes off. I honestly never thought much of it. Was just like “oh, his legs are skinny ok.” Lol like dude was already hot, I’m not about to turn back because he’s suddenly skinnier under his clothes??

  4. The only time I said no to a guy for being skinny is when he asked me to be on top and I literally thought I might break him. Like there was no way his littler thighs could hold me. I just told him I didn’t like riding to avoid insulting him.

  5. With the opposite situation here. I am fairly burly and with a shirt on I have the appearance of being very in shape because my chest, shoulders and arms are all quite muscular. However there be a large and soft belly beneath the shirt that is not as easily seen and I 100% have seen girls visibly shocked for a moment when my shirt came off for sex. They’ve brought it up on occasion. Some even preferred I wear a tank top during sex.

  6. I had this happen. Absolutely beautiful girl, she was in great shape. First time we get undressed she had loose skin on her stomach and scarring on her hips and thighs. Turns out she had lost over 100lbs before we met. I was a little surprised. Then we had amazing sex all night, and dated for about a year and half. I don't think of clothes as a "lie." Most people look better clothed than naked. Sex and intimacy are, partly, about learning to appreciate those imperfections that the rest of the world doesn't get to see when she has her clothes on.

  7. This warmed my heart thank you. I always disclose my weight loss and twin pregnancy but I still feel really insecure and feel like I catfish people by being hot with clothes on.

  8. I lost a ton of weight and loose skin is something I always kind of bring up I dread showing people and don't want to catch them by surprise incase people think it's gross :(

  9. People should stop being so superficial. Everyone has / will have physical flaws at some stage in their lives so it’s time to look past that

  10. I had a guy I was hooking up with tell me about how he had a similar experience but that it ended up being a huge turn off for him and he couldn't stay hard. It got me really self conscious about my own body.

  11. This exactly. I’m in my 40’s, not expecting some pornstar model at all. Life happens, and most humans don’t look great naked. What matters when the clothes come off is that she’s clean and, well, wants to fuck.

  12. I mean, on some level, this happens every time. You never know what someone actually looks like naked until you see them naked, and they never look exactly like what you thought they'd look like.

  13. Exactly. My body is a train wreck and I don't even want to look at it. I've tried working on it over the years but I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with it.

  14. So doggy style was out of the question or could she hold herself up on one arm? Or does she just throw that dead arm out there like a kickstand?

  15. I once woke up with a completely dead arm. Like... I woke up and had to search for it under my pillow with my other arm. The first thing I did was to stand up and flap it around, lol. The feeling came back after a few minutes.

  16. Unless she has a dong, or noticeable STD, there is probably no surprise that is going to matter at that point.

  17. A girl I was seeing in college had squishy looking boob inserts in her bra. Like not a padded bra, skin colored inserts to make her boobs look bigger.

  18. I dated a girl with a third nipple. She never brought it up before we undressed. It didn't look like "regular" nipples but there was no mistaking it as a nipple. It unnerved me for about 3 minutes then I couldn't have cared less.

  19. Story time: a friend wound up in a threesome with her gay male friend and a call boy. Call boy had a colostomy bag. Everybody had a good time and it just turned into an odd double feature: wild sex + colon cancer awareness session.

  20. All very reasonable except there’s nothing hotter than finding three raccoons standing on top of each other

  21. Racoons? You mean trash pandas, right? They're so damn cute :D What about breasticles though? I mean... trash pandas do have furry boobs, no?

  22. Hooked up with a type 1 diabetic who had an insulin pump. It was a surprise, but I didn’t mind in the slightest. I must have had some reaction because she explained what it was and said, “It’ll just stay tucked in my bra”. Again, I must have had a reaction, because she pulled it out from between her breasts, popped the front clasp open to let them out, smiled and said “I can just hold it”… it was freaking adorable honestly.

  23. Yeah the dong would require a bit of recalibration but then call me Ugluk Ugluk Ugluk coz meat is back on the menu, boys!

  24. I've been in this situation and it doesn't really matter. As long as she doesn't have Cuato hiding under her shirt we're good. She's still the same person I was attracted to in the first place, and real humans have body imperfections.

  25. The only thing that would really turn me off at that point is bad hygiene. Everyone looks different with clothes off, you too. Sex does feel different with different body types but there is no reason to turn down an experience and potentially hurt someone because of a few extra pounds.

  26. Same. If i start undressing her and she smells like a barrel of dead fish that has been sitting in the sun for a week thats a hard No. But other than that and her having a dick bigger than mine i would See no reason.

  27. I had a guy not like my breasts after I took my bra off. He said "oh" I said what's wrong? He said, your bra keeps your breasts high, I thought they would be more perky. I'm in my early 50's and so was he. And they aren't small. So I said we'll 5 kids, gravity and age will do that. I got dressed and said have a nice evening. Then I left

  28. I once had a partner who, as soon as sex was done, looked up at me and said, “I have never seen saggier breasts on a woman our age…” I wanted to stop breathing in the moment. Yeah they hang but why the fuck would anyone say shit like that to someone they claimed to like? What is the purpose of loudly noticing a trait that I have lived with since I had my first child at 22 (I was 40 when this was said to me), and declaring ones opinion on it?

  29. Jesus what a fool. Imagine being that clueless about women’s bodies in his 50s. I’m only mid 30s and gravity and breastfeeding has already done a number on mine. My bras are basically scaffolding with lace trim at this point.

  30. Same. This is from a perspective of a woman in mid 30s. I find more attractive points on a wider spectrum now comparing to when I was in my 20s. Something that used to make me cringe (perhaps due to brainwashed by society standards or just being a dumbfuck 20s) now makes me wonder whats the story behind them. High metabolism, have been through illness, some scars from accident - its more attractive to me mentally and my physical taste just follow suit.

  31. (Disclosure: am female) So true. Just want something gorgeous? Get a photo or go see a movie. Intimacy requires real humans. Hot nowadays is a great listener, a good sense of humor, the ability to deal with life, dependability, trust, hygiene, honesty, clear communication.

  32. It would probably be something I only noticed later, after we already had sex. Still wouldn't care. I'm barely maintaining this shit box of a body, who am I to judge hers?

  33. Couldn't have said it better myself. Who gives a fuck. You're both attracted to each other at that point, might as well fuck. Never heard of a guy just straight up leaving because of shit like that 😂😂😂

  34. Speaking from my personal opinion; since I have this need to actually get to know the person well first before I'm even comfortable being that intimate, by that point it's knowing that we're both comfortable with each other that'll matter the most to me. The rest is just a bonus.

  35. Ummm... not about to stop having sex because she looks slightly different. If I’m having sex with her, it means I’m invested in her. I like/love her physical qualities.

  36. If we are to that point, we are past where makeup, push up bras, or anything else is going to matter. We are about to share something special, how she looks won’t matter as much a show disappointed with my performance she will be

  37. It does not have nearly as drastic of a difference as you suspect it does. Nor does it feel as insidious as calling dressing well a lie. Men and women both dress and make themselves up in a manner that emphasizes their best attributes and softens their worse ones. If you and someone else are about to go all the way, you always have the opportunity to revoke your consent and nope out, but in reality, your hormones are screaming and little things that might bug you in an aesthetic sense don't matter one bit in that moment.

  38. Shapewear changes the shape but it's not nearly as good as women seem to think about hiding the fact that they're changing their shape. A push up presents better but big boobs DON'T look like small boobs in a push up, same for flattening stuff vs an actual flat stomach, etc....

  39. All shapewear does, and all of us women know it, is make things smoother so clothes look nicer. No one thinks it makes them skinner, in any substantial way at least.

  40. This is probably one of the first sexualized posts that actually made me feel more confident. I definitely fall into this thought process and it’s really nice to see the men commenting on here that not much has changed their mind when it comes to outward appearances because I can promise you as a curvy female those intrusive thoughts certainly go through my mind every time I go on a date 😞

  41. Right! As a woman I was just thinking the same thing. Usually I’m so used to reading posts like “if she’s fat, get rid of her” and “if she hates porn be because she’s jealous, she’s too controlling and probably fat and insecure” that this is such a breath of fresh air. These answers are so wholesome and actually can make a ton of women feel so much more confident.

  42. For me personally, if we're going to do the deed, I already care about her more than just a quick fuck, so it wouldn't really matter.

  43. Well, I wouldn't make her feel like shit about her body. And chances are if we are at that point, there's probably a bit more to it than looks. It's a bit arrogant to turn her away at that point, in big part because it implies that you find little to nothing wrong with your own self, even in making this women feel bad about something she was probably already insecure about.

  44. When it comes time for clothes to start coming off I am in that moment fully! I’ve learned in my 34 years that every woman’s body is different and they are all beautiful! As long as there isn’t a surprise penis I’m not stopping unless she asks to

  45. As long as she doesn't have any lesions or an unreasonable stench coming from her privates, we're still gonna bang if I have any say in it. If the "lie" actually moves her down on attractiveness I'll reassess how interested I am later I guess but it would have to be pretty bad.

  46. nope, who cares, getting laid. It is like if I am starving, and you buy me a pizza, and then tell me you forgot to ask for pepper packets. How much would it matter? None at all, I am starving, just give me a slice already Lmao

  47. Once dated someone that wore a tummy tuck belt and had hair extensions. I went to run my fingers through her hair, and felt that.. Shortly after I noticed the tummy belt thing and I throttled down after that. I lost interest in her for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of how she reacted to me withdrawing from having sex with her. She mocked me in front of her friends because I told her I wanted to slow down.

  48. Once we’ve reached that stage, I have a pretty good idea of what her body will look like and I don’t really care about the issues listed. In fact, smaller boobs are so underrated…they’re amazing.

  49. Nope. Never mattered by that time. I don't sleep with every woman I dated, so if it got that far, who cares about imperfections. No one is perfect. If she took the time to get ready for a date and it went that well, I would never let that stop me.

  50. I am in the opposite side. I am quite fit, slim muscular, visible abs, strong arms but.... I do dress like shit like wide clothes or bigger sizes , so u just don't really notice until we are there haha . I had a few girls gasp or get frozen processing what just appeared in front of them very funny and later lots of compliments. In any case I don't care, I don't show off my body nor decline girls which are not fit as I am. If we had a good time and you have good hygiene then lets go

  51. I'm as smart as a box of hammers. If I'm ready to smash, I'm gonna smash cuz I ain't no punk ass bitch worried about an extra roll that wasn't there clothes on.

  52. As long she doesn’t end up going from Beyoncé to Chris Rock I’m good with it. Everyone looks different naked than clothed

  53. I wouldn't be thrown off because she 'lied' to me. I would be disappointed that she thought she had to hide parts of herself from me but that's not saying that I'd blame her, just that I'd be saddened about the unkowable line of events that brought about her decision. This may or may not kill the mood for me but once again, not her fault.

  54. Some men insist that "when it gets to that point I'm fine with whatever as long as I'm getting laid", but to be honest if a woman dramatically changes her appearance it is sort of a letdown, because that's not who I got the initial physical attraction to, you know what I mean? However much physical attraction is important, and it is importsnt, it isn't the most important attraction. The way someone lights up their face when they see you, the way they laugh at silly jokes and the way they frown their nose when concentrated can and will often outshine the initial physical attraction.

  55. By the time we've gotten that close, It doesn't matter. I don't choose partners just on looks, did that once and never will again.

  56. Honestly. If a woman agreed to have sex with me, at that point I don't think I'd care as long as she had all the right equipment.

  57. My personal opinion, I think if you and another person were about to do it that it wouldn’t matter what they unveil to you right before doing it (WITHIN REASON!!). I couldn’t imagine getting so worked up to the point of getting naked that you’d then see their stomach has a bit more fat than you thought and going “damn.”

  58. No that doesn't matter. Only thing that would bother me is if she's unsanitary or like someone else said obvious sti.

  59. As long as she's hygienic I'm going to have a good time period but whether or not I have a good 2nd time depends on how I really feel about how far she was from what I expected. But everybody presents themselves better than they actually are. That's part of the day. If she got me, she got me. 🤣🐟

  60. I’ve experienced the opposite and it’s awesome. When she has a killer body but was hiding it. It’s like a secret weapon

  61. I've recently hit 70 lbs lost since December, and am in really great condition again(6' 220 lbs). At 51, I'm not sporting the same skin type, I have very large, ugly burn scars, 2 bullet wounds and a knife wound, among other scars from surgery, being rowdy, etc.

  62. As long as she doesn’t have a dick or anything too surprising like that it’s fine. I’d be more worried about her judging me

  63. Not at all. Frankly, it happens fairly frequently because women try to shape their bodies, both actually and optically, through their dress attire. You ladies really should dismantle some of this imo and just flaunt what you’ve got.

  64. Unless it’s something absolutely repulsive or something to be seriously concerned about its not changing anything.

  65. Here is the best piece of advice I can give. Don't be afraid of someone else discovering intimacies about you. Embrace the fact that some may react negatively. Take advantage of them showing their attitude and cut those assholes off right then and there. It's not a risk, it's a blessing.

  66. Probably wouldn’t react nearly as strong as her realizing I’m a trench coat full of feral house cats.

  67. I'd probably still fuck, but it may end up being a one time thing (depending on how different and in what ways).

  68. I always wondered that. If a girl is stuffing her bra and wearing butt lifting pants, surely that is setting herself up for disappointment? Imagine a guy stuffs a sock in his underwear or wears muscle padding only to bait and switch a woman.

  69. Well, some female friends of me after getting the guy undressed decided not to have sex based in they dislikes his dong length, or some overweight that wasn't noticiable with clothes similar things, so I think that's something everyone can do and stop sex at any moment (even before beginning).

  70. Boob size isn't really that important. And you can only hide so much with clothing and makeup. There aren't a lot of things I would be surprised by going from clothed to naked.

  71. Would you care to elaborate? Like enough of an issue to change a “yes” to a “no” or just to change your mind about future encounters?

  72. If she's wearing a triple push up, super duper waist squeezing device, and a 1/4 thick of makeup contouring her into a different person then yeah I would have a problem. It's disingenuous. I'm into bigger girls, but if I think I'm getting with a skinny chick and the big reveal is +20lbs then I'm gonna be a little upset.

  73. Will still have sex, HOWEVER, if it was DRASTICALLY off then i would wonder about long term.

  74. This has happened to me. In retrospect, I consider it catfishing. Once the woman undressed, I lost interest. Not because of her body, but because she lied to me, to get me in bed.

  75. I can understand that simply because a rly dramatic difference does seem like a lie to me. Like false advertising as it were.

  76. I'm going to disagree with everyone here who's been upvoted by people either thinking this is what they need to say for women to like them or by women hearing what they want to hear.

  77. I feel that way about men’s 5-o’clock shadows. Like babe, I wasn’t planning on doing a full face/body exfoliation today.

  78. Well usually you are comfortable with your partner's body before you graduate to having sex with them. In a healthy relationship, at least. The perils of unhealthy sexual interactions are not really worth deliberating.

  79. I wouldn't care at all unless she was obviously trying to hide something she didn't like. Even, then, it would have to be a huge difference. I'd probably talk to her about it. I wouldn't just up and leave.

  80. Had that happen before. Those control top pantyhose were doing their job!! Still fucked her! Her face and body was still beautiful! One of the best nuts I ever busted.

  81. If we got to that point I like to think I know what I'm in for before hand never like to jump straight to fucking.

  82. The strategy would work because I'd probably be worked up and want to complete the biological mission. However, on the off chance that it's such a huge difference and I actually feel misled, I would take it into account before deciding to hang out again.

  83. As a man who is self conscious about his own body, I've come to realize that by the time you are both naked together, both parties are really excited to be there.

  84. Woman here, I used to wonder this after watching an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air (OG). There was an earthquake and Will was stuck in a room with his new gf. She kept taking her “enhancements” off, like nails & lashes and he would do his scream and I forget what he said but something like is any part of you real. Whenever I got ready for first dates I’d keep that episode in mind and limit any add ons that changed my overall look.

  85. I feel like this is only a question you have if you're a Virgin. Worrying about things that are not even remotely a problem

  86. i had a funny one happen like that, was on the dance floor with a girl who i assumed was 5'8, mid way through the night she took off her heels and was 5'2 quite a surprise for me though.

  87. If you don't care that his dong isn't as big as how it looks on the bulge of his pants, then we probably don't care about how girls look when they take off their support

  88. I would simply appreciate and shake that person's hand for giving me a chance to give and receive pleasure, Second, as long as there's not a massive dong there or the person isn't riddled with STDs, it's all cool, personally it's a different kind of intimacy and just nice to experience someone else's body not just sexually but visually with consent its nice.

  89. I dunno. I have always had big boobs and for the most part, it really sucks. At my age, when I’m on my back, the boobs are practically in my armpit. Even when I was a teenager, they were so big they were never “perky”. And I have always had a belly pudge. Even when I only weighed 105 lbs, I still looked curvy. I have never had a lover complain about my flaws.

  90. I am married now. But backing in my tomcatting days, I still would have smashed. I just would have lost her number afterwards. It is what it is.

  91. It almost wouldn't matter unless it was a drastic difference. Most likely by that point of undressing I'd be so ready to go that it wouldn't change a thing about the events to take place.

  92. I would still try to go through with the act unless there would be a lot of emotion involved... but its only been 3-4 times where i was completely thrown off guard to where i was trying not to get turned off and still help them have a good time. Im not sure how well i played it off but it seemed relaxing still afterwards and it seemd they had a good time.

  93. I am a slightly overweight man and I look better dressed than not, or so I believe. It could be deceitful but I am working on improving my looks. This shouldn't be a problem normally.

  94. When I was younger it might have been a slight moment of pause, but I was also much shallower back then. Nowadays when I’m into someone, I don’t care much about a few extra pounds because I expect a woman to have a body that has aged a bit. If there’s good chemistry, who cares.

  95. If you're drastically shocked by what's underneath the clothes then theres been a considerable effort put in to create an illusion. A little surprise is normal I think and completely fine.

  96. I have a bit of a gut, and I generally wear flattering clothes that make it less obvious, so I’d be a hypocrite if I had a problem with someone else doing it.

  97. Remember- “Men fall in love thru their eyes. And women fall in love thru their ears. Thats why men lie and women wear makeup” 😂. So yeah, they misrepresent. Its normal. That said….if u dont still find her attractive i just make up a reason and excuse myself as politely as possible. Women reject men all the time and were expected to “man up” and deal with it. That goes both ways. So be polite but dont feel bad for changing ur mind

  98. When the clothes are off and you're about to have sex. It shouldn't matter. After sex when the post nut clarity hits you. That's when you start to weigh the PROS and CONS on if you wanna see this person again.

  99. It doesn't matter to me. I mean I can pretty much see how most of your figure looks like before you take off your clothes. Slightly smaller boobs or a bit more fat really doesn't change much for me.

  100. If I’m getting into bed with someone, I have already determined my feelings from personalities and conversations. If I don’t like you as a person, I won’t sleep with you, period. So unless the moment your clothes come off you’re suddenly a very different person personality wise, body doesn’t matter

  101. If I got that far with her it means that I found something in her that I liked. So, no, it wouldn't bother me.

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