What’s something that many men find hard to resist?

  1. Power test, gotta make sure you'll have full speed when you need it! Also the audible call to let others know your on the job.

  2. If I have a drill you best bet I'll be drilling air in short bursts the whole way to the location it's going to be used at

  3. Back in the day I kept a bunch of pairs of raggedy jeans in case I needed something to paint in. Didn’t use any of them

  4. Flatbed truckers are known for this strategy. Crank all your straps/chains down, strum 'em, and whisper the magic incantation "that's not going anywhere." Works every time.

  5. In my elementary school, there was a rolling shutter in the hallway, where we'd all jump to try and touch the housing. It always seemed just beyond reach.

  6. You can tell us that there are an infinite amount of stars in the Universe stretching all across galaxies that we will never see and we'll believe it.

  7. -Find a kickable rock. -Kick it a few times Option 1: kick was too powerful and now the rock is too farway or unreachable. You feel miserable because you did not control your power but strong. Option 2: Someone has watched you! Return to your "just a normal man walking the street" form. But wait, you just pass the rock, your foot moved next to it and you did not touch it. You feel horrible but you dont want to feel childish in front of others. Option 3: You miss the kick. If you turn around you feel like a loser so search for another one! Option 4: Reached destiny. Park your deserved rock in a place that do not annoy anyone. You are fucking happy for the rest of the day.

  8. I enrolled in a professional program where i spend $1000 on multiple choice tests and a minimum of 300 hours studying so i can get some extra alone time

  9. I always try to give my husband alone time to play video games or play his guitar/drums, but he wants me to be right there with him as he does those things. I'm like that's not really alone time but okay. Lol

  10. As I've gotten older I've started to do preemptive strikes. Find a pair of shoes I like? Go back and buy a pair to put in the closet. Find some new Gotch I like? Buy six more pair, etc.

  11. They're called bollards, and they're mostly to prevent smash and grab robberies, where they use a vehicle to smash the windows at the front of the store in the middle of the night, grab a bunch of shit, and drive off.

  12. I let all the other college guys on the train carriage attempt to open a bottle for an attractive lass before finally saying "give it here" in a nonchalant voice to the final lad. Popped it straight open in one quick twist, and handed it to the girl.

  13. Im so disappointed this doesn't work in my country's language. Im gonna move to a English speaking country just for this shit

  14. You know, I honestly thought this was going to lead to you having some primal instinct to feed your child at any cost. But, I guess the dad joke is… just as wholesome?

  15. My favorites are saving a whole orphanage from a volcano in spectacular fashion, rescuing my ex-girlfriends from a warehouse surrounded by zombies (but some of the exes don't make it), and being a Robin Hood-type outlaw in the wild west which always ends with me in a rocking chair on my porch watching my cattle as the sun sets.

  16. This one time I spent a whole hour at work day dreaming about being this amazing super human, doing the most amazing shit. When I came back to reality, it hit me real hard. I'm just average, and the rest of the day was shit, I felt so mediocre for the next 8hours. until ...I came home, my dog jumped up and asked for cuddles and was super excited to see me. Then I got to the kitchen and my gf was struggling with a jar of pickles, I opened it and saw her eyes light up in the most beautiful way. I felt like a hero again. Then my boss dropped a bunch of files on my desk and I was back at work. No dog, no gf. Fuck my life.

  17. My time spent on the treadmill is half listening to music, and half imagine myself in an epic lightsaber battle.

  18. Or next to a canyon. When I TA'd for a geology field camp the other TA and I were waiting for students to return down by the vans. We started to toss rocks across the canon to the other side of the river. Eventually as the students started to show up one by one, every single male student ended up tossing rocks across the canyon too.

  19. Oh yeah, I’ve taken calls from baby Lilly who is supposed to be napping in the other room, the cat, the dog, Santa, grandma, grandpa, etc.

  20. I was given an old (80's, 300K+ miles) Explorer when I was 18 by an old lady who went to our church because I had mowed her yard since her husband died. It didn't start, hadn't been run since he died like 3 years before, and wasn't in great shape before that. My brother and some friends and I towed it home, started looking at it, replaced the battery, put in new plugs, charged the AC, and after a few hours we got it running decently. I used it as a trade in on another, less-used car, and the dealership gave me 4 grand for it. For about 200 in parts and 6 hours of labor. Ever since then it's been very difficult for me to turn down anything for free. And that was 20 years ago.

  21. At work I was trying to fix a machine and the female operator just silently observed what I was doing. Sent tingles down my whole spine, which I found weird because i don't find her attractive - but the way she just observed what I did while I got the machine back up and running. Damn - cocaine go home

  22. When I really like a man, I love to show him genuine interest and ask questions about his hobbies and all the things he's curious about. Also I love to ask him how his day was or how is he feeling, I want him to know that he can trust me and he can talk to me when he just needs to vent. And I looove giving a man genuine compliments. Men don't get many compliments.

  23. As a women, I second this. This is my ultimate trick seducing my crush. Works all the time, no need to show of your sexual charm (contrary to populad belief)

  24. When my wife, who is very petite, goes up on her toes to reach for something high on a shelf, it puts me in an impossible situation. Do I help, keep breathing, or just stand and admire her?

  25. Making sure all the doors and windows are locked in the house before going to bed, except you damn well know they are because you checked 30 minutes ago, but got distracted before actually getting in bed...therefore they must be checked again.

  26. I'm a big, burly white guy. I used to work with a big, burly black guy, but not all the time. When we saw each other we gave each other a big hug. I don't work there anymore, god damn I miss those hugs.

  27. I went on a date with a really nice girl recently and at the end when we were both leaving, she gave a hug- just a simple, nice, warm, tight hug- and I almost cried right there on the spot. It's nice to feel like that sometimes.

  28. there is hardly anything as beautiful as a woman in a long dress not even the sunrise not even the geese flying south in the long V formation in the bright freshness of early morning.

  29. I had to hide far too many comments before I saw slapping a big bag. I'm not allowed to go be near pet food in stores lol

  30. "We sat and drank it and felt the sun on our shoulders, and not even the expression of half-amusement, half-contempt on Hadley's face - as if he was watching apes drink beer instead of men - could spoil it. It lasted twenty minutes, that beer-break, and for those twenty minutes we felt like free men."

  31. I say this to my dog and my boyfriend when they stretch. The only two things I love so much in this world that I'm proud and excited every time they move haha

  32. Compliments. Including the ones from 20 years ago that you've forgotten you gave but we certainly remember because we don't get compliments that often.

  33. Can't resist grabbing a lawn strimmer for 15 quid, a pair of steel toe reinforced crocs and an industrial size pack of 400 dinner plates and cutlery.

  34. I got a flashlight, a knife, a soldering iron, an engraver, a sander and a power drill from Lidl middle aisles and I feel called out

  35. While purchasing a brisket you’ve got to smack that thing. It’s almost like a bag of deer corn. It’s almost irresistible to walk past it without smacking it

  36. Idk if it's just me that never left childhood completely but resisting the urge to take that stick in the floor and using it as a sword is hard

  37. The allure of the unknown. It haunts our dreams. It occupies our every waking moment. We stare into the void as it stares back at us. Calling us. If we reach out our hand we can almost touch it. But it is always just out of reach. If we ever do get close enough, it turns to sand and slips through our fingers. Every day, our yearning grows.

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