The name of business in LA make you cringe the most?

  1. I was afraid to click your link so googled “westside pediatric orthodontist” and it’s first result. I think this has to win worst name.

  2. I see them on Door Dash and other apps too. They’re usually identifiable by quirky/punny names and pictures of food against bright monochrome backgrounds. And I purposely never order from them

  3. “Good Fxckin’ Pizza” “Wings and Random Shit,” “Fry Me A River,” and “Bitch Don’t Grill My Cheese” are all actual names of these places. I hate them for existing.

  4. I went there and tried to order without saying the actual name of the dish (“I am powerful” or some shit like that) but the waitress still responded with “you are powerful, got it.”

  5. As a life long vegan, I feel the need to apologize for the existence of this restaurant chain every time it comes up in conversation.

  6. I used to get dragged there by my stupid ex. I hate that place, I hate their vibe, I hate the awkward way you order with their dumb names, I hate the awkward way they bring you your food and I hate places that call pressed together dry ass seeds a "tortilla" or "bread". No, fuck no, get me some bread, carbs, gluten.

  7. Fuck that place. I ordered a BLT but it had coconut instead of bacon. I figured they'd smoke the coconut so it'd be somewhat bacon-like.

  8. I went for a date several years ago and my date insisted on ordering with affirmations. By the way they didn’t know it was a vegan restaurant. All around… an experience. They didn’t get a second date.

  9. Cugurt in Silver Lake. I know it’s short for cucumber yogurt but my mind always goes to “Cum Yogurt” 🤢 Cringed every time I drove past.

  10. For years me and my friends had a running joke. Whenever someone would text "where should we meet?" the first response was usually "Cugurt?". Such an unappetizing word. RIP.

  11. How does one pronounce this monstrosity? Do you draw out the u to sound like “coo-gurt”? Or is it a hard k sound like “ka-gurt”? Or am I so far off that I should shut the fuck up stop trying?

  12. Their parent company or whatever is something like Nowhere Inc so I thought Erewhon was just that backwards. And it is, kinda.

  13. My bet is that the company goes bankrupt the day after they finish rebranding everything at the arena.

  14. I remember there was a band called Cong”. As a Vietnamese-American, I don’t give a shit about their name but wow, I’m glad they changed it. Regardless if they were Asian or white (they’re white), it’s a dumb name that’s unmarketable.

  15. yah I ate there a few times at the whole foods lbx location. food was good but the whole time I'm like, this does not seem okay.

  16. They also had a spot in Venice for a long time and both locations were pretty popular. The issue really started when they announced a deal to start opening specifically in Whole Foods locations. The name combined with the fact that it appeared to be a creation of Whole Foods really set things off and ultimately led to them closing all of the locations.

  17. I knew the owner through a friend and went to an early menu testing at their home. When I heard the proposed name, in addition to feedback on some of the experimental dishes, I gave feedback that the name came with so much baggage and some of it was disrespectful.

  18. I was going to comment this one too. It was such a weird name. All I remember about it was the parking lot at the Torrance location sucked.

  19. Came here to say this. I am all for reclaiming language, but in LBC we just didn’t know and thought it was just some white pipo being offensive because it was connected with WholeFoods. I had avoided it based on name alone initially then when I heard the story behind it I tried to support it but then COVID happened. 🤷

  20. LOL when my kids were teensy we would pronounce it Eggs Lutt just bc I couldn't have a crowd of toddlers in my home throwing around the work slut. Just didn't have the bandwidth.

  21. For some reason, Yoga-urt in echo park drives me absolutely insane. Are they doing yoga and eating yogurt? I have no idea, but I hate it.

  22. I live down the block and i never been. I had the same thought as you, yogurt while yoga? I was like damn how hipster can this neighborhood can get?

  23. I was also disappointed by this place name! The food was good in the end, but now what I was expecting!

  24. All the crypto themed restaurants: Bored & Hungry in LB, Bitcoin Pizza in LB, Cryptospace lounge in San Pedro.

  25. Was in LA last week and grabbed breakfast from a pretty highly rated place on Yelp called “Met her at a Bar”. Overpriced breakfast and the name still makes no sense to me.

  26. There’s also Meet in Paris in Culver City. The name is like the opposite of the French chic they’re trying to go for.

  27. It’s owned and run by a (really nice) young couple, so named because they first met at a bar. I went when they first opened about 4 years ago, long before it was the hotspot it is now.

  28. This place used to be amazing, but they updated their menu and changed how they made some items, and it's honestly a bit disappointing now.

  29. There’s a boba spot on 3rd st by the grove that’s actual name is Dingle Berries!! In what world is that a good name for a boba shop?

  30. The restaurant on PCH that has had big banners out front for close to a decade advertising that it was on Kitchen Nightmares makes me cringe the most. The actual name is fine though.

  31. Zayna Flaming Grill in South Redondo??? I used to live by there and never went because it had those Kitchen Nightmares banners... advertising that as its claim to fame does not make the spot any more appealing.

  32. Probably great for the first time you get a date back home... "What do you say we head back to the Cumulus?"

  33. In Santa Monica, The White Medical Center. Their parking lot has signs that read, "parking for white medical center patients only." MEGA-CRINGE

  34. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Dude killed a LOT of people in the 80's ignoring the AIDS epidemic.

  35. they just opened a new location on Montana ave in SM around the same time the Duck Blind turned to Bottled Poetry and I am just dreading what shopping down Montana is gonna turn into with stupid names like that along the street

  36. I personally don't mind it but I know a lot of people took issue with the mediterranean spot Cugurt that used to be in Los Feliz.

  37. Any of the douchey silver lake shops that are just one word spelled slightly wrong or with a period at the end. They think it's so fucking cute

  38. Any pho restaurant that uses “pho” as a pun. Also, it’s more cringe when used incorrectly when “pho” has the wrong mispronunciation.

  39. I always thought "The Naked Baby Boutique" in the Valley was a weird business name. And of course there was "Poo Ping Palace" Chinese restaurant in Tujunga.

  40. the Noun & Different Noun formula is my most hated, beyond the more obviously cringeworthy stuff in this thread. my (least) favorite example is the boutique liquor store "Flask & Field"

  41. Oh man, I was just trying to remember the name of that place from when I lived in little Tokyo years ago. Couldn’t remember it and neither could my friends. Thank you for solving that mystery.

  42. “Eggslut” in Venice right at the boardwalk. What does that even mean?!! That’s some serious pretentious hipster man bun doucher shit. I hear the food’s good though 🍳🥚

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