Why do all Americans..?

  1. I remember while my family from South Africa, Panama, and a black Brit community in the UK were down in Europe, I was speaking to some woman who got so emotional about not being able to see her dad anymore since he lived so far away and she said he was a fucking 40 minute drive.

  2. This. A French friend was once looking at a map and asking how far away LA is for me. I had just casually mentioned that a lot of my friends moved to LA after college and I had recently visited some of them.

  3. Anything more than 5 hours is out of my “weekend radius”, but I’m willing to drive 9.5 hours straight to go somewhere for a long weekend/vacation. The 1hour rule applies for a “normal” commute. I’m from Texas, so everything is a bit farther away, but still easy to get to.

  4. The difference between American folks and English folks is that American folks think 100 years is a long time while English folks think that 100 miles is a far distance.

  5. Wrong. Met a guy from the suburbs in middle school that got so pissy at me when I said some shit like “All black people aren’t the same” and were both black. Some people are just idiots.

  6. Don’t you feel like that’s a vast over generalization? Personally, I don’t mind being generalized so I don’t appreciate you generalizing me like that.

  7. We have a second identity -- Irish American, African American, Californian, etc. It may be a nationality, race, religion or geography. But Americans still maintain a sense of belonging to a subcommunity of Americans.

  8. Right! When talking to fellow Americans I refer to myself as “Mexican” even though I and my parents were born in the US. When abroad, I referred to myself as Californian because I feel like saying American is too broad.

  9. My eighth grade teacher admitted to the class one day that she sped all the time. She told us that it was safer to go with the flow rather than to impede traffic. She was a nun.

  10. ‘Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?’

  11. I actually studied the reason for this in highschool! Most roads in America (yes, all of it. Even Canada and Mexico) were built for much higher speeds than we travel now. During the gas crisis the national speed limit was set to 55 mph to save fuel. This law has since been removed, but speed limits in many cases were never fully returned to their original highs.

  12. Oh my goodness, I remember when my granddaughter was potty training. She was sitting on her little potty chair singing "everybody poops, daddys poop, mommys poop...."

  13. I forgot about that thread. But it is obviously a truism. As the documentary Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy famously says, always bring a towel and a toaster.

  14. This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever said and I love it. I'm going to start spreading this stereotype just to perpetuate it.

  15. We uh..we eat food. Not all the same foods but in general. Also sleeping at least a few times a week is pretty common.

  16. Apparently Sonoma County CA has mandatory composting. I’m not sure if garbage disposals are outlawed, but our AirBNB this summer sure didn’t have one, and they were adamant about composting any and every solid food.

  17. For this question we get hung up on the exceptions and forget the things we take for granted. I think 99.9% of us would reject the establishment of social classes. At least as many would undoubtedly reject dynastic rule by monarchy.

  18. I actually do the opposite, I'm a dual citizen from a certain controversial middle eastern country and always say I'm American.

  19. I’ve definitely heard of people who will lie about being American when oversees, some going so far as to sew a Canadian flag on their backpack. This mostly comes up during periods when we are hated more than usual, like the Iraq war or the Trump presidency. Some people around the world have hostility towards Americans and there are Americans who don’t want to deal with that.

  20. I would never deny being American. If they don't like it then fuck em. They hate us cause they ain't us

  21. I do this. I'm American by birth and lived there until I was seventeen, but I'm 36 now and have lived abroad (Canada, Denmark, Iceland) ever since. I still have US citizenship but my plan is to relinquish it the moment my application for Icelandic citizenship is [hopefully, eventually] approved.

  22. All Americans want what they think is best for the country. We just can’t agree on what that is and we have wildly different opinions.

  23. I always thought this was more about restaurants and such being stingy than people really wanting a cup full of ice with half or less of the drink they paid for. But now you’re telling me there are people who actually want that?

  24. I only stuff it if I getting water. If it's a soft drink or even tea, I'm only filling it ¼-⅓ of ice.

  25. On a similar note, I’d bet if you walked into any random room of Americans who went to school in the last 20 years and said “EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!” the muscle memory would kick in

  26. Would you believe me if I told you I have this song stuck in my head and was mentally singing bum bum bummmmmm just as I read in your comment? Because I did and it was a little freaky.

  27. Excuse me! I'm a Sovereign citizen under maritime law! I am a traveler! My name represents the being, the entity, and the corporation of this body, but not the "person". I am a Free Inhabitant according to Article 4, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Articles of Confederation

  28. One of my favorite bit of case law on this topic was a case where a guy insisted the warrant for him was not valid because his name was written in all caps and he said his name contained both upper and lower case letters. In court, the Judge said “Will JOHN SMITH stand.” And the guy stood up. “I read your name in all caps and you responded so obviously this is you.”

  29. We all fill out tax returns. Half of us don’t actually pay taxes, but we have to fill out the forms anyway. America even taxes unemployment compensation

  30. I regret to inform you that a huge number of people skip filing their tax returns, until the IRS gives them a reminder (in the form of a non filer audit.)

  31. I don't know about the other demographics, but I can definitely say it's physically impossible for a white American male to strap something to a vehicle and not say "that's not going anywhere." Even if they don't say it out loud, they definitely thought it.

  32. People from other countries don't get that we aren't a homogenous population, because their country is. America is uniquely multicultural for its scale.

  33. Even a lot of smaller countries have lots of diversity, you can look at the north of England having a different accent and slang than the south of England, I think the main problem is really just that a lot of non-Americans look at our media and assume that represents us all.

  34. That's just wrong. You're assuming incorrectly about other countries as much. What a circlejerk, and incredibly ignorant. Who the fuck upvote this shit. Oh, right. The majority of Americans are incredibly egoistical and self-centered when they compare themselves to the rest of the world, even many who think they are not.

  35. Florida justifies it with its politics of late. Jersey you have to experience for yourself, but like I always say here, you have to go west of Rt. 287 or south of Seaside to get to the good stuff.

  36. Did it all the time in Scouts. It's the middle of the night, latrines are a mile away or more from the site, and even the leaders will tell you to just walk a few feet into the woods to pee. Against troop and campground rules, but some things you just let slide.

  37. I'd say attaching yourself to a music identity/scene is pretty much nationwide. I haven't met someone that doesn't have their own taste for music

  38. I feel this so much as an "American" who has spent the better part of the last decade + living abroad (first in Taiwan as an English teacher and the ex-wife of a Taiwanese person) and now, in Europe...there is a whole set of presumptions about Americans heaped upon us as soon as we declare our country of origin.

  39. You're right that Americans aren't a monolith, but it's also unfair to say that "we're all different and you can't make any generalizations about us at all." Because that's true with just about any large population -- there will always be some outliers.

  40. I have noticed that every American I have ever met is proud to tell you their heritage. The more unique it is, the more likely they are to go into detail about it. Europeans seem to get pretty annoyed if they hear an American say they are 50% Irish, 25% German, 25% Scottish, and never left the US, but this is not some weird thing that crazy people say here in The States. It’s the most normal and expected thing to hear when you ask about someone’s culture or heritage or last name origin, etc.

  41. We all identify with our ancestry (ie “I’m German, I’m Italian, etc) instead of just saying “I’m American.”

  42. All of these comments are pretty obvious things which I found interesting because I tried to think of real things that we all do and couldn’t think of any. Everyone in the USA is so different either by state or regionally. Finding general things between people of one region is easy but finding general things between them and another is actually kinda hard… Super diverse. Maybe our willingness to talk to strangers?

  43. But obviously we're talking about in General when you say Why do ALL Americans. Like not all humans have 2 legs and 2 arms but you can say "Humans have 2 legs and 2 arms." You would think everyone counts 1 2 3 4 5 with index, middle, ring, pinky, thumb, but there are people that start with the thumb as 1. You would think everyone eats 3 meals or everyone has a name or everyone has XYZ but there will always be outliers. So when you make general statements its with the assumption that there are outliers and we are talking about the average.

  44. I was thinking about this exact thing and making a post on this sub about it. The USA is almost like 9 different countries with one name (Hawaii and Florida are their own countries.)

  45. All Americans use the word "fuck". Even if other English speaking countries use it the word just hits a lot different coming from an American.

  46. Independence and individuality to the extreme. Yes, Americans have in different degrees but most other cultures I have encountered have a certain amount of “society”, “group dependence”. We are much more about every PERSON being allowed to “be” and not being constrained by being responsible for others.

  47. We all enjoy food from other immigrant cultures. Maybe we don't all enjoy the same ones, but I guarantee that there isn't a single American that doesn't eat one or more of the following-

  48. I love the irony of the greeting “Hello my fellow Americans.” Just about the most American way one could choose to open a discussion. 😂🙌

  49. All Americans have preconceived notions and perceptions of other countries. On the flip side, we hate generalizations like every other country.

  50. we all share america as being a part of us somehow whether we live here or are from here etc etc.

  51. "why do all Americans do X" is indeed a phrase that's getting old. Especially when you see the harsh generalizations and criticisms on networks like TikTok, etc.

  52. Maybe I sleep walk, but I usually see "Why do Americans" where the word "average" or even "many" is implied. I don't remember seeing "Why do all Americans," at least on this subreddit.

  53. Right, I don’t think the questioners are under the impression that every one of us does these things. Just that more people do it in America than where they’re from.

  54. I'd guess that there's a not-insignificant portion of people in the handful of cities with robust public transportation who haven't learned to drive.

  55. We all sing along to ‘Sweet Home Alabama’… even if we have all our teeth and haven’t dated our cousin

  56. I am not sure how often it is phrased as all Americans tbh. I can assure you the same happens the other way round if it helps, on European subs stuff like "why do Europeans [something about no ice, free refills, paid toilets etc]" when it isn't a universal thing at all. Just accept it as curiosity of something unusual elsewhere, answer honestly and move on.

  57. Obviously, the word "all" is a bit strong, but tbh I think this sub gets a little bit too defensive about generalizations.

  58. I think you just discounted the entire states of Oregon and Idaho (Orida), but I get the point even as I look at the potatoes growing in my garden.

  59. Here in America, we’re not all the same. My political party is diverse and full of differing opinions and discourse that make us all intelligent and unique. But my POLITICAL OPPONENTS ARE ALL THE SAME PIECES OF SHIT THAT HAVE HALF A BRAIN AND DON’T UNDERSTAND REALITY

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