clouds of grey, Me , graphite, 2022

  1. Damn that’s really good. The details you chose to accentuate and the photo realism you achieved in those details… with most of the area being a silhouette amazing or blank white it still just about looks like it could be a photo. Well done.

  2. This post performed way better than I expected. Thank you so much for the support, it really means the world to me. I've been battling depression and almost gave up on drawing. Thank you for carrying me forward ❤️ this community will always be number one

  3. This is really amazing. The eye is drawn to the detailed parts that you chose to make photorealistic, and until I saw that you said it was graphite I didn't even look to the other parts of it which you kept more blocky and flat in coloration.

  4. Pardon my ignorance, but I just want to clarify... this... this is NOT a photograph? As in, this is a graphite sketch/drawing? If so, congratulations! You just blew my f***ing mind, took my breath away, and profoundly moved me emotionally... all at the same time. Yours, my friend, is a truly exceptional talent. Brilliant. Just brilliant!

  5. The fact that you are focusing on showing the highlights on dark skin is really impressive to me. The contrast is so sharp but so natural for that reflected light.

  6. Literally said “holy shit” out loud when I realized this was a drawing and not a photograph… this is absolutely AMAZING

  7. Stunning, the details of her face are incredible! I love how you have highlighted her features. She's beautiful and your talent is pure awesomeness!!

  8. i am bestowing upon you the highest form of complimentary : i refuse to belive this is not a picture

  9. I can’t believe this isn’t a photo, I even zoomed in to see the details, this is SO amazing and cool

  10. I think it's a perfect piece of art, light enough on the strokes that it doesn't look like a pixel by pixel photograph, yet insanely realistic.

  11. Oh wow, this is one of those times my brain just demands to believe it’s a photograph until i zoom in. Awesome work. Absolutely gorgeous use of chiaroscuro. May I ask who the subject is?

  12. You are so unbelievably talented! I don't even have words to tell you how beautiful this is. Your skills are next level. Thank you for sharing.

  13. wow you are really skilled. I think you should be creating as much work as possible it would be a disservice to your abilities to not!! thank you for sharing.

  14. This is so good it's close to magic, your mind has to see light and process it differently than mere mortals

  15. I admire graphite work so much and your lady looks awesome. Such a lot of work has been put into it and the lighting on her skin and lips makes all the difference to shapes. She is so cute as well as beautiful. I've seen actresses in series and movies that look so much like her, one in particular who stands out in my mind. :)

  16. This is one of those pieces that makes me want to be a better artist, destroys any illusion that I can ever get this good, and inspires me to keep going anyway. Thank you, this is amazing work.

  17. Omg this is gorgeous!! I love the reflections in the eyes, the lighting, the texture of the skin and the high contrast. Beautiful work.

  18. Whew. Photo realism was my start in art as a kid. I moved onto everything else since. But I never got one laid down quite this good. Really great details. Excellent work!

  19. This is gorgeous and really makes you stop and look! The details, the emotion showing on her face, and the way the drawing goes from photorealistic to blurred is really cool. I hope to see more of your art! You are really talented!

  20. Was about to complement you on the amazing photographic skills until I read the title and realized those weren’t the amazing skills you had been using

  21. You guys who are artists astound me. This is just amazingly beautiful. (I had to enlarge it to convince myself it wasn’t a photograph) ❤️

  22. tom haverford: “its beautiful. ive stared at this for five hours now.” i sent this to everyone i know and we agree its flawless

  23. It's stunning. I can't take my eyes of it. I can barely comprehend someone can be this talented. Without any doubt I'd pay to have it and use it as conversation piece in my living room.

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