can I get some centerpiece fish recommendations for this 29gal?

  1. 29G are pretty unique in that they have the length of a 20 gallon, but with added height. A pair of apistogramma could work with a school of neon tetras or rummy nose.

  2. I have this tank with 10 tiger barbs and I love it! They're so lively but their only friends in there are a couple nerite snails. Haha.

  3. I have a similar tank; my Pearl gourami, school of glowlifht and ember tetras, and Cory cats all get along great; cats on the bottom, tetras in the middle, gourami at the top. Be sure you get plenty of plants and cover if you go this route, as the tetras can be a little shy without stuff to hide in.

  4. One of the biggest drawbacks to larger fish is that they consume so much of your tank. I’m always going back and forth between getting a big colorful fish that will eat up 70% of the tank or like 10-20 smaller fish that will create a lively community. Currently, it’s medium size fish for me and I always think “while I like these larger fish, I’d love to walk by this tank and see a bustling community of fish and snails.” To each their own.

  5. I have a 29, I really love my Curviceps dwarf cichlid. They used to be more popular, don't see them much anymore. He has so much personality and is so outgoing.

  6. I have a 55 with an angelfish centerpiece. She does fine with her tank mates, mollies and Corydoras. But I have had her since she was very young

  7. I started my 29 gallon with 4 mollies, 2 Dalmatian and 2 balloon mollies. They’re energetic, use the whole tank, The male Dalmatian Molly is energetic and has gotten huge. He’s got a bit of a sail-fin and when he shows off to the ladies. My gourami didn’t do so hot, so I consider my mollies my center pieces. They’re in with white cloud minnows, 5 corydora loxodonus and a bristlenose pleco.

  8. Rams or apistos, a lot of cool killies, could do shell dwellers, dwarf gourami, I’d do like one angel fish minimum small and grow it out, Cory catfish,

  9. In my 29 gallon I have 3 panda corydoras, 3 amano shrimp, 1 Kuhli Loach, 1 Nerite snail, 6 harlequin raspora’s, 7 neon tetras, 4 bloodfin tetras and 1 pleco

  10. A betta, a pair of apistos, or a pair of rams make good options. I love bettas as centrepieces as they aren’t a skittish fish, you see them often and for the most part when people come over it’s got that wow factor as it’s mostly viewed as a solitary fish. Apistos and rams are beautiful fish, you don’t see them as often but they’re bred easily, and (I personally think) it feels more special when you see a more reclusive fish. A gourami would also work, I’d personally stay with a smaller one such as a powder blue in a 30

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