Why do my betas keep dying???

  1. You say the tank isn’t fully cycled, I would strongly suggest fully completing the nitrogen cycle before risking the lives of more fish. Once you have a fully cycled tank life will be a lot easier.

  2. Could be the betas you are buying were already sick or could be something in the tank poisoning them. Do you have a heater and filter in the tank, any plants, and what type of substrate?

  3. I'm going to put in another vote for an uncycled tank. My personal reccomendation is that your ammonia and nitrite be at 0 to be considered fully cycled. Anything about 0.10ppm will start to have severe side effects. You've measured up to 0.50ppm, so that's 5x the danger zone limit. This is made worse by the fact that the tank size is so small and a small change in the water can lead to huge ammonia swings.

  4. Temp 70-75, don't clean the filter, only add dechlorinator to the water, have some kind of aeration, don't overfeed(only feed the amount of one of your fish's eyeball a day). Try that and see if they last longer.

  5. Yeah so I think it’s probably a combination of those things, the fish from petsmart certainly aren’t in the greatest shape, and the tank isn’t likely fully cycled which is our biggest problem, though I didn’t figure they would die, since the parameters are all within reasonable levels.

  6. I actually had written down a chart, it was as follows: Nitrates: 0-10ppm Nitrites: 0ppm Total hardness: 300-700 (our water is very hard lol) Alkalinity: 120ppm pH: 7.0 Ammonia: 0-0.5ppm

  7. Yeah your tank isnt cycled, they are probably dying from new tank syndrome. Either way I wouldnt try another betta until your tank is running for at least a month with ZERO ammonia and nitrites, even a small amount can kill a stressed betta.

  8. I have to use distilled water for my betta. It helps cut down the hardness. With a small tank like that it doesn’t cost much for water changes. Also try a female? My female is a badass and I haven’t had any issues with her(koi like pattern). My male I have had off and on issues with. (Hopefully he likes his new 20g tank).

  9. Isn’t 3 gallons a bit small for a beta? Or any fish for that matter. (I’m not entirely sure on conversion rates from gallons to litres so I may be wrong.)

  10. To the best of my knowledge a three gallon tank is the minimum for a single beta, however plenty of pet stores will sell you something smaller to try and get the fish out the door

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