"Budget phone of the year? Pixel 6a with 90Hz unlocked" (more in comments)

  1. Mishaal Rahman @MishaalRahman · 1h Basically, don't bother asking for this right now, and don't get your hopes up. Also, nobody has tested this long term, so there's no guarantee it'll be safe. It's a cool mod, but wait for the more adventurous to iron things out first (if it's actually feasible).

  2. While this seems cool, I doubt it's real, and even if it is you probably don't want to run this mod. This IS overclocking by a huge margin, even if the developer says otherwise. Short thread

  3. I remember overclocking my xiaomi mi pad 4's display to 75hz, a little noticeable but it absolutely crippled my battery life.

  4. As usual Redditors getting caught up in the wording of the post instead of focusing on what actually matters.

  5. Because it's a budget device if you are an American but Europeans or Asians have access to cheaper devices that are arguably more balanced than the 6a like the Redmi note lineup. Pixel 6a is a midrange device for many of people

  6. lol everyone online is praising overly expensive iphones with 60hz display but a midrange android with 60hz is a dealbreaker

  7. A $450 phone is a budget phone? I guess compared to $1200 flagship phones it is cheap, but I still have a hard time considering a $500 phone a budget phone. $300 range is what I would consider a budget phone. But, maybe I am just cheap.

  8. The 6a is very much in the midrange category. It's a "budget phone" perhaps in the sense of "If you don't have an unlimited budget then consider this". It's neither entry level nor top of the line.

  9. With this year's inflation a 450$ is last year's $400 phone. That's solid mod range, has been for quite a few years now.

  10. It is worth noting I got a $300 refund and a free pair of pixel buds for trading in my 3a (which I got refurbished for $80, but felt like a huge downgrade after I dropped and broke my 4a while waiting for the case to come in the mail....) This was a $150 purchase for me. I have also never been more satisfied with a phone EVER. I used to be a huge Samsung fan.

  11. 60hz was the only reason I didn't get a 6a. I already have a Fold 3 and I'm getting the 4 I just need a rootable phone to tinker with.

  12. What makes it better than the Galaxy a53 5g which is regularly on sale for $350, has longer software update support, 120hz display, etc.? Is it just the better camera software?

  13. I bought an A53 and a 6a figuring I’d send back the one I don’t like. I’ve been meaning to do a comparison post but haven’t gotten around to it.

  14. Mostly because google is giving crazy inflated trade in values. But to me it’s google’s superior image processing and nearly stock android experience.

  15. It's one of those cases where one phone it's better on paper, but the other is better in real life by a wide margin.

  16. Also Call Screening, Now Playing, live translate and live transcribe, stock-ish Android, better SoC and a bunch of Pixel exclusive QOL features

  17. The processor primarily. The A53 5G uses one of Samsungs Exyonos chips, which (in my experience) tend to be pretty mediocre. Tensor has some flaws, but I would put much more money down on that chip aging a heck of a lot better than a mid-range chip from Samsung.

  18. If I had to get a phone tomorrow the A53 is likely on the shortlist depending on how the pictures compare to my 3a.

  19. If the addition of a 90Hz display is the only thing that prevents this phone from being the phone of the year, it already is: regular users don't care that much about high refresh rate.

  20. i am super happy with my pixel 6a. it's fast and super snappy. love Android 13. battery life is good. camera is amazing as usual.

  21. I'm having trouble seeing the tangible benefits of a higher refresh rate screen. Most videos are 24, 30 or 60 fps. Does the refresh rate somehow help you find information faster? Book tickets more accurately? Read text easier?

  22. Well yes it's a very minor change and I would not know in daily usage if my phone was in 60 Hz or 90 Hz mode. In fact, my Pixel 6 was in 60 Hz for a couple months and I had not realized it.

  23. Nice, I only bought the 6a as a second phone because I wanted to get into development. I was considering returning it because it's genuinely super underwhelming but stuff like this might make me keep it.

  24. Since when was $450 "budget"? I mean, the 6a looks like the best phone at the price point, but "sub-flagship" would be a better classification.

  25. Pixel 6 and 6a only got $100 difference in my country so you know why Google would want to crippled 6a so bad..

  26. Meh, the 90hrz isn't going to be usable and accessible to most average users and even then plenty of budget phones are blowing 90hrz spec'd screens out of the water. This is a gimmick at best.

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