You must be exceptionally stupid to ride horses into the crowd of protestors...

  1. Yeah, you can see that the horse jumped so he could easily kick her in the head and that would be very likely deadly... getting kicked by a horse is very serious and can easily kill you.

  2. Trudeau seems to be doing his best to come off looking as bad as possible here. Trying to bury the protests, denouncing half the country as white supremacists, running away and hiding. And now freezing peaceful protestor's bank accounts and using lethal force on little old ladies before the protestors have committed a single act of violence.

  3. This reminded me of the Maduro's forces from venezuela driving their armored cars through a crowd that was protesting the dictatorship...canada's prime minister showing its true colors.

  4. Fuck the opposition. Their silence as Trudeau became more and more authoritarian is telling. And they only spoke up the moment the convoy was a thing. And they decided not to show up to parliament today to debate the martial law Trudeau imposed as the jackboots crack skulls.

  5. Yeah, that's a nice dream to have, but as Schwab and his puppets said, this is their unique opportunity for The Great Reset and I think they have everyone they need on their side.

  6. All but 1 political party in Canada agrees with everything the ruling party is, and that 1 party has zero elected members. The current opposition agreed and implemented every measure that this protest is about, they voted for and started the mandates that the protest is fighting.

  7. They’re trying to goad people into attacking the police. Then they will justify locking up protesters by the thousands.

  8. Yeah those horses are trained to stomp people. It's a tactic, not a mistake. They train them to step really high and kick out as they walk. I've seen it deployed in person back in the anti-iraq war protest days

  9. They just love the feeling of having a little authority. They could care less that they're corrupt criminals, because they're "important".

  10. "Find all of the fools who will blindly follow orders, and order them to kill all the people who will predictably rebel against every order. That should thin out the herd and free up some parking spots!"

  11. and people still defend police. i’m not going to say there aren’t some moral cops that actually want the best for their communities but generally cops are criminals. i’m tired of this, i want change

  12. Part of the problem is a “small town” mentality of thinking that cops and teachers and schools are “part of the community”

  13. What is going on in Canada now is the reason Blue states are lifting mandates. This is not going to end well for Trudeau and Newsome is taking notes.

  14. The US is different. There’s a split senate, much more solid protections (first amendment), a conservative Supreme Court, states that are openly hostile to Biden and the second amendment.

  15. Trudeau and Newsom are gonna retire elsewhere and be replaced by people who will continue the mandates after initially promising to lift them

  16. Firstly, loud noises are very stressful for horses and secondly, if you get trampled and kicked in the head, you're dead.

  17. They aren't stupid they just don't care about the well being of the protestors or the horses. Reckless endangerment of human and animal life on display. Truly despicable

  18. Time for a revolution. I am so angry and heartbroken about what is happening in the country I was once proud go be from. This is sick and disgusting behavior from our PM. Blood is now on his hands. There will be no peace any longer.

  19. You say exceptionally stupid… But these people are going to use the part of the video where these people are fighting with the police and say that the people are the ones that started it. It’s propaganda.

  20. Everyone forgot when they sent mounted forces out to that one restaurant which refused to comply and close in lockdown, along with a legitimate 100 officers. And that's the point. That was forgotten, this will be forgotten, nobody connected to the government will face consequences or repercussions. This government has known for years now, that whatever they want to do, they can. They fund the media, and the general public like it. It's like Australia.

  21. If there is justice in this world there will be death penalty to the police officers that are doing this… if there is not justice in the world I hope they burn in hell…😞

  22. “When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's freedom.”

  23. Possibly. But if they have some similar laws to many (possibly all) US states it would be the equivalent to attacking a human officer

  24. Spent most of my life wondering, in a crisis situation, what side would the cops be on? I think that we’re clearly seeing that answer play out.

  25. The regime under Trudeau has desecrated the political freedoms of Canadians. It is now obvious that democratic process will not work in this country. Our status as a western democracy has been demoted to a tyranical regime. Many apathetic Canadians are to blame, many who are turning a blind eye to what's happening - following the flawed status quo. Many politicians are to blame, the actions that the Left is using against Canadians has displayed the true political incompetence of the Liberal party; we now watch as they are unable to work within the sacred confines of western politics that many great minds throughout history created for us. Our elected officials were never worthy to represent us. The Western world and our American neighborh have been watching our so called leaders foolishly break every pillar of western politics. Our ruling leftist politicians try to justify their flawed policies with words that do not hold any meaning or utility in the context that they are used in. These tyrant clowns try to use such misrepresentations of reality for every contemporary issue that has been surfacing since the start of this new decade. Empty words... only used for the purpose of elevating moral superiority amongst themselves - terminology to throw people and rivals off from real issues. Through action, Trudeau and his elitist virtue signalling goons just told the country, to every hard working Canadian citizen, that peaceful protest and civil disobedience will not work under his rule. Trudeau is slowly revealing what kind of leader he really is; the language and ordinances from dictators of the past now resurface through him as he hurts those that politically deviate from his dystopian dream for Canada. Expropriating private property, divisive language, imprisonment of political protestors: these are the tools that dictators desperately use to be in control for the short term. They always forget that as long term plays out, they always end up destroying their country and their people. As this regime spoils in real time, so too will the principles of peaceful protest that were perfectly performed by the freedom convoy. As we are now in the breadth of the political silence that is being carried out by the police, we must remind ourselves the success achieved from the brave freedom Loving truckers and protestors of this country. The protests have captured the attention of the world, it did not end in obscurity. The protests have shown the true colors of our politicians, the true nature of their rule in power. It has shined a light on the policies that have eroded our civil liberties, our right to live, work, and prosper. It has now been made clear that the the Canadian dream is dead. Canada might soon need to learn the meaning of change coming through the barrel of a gun if our peaceful means for political voice and freedom continued to be outlawed by political ruling classes with each passing day. Lest it be a reminder that two years ago, at the height of Covid hysteria, Trudeau sneakily outlawed hundreds of once legal firearm models. One must be suspicious when a government does this. Two years later, and these suspicions are now realized, and they will continue to be realized as we continue to spiral towards the downfall of Canada.

  26. It takes a special kind of piece of shit to do that to your fellow countryman who aren't doing any wrong. Ah well, karma will hit them with a long, painful death.

  27. Too many pussies in Canada, coming from a Canadian. I think shit will only get down when the government starts trying to force the shot or force employers to fire more people. Once people don’t have their lolipops they will lose their mind and the cops heads will be in the streets

  28. These useful idiots calling us nazis think they're going to be in the special club once all our freedoms are taken away.

  29. When this is all said and Done in Canada I wouldn't want to be one of Police officers involved in their actions against their fellow Canadians.Their will be some payback and there should be.

  30. This exactly is an example of an authoritarian and fascist regime. Comparisons with North Korea or China to discredit that fact are simple whataboutism, as authoritarianism is a spectrum.

  31. Horses aren’t sheep-dogs. They can get spooked and accidentally murder somebody. I hope that lady is okay even though I know she probably isn’t

  32. agree. they got nice notice days before "please leave"... like... people doing unlawfull things and are not arrested but get a nice notice... fuck those guys

  33. Lol, this happened to me when I was 12 and the Saints won the super bowl. Their were no barricades during the parade and the cops just pushed people back with horses.

  34. Media is justifying this by saying “protesters turned violent trying to steal police weapons.” Absolutely pathetic lies.

  35. Nothing can ever be accomplished by pushing and shoving against armored riot police. At this point the protesters need to evaluate whether they are willing to escalate to keep up with Trudeau'd violence, or to fold and go home.

  36. Not to take a side. But that's exactly why they use horses for crow control. Historically speeking, they're great at disrupting crowds of people.

  37. Using women cops as a forward shield is down right fucking pathetic by the people in charge. Those pretty faces will get beat up in proper riots and wouldn’t stand a chance

  38. I do not endorse cruelty to animals but in a lot of places don't use horses anymore because a box cutter will open the guts of a horse in one motion, especially when stupid asses try and push through a crowd like that Then when the rider falls in the crowd they usually get opened up as well if the horse doesn't fall on them.

  39. The horses were just doing their jobs, unlike the half witted occupiers. The mounted units are extremely well trained, and crowd control/dispersion is their intended use.

  40. It's not stupidity. Police often use horses to disrupt or intimidate crowds. So the more appropriate adjective should be nefarious

  41. No you must be exceptionally stupid to think a hose is going to stop or yield to you because of your rights... it's an animal. Get out of the way

  42. I am horrified. The damage a horse hoof can do is terrifying. The amount of training you have to put a horse through to be able to make them do this...should be reason enough not to do it.

  43. I'm really behind on this Canada situation could someone give me any context? Wasn't this about truckers protesting since cause of the vaccine mandates?

  44. Yeah, not stupid, it's done as a show of force. They want people to stand in their way so they can trample them, clear as day.

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