Modded Giulia reliability?

  1. This is exhaustively discussed (see what I did there) on GiuliaForums. Suffice to say, tuning is pay to play. Everything depend on how tolerant your specific dealer is, and how egregious the tune is.

  2. Love the pun, and good to know, I was looking through the forums and couldn’t find anything specifically linked to tune reliability, just the normal Alfa stuff.

  3. My thoughts exactly, I’ve been seeing boost figures up to 28psi for some tunes/piggybacks, which seems outrageously high, not to mention the 45psi hybrid turbo tunes…

  4. Been running the Squadra ecu tune on an 18 Stelvio for about a year, 20k miles. Nothing but pure joy and routine maintenance so far.🤞

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