Mother and son ambushed on the Chicago expressway

  1. DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i’m in one of my favourite TV SHOWS. you should totally come on down to my studio apartment, it’s got EXPOSED RED BRICK walls and its 50 square feet!

  2. And it only costs 60%of your monthly salary to rent! And since you'll never own it you won't ever have to worry about pesky property tax!

  3. They can just get them in any other city/state stupid. Gun control doesn’t work if it’s only in select areas

  4. I love how Chicago is the go-to that conservatives use to prove gun laws don’t work. They conveniently leave out other states. Look at gun deaths by states, relative to gun laws. Why is it that they always talk about Chicago?

  5. This had to be some sort of drug related hit……then again the lady might have just blown her horn at these pieces of human garbage

  6. Canadian here. Is this what Chicago is like now? Was a time a video like this would only be from Brazil or Mexico. The USA is becoming a cesspool.

  7. Chicago, as a city, routinely has the most reported murders annually in the United States. Nothing that happens there surprises me anymore. 90+% of the victims are people of color, we just don’t hear about them in the news because most of them are not mass shootings or racially motivated.

  8. The big cities really inflate the numbers. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and Washington DC alone make up a quarter of all gun deaths in the entire country. America may not be the safest place, but it's better now than it was in the 90s.

  9. Chicago has a high death rate but it is also insanely huge. The homicide rate is actually the 28th highest in the nation in homicide victims per 100,000

  10. it's a gamble. you're going head-on towards the barrel of a gun. i'm not saying you're wrong, but don't act like that's 100% guaranteed to work.

  11. Probably flight response kicking in to go in the only "safe" direction she could think of

  12. I agree but, she maybe already put her car in reverse before she saw the guns. Also, scary to drive towards the shooters. Glad they both survived

  13. Holy fuck that was frustrating. Absolutely zero self preservation drive in this lady. Literally pulls up nose to ass with a stopped vehicle, does the slowest reverse I've ever seen, the slowest acceleration I've ever seen. As far as this ladys brain was concerned, she was pulling into a drive through to buy some chicken nuggets. At least two of these shit beards should have been red paste against that K rail.

  14. You'd actually be surprised with the average windshield's ability to stop/alter the paths of bullets. The curve of the windshield actually makes the trajectory physics a lot more complex than just a flat glass pane, meaning it can be surprisingly difficult to shoot someone through a windshield, especially if they are moving at even a very slow speed.

  15. Looks like they were shooting at the car behind the one with a camera. As she drives off their still shooting facing the same direction and the other guy runs up and past them as they drive off.

  16. I would have stayed in D and run the dude over on the right, swerved hard to the left and flattened that other piece of shit and then drive away

  17. If I am ever ambushed I hope its by these people. Holy crap their aim sucks. Like 30 shots at almost point blank range and the mother and son both survived.

  18. She all calm put in on reverse and gently hitting the gas, then puts it in drive and takes off at 4mph real nice driving. Great job

  19. At this point everyone is carrying a gun everywhere. My parents were talking to a lady saying that she has to carry around a gun because it's so dangerous

  20. I saw this somewhere else w/no context & thought it could've been fake because I didn't see any glass breaking. Sad to hear it was real but, I'm glad to hear they survived these shithead's shit shooting. It's actually a miracle they survived at such close range & that many shots. Really disturbing to watch.

  21. In this particular situation, you would be within your legal rights to use your vehicle as a weapon to defend yourself. You increase risk to yourself & others trying to back up on the highway. She panicked. As I would do also.

  22. Holy shit!!! I can’t even imagine as a mother having ur kid in the car during something like this and being able to do nothing more then she did to try n get them away from it!! Idc if the kids 5 or 35, that’s still gotta be the worst feeling as a parent.

  23. Why don't they ban guns again ? To allow citizens to fight back incase the governement because a dictatorship right ? Proof in that video right there

  24. How terrifying - strongarm carjacking isn't something I associate with the US, I would never have expected Chicago. I sure hope there is a justice follow-up post to this one.

  25. Are you actually at work watching public freakout videos and bitching that this video, which contains no gore, nudity, or foul language, doesn't have a NSFW tag?

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