Officer-involving shooting goes as expected.

  1. He was an armed, fleeing suspect, with a murder warrant, no one is going to be defending him except maybe 11 crazy people on Twitter. What actually does happen is crazier people act like this is what people defend and are mad about. No one gets mad at these incidents. they get mad when a cop shoots someone for “disrespect” or “not following commands”, or when unarmed.

  2. Its not just Twitter. This video is probably making its way straight to a specific handful of reddit subs where they're going to start coordinating sending death threats to the police officers involved

  3. It reminds me when shops became no-smoking, a member of the staff tells a guy he cannot smoke and he replied: “I m just holding the cigarette”

  4. Why make up people to argue against? In terms of officer conduct this is pretty clear cut. What are you trying to prove?

  5. Yep, another person committing crimes and throwing their lives away because nobody taught them how to live like a normal adult.

  6. Pretty sure at some point in his life this guy heard that killing people and then fleeing from the cops with a gun in hand is bad.

  7. Not a lot apparently as they obviously didn't think much on that they get one life. 20 years is barely a life started and to end it there, what a waste along with what a moron.

  8. Aww the ol' double fence. Every cops worst nightmare. Probably felt like the Hulk ripping through that old wood but when he came up on that chain linked fence, he knew he was fucked and abandoned his original plan with ease

  9. Listen once you get above a certain height and/or weight, through something becomes way more viable than over something. After those plans go to shit then it’s plan c. Go around and hope for the best.

  10. Dude’s a cop, he should be physically fit enough to get over that fence no problem, just like the suspect did. The guy is definitely out of shape.

  11. I don’t feel sorry for a homicide warrant suspect. You have to be on your toes dealing with dangerous criminals on the run like this. Better him than the officer.

  12. He was a murder suspect, so he was probably looking at 20 to life. So from his standpoint, escape or die trying is not an unreasonable choice.

  13. According the the woke mob, let him go and go back later with a social worker and ask him to please comply

  14. Glad I’m not the only one who thought this, but I do remember that my FIL years ago had a cop jump on his hood during a pursuit. The department just offered to pay for it, part of doing business

  15. I would be a little bit more upset if it was a nice fence and he just SWAT kicked it down, but I don't think the owner of the home has done any maintenance to that fence in many years

  16. My 90 year old grandpa bought his house in 1954 and has lived there his whole life. When he bought it it was probably the best neighborhood in town, now i have to go by weekly and make sure no padlocks or anything are missing off his garage, shed, and basement. Shit just keeps getting worse.

  17. I think he started to say ka-bar but then said knife, his brain is probably scrambled after that. The knife he used was made by ka-bar.

  18. Why have the gun out, with the cops around, and not bother shooting it? They're going to blast you no matter what if you keep holding on to it. What did that guy think was going to happen when he saw two officers drawn on him? Did he think they would just let him keep running if he just didn't point it in their direction?

  19. To the people saying no one is going to defend a person with active murder warrants with a gun in his hand you must have been living under a rock the past 20 years... He could kill 10 officers and there was still people be saying how he was a nice sweet boy that was just misunderstood

  20. He was running around on a residential neighbourhood with a gun what are you expect?? All those officers did an amazing job!

  21. That's legal as long as you aren't threatening anyone. It's the fact that he was a homicide suspect and actively fleeing arrest with a gun.

  22. The Cincinnati police released the bodycam footage on the same day, they didn't give organizations like black lives matter any time to create their own story with the cops as villains and the dead murderer as a innocent man. This is exactly what they should do with every officer involved shooting, release the hard evidence to the public as soon as possible to shut up the social justice fools.

  23. Well imma go donate 20$ to BLM I'm sure after their 6 million dollar home purchase they'll need it, fuck the dead guy I'm sure they'll agree with me.

  24. The idea of being tough/gangster is what's getting these guys killed. Your best defense is staying out of trouble and learning boxing skills, a pair of gloves and pads goes a long way if you can't invest in a boxing gym.

  25. Would not want a job where I might have to kill someone , man. Even if it means helping people. I'm just not built for it. Glad some folks are even if we get some sickos here and there.

  26. Why the fuck do people run from the cops? That's the kinda thing I've had nightmares about. Like I committed some crime in my dreams and the police show up to arrest me and I'm helpless to stop myself from fleeing

  27. I wonder what the stats would be like if some of these fellas had a strong, male figure in their life... Like a father.

  28. Obviously a justified shooting, but did it make anyone else super nervous that there were residences behind and next to the suspect? I know you gotta weigh the potential that he's going to fire the gun, and it did seem like they kept the shots down as he fell...but still...

  29. Sad someone so young had to die, but he likely committed a murder and fled from the police, refusing to drop a gun when ordered multiple times. It pretty much had to go down this way. Won't stop people from making a thing out of it though.

  30. Why is everyone talking about Twitter if this is Reddit? Am I on the wrong app? enter John Travolta’s Pulp Fiction gif here

  31. You see, in a country where people dont have guns, this wouldn't happen, the guy would get down because theres no way he's doing anything without a gun, as well as he would still be alive because the officers wouldn't be fearing for their lives and as a result probably wouldn't shoot him... I say probably because the US police have had a lot of questionable conduct and i wouldnt be surprised if they still shot him...

  32. did anyone notice at 0:14 seconds into the video the officer commiting "vandolism of private property" because he couldnt jump the fence haha so he just tears it down then runs around it :)

  33. They were looking for him for a murder warrant. He ran at them with a gun in his hands This is about as justified as it gets.

  34. There’s always one of these idiots. At the point you pull the trigger, you’re using lethal force. Center mass, 6-8 rounds each, keep firing until the threat is eliminated. There’s no such thing as “wounding shots” or “trying to shoot the gun out of their hand,” but since the only experience you have with real life involves nicely wrapped 30-minute TV episodes, maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself.

  35. They arent trying to detain a guy when they open fire. They are trying to neutralize the threat. Once they become a threat to innocent lives or the lives of officers, consideration for their life goes out the window. Thats why "shoot for the leg" isn't a thing, because the chances that they are still able to fire their weapon are much higher than if you shoot for center target

  36. shooting until the threat is down and no longer posing a risk to life is standard procedure, this includes shooting until the suspect is down

  37. They are not trying to retain him when they shoot him. The suspect is a clear threat to their safety and they did what they needed to eliminate him

  38. He’s wearing like 33 pounds of gear and his uniform is very restricting. It’s more of a dress uniform dumbass. If he climbs the fence that’s a perfect opportunity for the dude to shoot the officer. The guy has nothing to lose now with a murder warrant and a gun in his hand. This just shows how uneducated some people are.

  39. Revenge killing, the cop was clearly upset and ran around to find the guy to unload his whole clip into him. Dude was not even pointing the gun, this should say maybe mental health? Why not talk to the guy first before you kill him? Atleast you can say, I really tried my best to give this guy a peacefull out

  40. The guy was wanted on a murder warrant. Then he dismissed officer orders to drop the gun that he shouldn’t have been carrying. Justified shooting.

  41. Those officers have family to get back home to. They’re not risking their life with some murderer with a gun in his hand. That guy has nothing to lose, so i can assure you the officers aren’t gonna sit him down and have a nice little talk about why he should put the gun down

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