Drinking Game Dutch Style

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  2. Okay, so first dude failed, but second dude is still on it. So disappointed I didn't get to see how he approached it.

  3. Looked like he was going to set the platform on the hedge in the background and get his pint that way when nobody was looking.

  4. Second guy is slightly proving I should hold a beer on a fishing line Infront of someone instead of a carrot to get them to move forward

  5. This brings me back. I did some traveling in my mid twenties and the Dutch were the most fun to party with, hands down. Great conversations, great humor, and some of the nicest bastards out there.

  6. We did that at our fire dept. once, with water though, because someone decided that drinking beer is bad publicity. it was really not hard, but fun!

  7. I see so many crates of Heineken. Sure if someone brings a crate I understand why tgere would be Heineken but who in their right mind would, with all the other beers available, drink so much Heineken?

  8. Heineken in my country tastes like diluted piss, but when I go to NL I can drink that shit warm. Obvs I have no clue where you live and how tasty the Heinies are in comparison, but I can say I never got the hype until I was there.

  9. This is like peak Dutch right here. You can tell by the fact that no one knows what anyone is saying, not even the Dutch.

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