ATF agent photographing every page of an FFLs A&D books. Black Metal Firearms in Mesa

  1. Stop praising or admiring this fucking gun store. Boycott them, refuse to do business with them, don’t give these cunts another single dollar.

  2. I didn’t read every comment but as a .gov employee myself I can tell you that if I used my PERSONAL PHONE for work, at a minimum I’d be written up and disciplined for not using a .gov phone and software.

  3. Your missing that it’s illegal for the ATF or the government to have lost or register that’s searchable and buy taking photos of FFL books they could and have (been proven a few times) make such a registry on top of that she did it with her personal phone

  4. This is nothing new. They have to document any errors or violations for their report. I’m guessing the FFL was trying to make it as difficult as possible for the agent to do her job. Contempt breeds contempt.

  5. This is why form 4s take so fuckin long all they do is dick around taking pics of peoples books instead of just going away

  6. Use to be able to order Tommy guns from sears catalog there’s a pretty funny add of a cowboy standing on his porch gunning down a bunch of natives on horse back

  7. I asked our assigned agent recently if she liked or owned guns and she responded “I have one for home defense but I’m not a FANATIC” That one made me laugh out loud. I wish we had more gun lovers join the ATF, we might actually see a culture change over time. This is a situation where diversity of background and thought would go a long way.

  8. Do the inspection with the boock while on site? Have them scanned and printed and returned to the FFL while on site. Why do you have to take pictures?

  9. Well she looks exactly as miserable as i would expect an ATF employee to look. Fuck her and fuck da gubmint.

  10. Based on the video portion I saw, no. We let our legal system get so out of hand that these morons can claim officer safety on everything, so protesting it might have earned them an arrest.

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