I have ADD yet become hyperactive around my boyfriend. He suggests I might have ADHD?

  1. The term ADD was phased out several years ago in favor of only using variations of ADHD, primarily inattentive, primarily hyperactive, or combined type. It's a better descriptor of adhd being more of a spectrum rather than purely one or the other. We're all hyperactive in one way or another, it just gets expressed in different ways

  2. I used to think I wasn't hyperactive, then I realized the definition kinda applies to the chaos of thoughts/cognition as well. I'm hyperactive inside ^^

  3. Just like what the other commenters said, it's all ADHD, but different presentations. But it's also possible to change presentation as you age. So you might have been diagnosed as primarily inattentive (what was previously known as ADD), but you're actually combination or changed to combination or hyperactive type as you got older.

  4. The term is adhd, for the exact reason you’re mentioning. Many people with adhd experience inattentive and hyperactive symptoms and will do so more/less at different points in their life. Also, hyperactivity is often missed in females by doctors because it’s not as “visible” as it is in males.

  5. That makes sense, I’m appreciate all the answers I’m getting. The doctor that suggested the term ADD was older and maybe that’s why the mix-up happened. I’m glad to learn that ADHD is the proper spectrum term.

  6. Could it be that AHDH has caused low self confidence or anxiety for you which could make you lethargic? But then when your with your boyfriend with whom you most likely feel very confident you get your energy back?

  7. ADD isn't a valid diagnosis anymore. However, it's now what would be ADHD-PI (Primarily Inattentive). Everyone with ADHD is hyperactive, at least a bit, we all just express it differently. I'm more vocally hyperactive and talk way too much and go on a lot of tangents, while I'm not as mentally or physically hyperactive.

  8. I have quite low energy most of the time due to the depression and anxiety that comes with my adhd but when I’m with the guy I like I have more energy, I talk more, smile more, laugh more… I’m happier. Being that way around your bf doesn’t mean your diagnosis is wrong, especially as that’s only one context in which you describe being that way.

  9. add and adhd are the same thing. people are only diagnosed with add if they are primarily inattentive or female. you have adhd

  10. They’re still not diagnosed with ADD if they’re primarily inattentive because the term “ADD” is no longer a diagnosis

  11. I was diagnosed with ADHD combined. I didn't even know that existed till I got the diagnosed, but the doctor said it's common. Maybe that's what you have going.

  12. Is it bad that the more I read these comments the less interested I get? Don’t get me wrong, this topic is super important but the length of responses is a struggle.

  13. Keep in mind, really high = really low. Lots of people with adhd lose interest in their partner when the high eventually wears off. And then you jump to the next person that makes you feel high. And you can say it won’t happen to you but then one day you tell yourself, hm i’m not hyperactive around my boyfriend anymore. Does it mean our relationship is dying? Or some other rationalization, and you have to ask yourself, how much of a slave are you to your emotions and mental condition? Are you going to allow it to interfere in your way of happiness? Something to keep in mind.

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