What's the absolute WORST sensory input, in your opinion?

  1. this one, and jeans. like why are they so scratchy and uncomfortable i feel like the people who wear jeans are just lying to themselves about the comfort. do any of you wear jeans??? does anyone else feel this way about jeans 😭

  2. yup.. and a lot of ppl hate being sticky or oily, so I didn't realise it was a sensory thing. they all say ew.. but I get really upset. I didnt know I had ADHD and I didn't know adhd was linked to sensory issues, finding all this out has explained so much about the last 42yrs

  3. For me its simply having my skin (especially hands and face) be wet… if i wash my hands, they HAVE to be dried straight away otherwise i can get really upset

  4. My phone charging block makes a weird chirpy whirring sound while it's charging and I can hear it through my whole apartment when no one else seems to be able to hear it at all.

  5. Same! I first noticed it when I was young, and I could hear/feel the noise from convenience store cash registers that nobody else seems to hear.

  6. Yes, the same feeling. I got a hearing test this year because I was experiencing some sudden dizziness but apparently I have nearly perfect hearing (my eyesight is very bad though). White noise headphones are a blessing.

  7. Ugh yes like when you’re staying somewhere and they have a fridge that has any sort of whine to it or sometimes even just plugged in printers and things at rest.

  8. I’m is grad school for SLP and we got to give hearing evaluations on each other. Turns out, I do actually have above average hearing. But it wasn’t even that I was hearing the beeps, I was FEELING them. It was awful.

  9. Crowded restaurants are fine for me but if I’m in like a living room where too many sounds or people are talking at the same time and I’m trying to pay attention to something I can’t cope lol. I especially hate it when the TV is on and someone else is playing something out of their phone speaker really loudly.

  10. Yup this is my biggest problem too, I can put a mask on and wing it, but end up exhausted after a few hours, always had a problem with huge parties because of this, was always the boring one who had to leave early so I ended up ghosting and then finally never attend just to avoid the criticism. Can’t waste my time on friends who care more about my attendance than my well being, so I do not care about that anymore thankfully.

  11. Strong artificial smells, especially floral ones. I'm a nurse so have to deal with some bodily odors, but most perfumes make my head hurt and my eyes itch.

  12. Thank goodness I'm not alone. I actually really like some artificial scents (vanilla and citrus, for example) but there's a threshold. Once that threshold is crossed it starts giving me a headache and itchy eyes.

  13. Tags every where. I personally find tags around my waist/hip the worst. I cut them out without mercy. Begone, evil Tag, who cares about washing instructions, 30°C it is then.

  14. The worst ones are the ones sewn into the side seam. I have some where I've cut them but I can still feel the sharp edges. The only way to get it out would be to open up the side seam and then sew the hole shut and it's too much work.

  15. When I first went to my neuropsychologist to get assessed for ADHD, she was asking all sort of questions and she nodded heavily when I said I cut all the tags out of my clothes lol

  16. My whole life I’ve removed my tags. And turned me socks inside out because of the seams. Or any kind of foreign itchy material - I also find a lot of bras drive me crazy because of where the straps are folded and sewn, and cheap plastic hardware tends to be rough.

  17. Tags. On. Anything. I relentlessly remove all tags and unnecessary add-ons from all my clothes, plushies, etc. It's almost obsessive at this point.

  18. Finally someone I can relate to! Touching microfiber, velvet or other similar fabrics gives me goosebumps everywhere and not in a good way.

  19. Repetitive tones at non-regular intervals? I like songs that have a repeated melody for example, but stuff like dogs barking or pipes knocking in the walls have overwhelmed me.

  20. I live with someone who also has ADHD and he sets alarms for everything. He's also a heavy sleeper. A couple times I've had to listen to that godforsaken alarm go off from two rooms away for 30 minutes straight.

  21. and there is certain repetition, even phrases and words, that make me ill. I notice it with the kids when they're watching stupid shit like the boys on YouTube.. itll go and go and go until I wanna explode

  22. Sound pollution. Trying to enjoy a conversation or an environment but someone’s awful music is playing too loud (even if it’s not fully blaring). My brain will always pick the music to pay attention to and then I have to switch to manual, gas guzzling focused attention to get back into the conversation.

  23. YES I had a friend who, in the lull of a group conversation, would suddenly watch tiktoks at full blast. I remember feeling all of my hairs sticking up like a cat lol 😂

  24. Hearing people scroll apps like tik tok on full volume sends me completely nuts nowadays, all the repetition and noise just coming out of everyones phones collectively when chilling together and it fuckin' getsss me mannn

  25. Hearing people scroll tik tok on full volume sends me completely nuts nowadays, all the repetition and noise just coming out of everyones phones collectively when chilling together and it fuckin' getsss me mannn

  26. 🤢 sooo disgusting. Any mouth noises ESPECIALLY on commercials. Ugh, that Invisalign commercial with the popcorn & they play the noise of the Invisalign getting taken out 🤢🤢🤢 I almost quit YouTube because they wouldn't quit showing that ad.

  27. I cant stand that. There is no reason for your mouth to make that sound when you eat. Its driving me crazy. Literal Instant rage

  28. Wow, yes. Everytime I touch a rail or door handle, I need to wash my hands. And I can’t stand sudden loud noises. It hikes my adrenaline and then makes me irritable afterwards.

  29. I agree with all the above. I also have reduced sense of smell so when I do smell an overpowering stench of perfume (deodorants don't offend me so much) I pity other people around them. If it's overpowering to me, what's it like for other people?

  30. God i hate new car smell. Makes me feel nauseous. The fact that they make car fresheners with that smell and that people buy them on purpose astounds me

  31. The first thing that popped into my mind was the sound of loud bass coming from a nearby car. I know that's annoying to a lot of people but to me it's like someone's using a jackhammer on my brain and it physically hurts. All I can do to lessen the impact is put my fingers in my ears until they drive away.

  32. This isn't just about the sound for me. Like you could literally feel the vibrations. I have this problem with car engines too. :(

  33. Reminds me of how I describe my next door neighbor's music. It's all monotone bass and I can feel it. I can't escape it with headphones because it reverberates through everything in my apartment.

  34. I ride a motorbike so I've got earplugs/helmet deadening the external sounds, I'm also hard of hearing (deaf in left ear, moderate loss in right) - if I can hear their radio/music clearly, what the heck must it be like for them in the car? Eek.

  35. My hair and skin tbh. Auditory sensory issues pretty high up on the list too, but honestly nothing gets worse than the way my skin feels on some days or how my hair just is. It doesn’t matter if it’s down or tied up, clean or dirty, there are just (quite lot) of those days when every bit of it is just irritating to the core, nothing feels good or right and I want to just rip it all off.

  36. Clothing!!! I can’t stand tight clothes on my stomach. Or a tight jacket across my back. I can’t wear long johns u set pants when it’s cold. I’ve struggled to get dressed my whole life because it’s just not comfortable!!

  37. Sounds. Loud, unexpected sounds are the worst. I cannot stand the sound of a large truck or semi, and motorcycle sounds suck too.

  38. Being wet after a shower or swimming! The drying off process and putting on clothes when your skin is not 100% dry is just awful. Wet hair sticking to your back and neck. Ughhhh!

  39. Okay only kind of related, but sitting on a toilet fresh out of a pool with a slightly wet ass? Disgusting

  40. GOD post-shower dampness is horrible. I've started just wrapping myself in a towel and running to my room so I can air-dry

  41. Omg i HATE being damp. I visited family where it's warmer than I live and i spent the entire 4 days being damp and uncomfortable

  42. Don't forget sweating! I'm a bigger guy and so I start sweating the second the temperature reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit. My job requires a lot of standing, moving and heavy lifting, and on hotter days I end up DRENCHED in sweat after only a few hours of work. It seems like it's only gotten worse since I upped my Adderall dosage. I've started bringing a change of clothes to work so I can peel my sweaty t-shirt off my body and feel sweat-free until I start busting my butt again and the sweating resumes.

  43. The gray area between clean and dirty i.e. I am fine being clean like getting out of a hot shower and I am fine getting dirty like muddy and sweaty but I don't like being unsure because then I don't know what to do. For example, being sweaty and sandy on my arms and legs but not rest of body during sand volleyball

  44. Yes! Or "soiled" hands in general for me! I'm not a germaphobe where I need to constantly wash my hands or sanitize outside of the normal amount one should. But if I get anything on my hands I need to immediately wipe it off. I use way too many paper towels when I cook. I also really hate when I use lotion or sunscreen and it's made my hands feel all greasy and I can't get rid of the feeling unless I wash them.

  45. I swear i fuckin listen to drone music and borderline static for fun but i cannot stand the sound of the kitchen fan. Its those sounds that just settle into the back of your mind until you realize you are absolutely pissed off at nothing in particular and notice the fuckin fans on drivin you bonkers.

  46. Also bathroom fan. Didn't have one growing up, never got used to it. Can't stand when it comes on automatically with the light, give me a second switch so i can choose not to have it!!!

  47. When I'm trying to fall asleep but the fan is making any noticeable clicking sound, or blowing on me just slightly enough to make my hair tickle my face. The latter makes my entire body itch.

  48. I usually have my silent mode switched on my phone because of this! I get SO bothered when I forget that it’s on and scroll through instagram and hear a reel playing - it’s so jarring! Hate that they made that auto play feature on the feed 😑

  49. Going shopping for clothes. Immediately after entering a store like H&M the colors and cramped spaces give me massive headaches. Dunno If that counts lol

  50. I'm 40 and just got diagnosed a couple of months ago. My whole life I've been wearing headphones and sunglasses (even at night) to go pretty much anywhere where there's people. I can't describe it very good but it makes me feel "safe", like I'm not really there or like they can't see "me".

  51. I have a similar problem with being out of the house… people are loud, and it’s really bothersome, but even when they’re not, I feel like my sense of hearing is dialed up to 100, it’s a weird feeling

  52. Somewhat specific but I go insane when the windows are down in a car on the highway. When you’re going that fast with an open window the sound of the wind is horrendous

  53. I jump out of my skin when I hear someone wringing dry napkins. Something about the dry, fiberous squeak makes me need to violently remove myself 😬

  54. I have the same reaction to wood scratching on paper, like an unsharpened pencil or a wooden ice cream spoon on a paper cup

  55. Snot, slime (of the type deposited by snails and slugs).. actually anything at all that gets on the fingers and fucks up the delicate balance of moist vs dry. Anything that gets into the grooves and won’t come off without 5mins of scrubbing with a nail brush.

  56. Loud dogs barking - that incessant "I'm a dog who's home alone and bored" kind of bark. I've had so many neighbours with dogs who do this for hours on end and it drives me completely bonkers and has such a negative impact on my daily mental state when I live near one.

  57. And how do I avoid? Dogs - I move often. The kind of people who let their dogs bark non stop (especially in the night) generally aren't receptive to polite neighbourly conversations. When I rent a new place I'll do a drive by at various times on different days to get an idea how noisy the neighbourhood is before signing the lease. I take note of where the bedroom is in relation to neighbouring yards etc. If I go for a viewing and there's a neighbouring dog barking through the fence I cross it off my list as an option. Whistling, people close to me know I hate it so don't do it. In public, not much to be done, just resist the urge to punch someone in the throat. Cotton wool, I just don't use it.

  58. Dogs I can handle okay, but kids... yuck. They scream, they yell, they screech, they whine, they cry, they laugh, repeat, repeat, repeat. I hate it xD I've taken up the hobby to 'autotune' cries I hear in public; when a kid cries, I repeat the sound but better, like it's been run through autotune. Makes me giggle, and sometimes it helps to confuse the child or make the parent aware that it annoys people.

  59. Sand on my feet and in my shoes, unexpected load noises, children whinging (feel really bad for this one but my god it kills me), slimey stuff, the buzzing sound from a fly, stepping in something wet unexpectedly, water on my sleeves, sleeves in general to be honest lol, smells of certain foods, cups that have stains, dirty dishes, people or objects touching me unless I'm expecting it the list is endless 😂

  60. I'm pretty good, until I just "snap" and can't process anything typically, this is too many people talking to me. It's fine, and then a split second later it NEEDS to stop IMMEDIATELY.

  61. The feeling of certain ceramics. My Fingernails when they get too long. My hair when it sits and touches me a certain way. Random people just touching or bumping me accidentally. The sound electricity makes that only I seem to be able to hear. MICRO FIBRE CLOTHS. Socks or shoes whenever it just randomly decides to feel like the worst thing to ever feel for no reason. My body (specifically but not limited to hands) being slightly wet, it either has to be soaked or dry no in between. Really loud sounds especially high pitched ones. Repetitive sounds but just sometimes. Sticky hands. The heat. Certain fabrics. Clothing tags. Fabric on fabric rubbing. Asmr makes me act feral because I hate it so much. Sand sticking to me. Most perfumes/colognes. Something crunchy in food that’s not supposed to be crunchy. Sometimes touching paper. Dry powders. Feeling pretty much anything even slightly coarse under my fingernails. Fatty Meat. Multiple layers of clothes. Loud ticking clocks. High pitched squeaks.

  62. Fabric rubbing on fabric. Like when you pinch two layers of fabric between your fingers and rub them against each other. Now, that's usually avoidable, but sometimes it happens and it gives me goosebumps, the bad kind.

  63. So fun fact, I have a weird aversion towards being shushed/shushing in general, but especially when I get interrupted with it. As a child, it would cause me a particular kind of agony that "Be quiet please" wouldn't cause me, and I didn't know why that was. It always made me so incredibly angry that I ended up being louder in an attempt to fight it, but really I think I just wanted it to stop. One time it resulted in a continuous cycle of me attempting to say "If you shush me one more time I'll get really loud" to my mum and her not letting me finish the sentence because she kept interrupting me with "shhhhhhh". I was too young and dysregulated to say "please communicate that I should be quiet differently, the shushing is almost physically painful to me and it's making me so angry I can't control myself." (I also find it VERY hard to use calm therapy talk like language when I get dysregulated in general - I don't feel the need to insult or lash out at people these days but when I get dysregulated saying "I am getting very frustrated and overwhelmed" as opposed to "this fucking thing is excruciating and unbearable" makes it worse) I knew I should be quiet at the time too. Part of me wanted to. I just couldn't. Needless to say she was mad at me. It was at a concert held by my music school too. I played a piano piece and made a mistake because I was so wired and shaky from the experience.

  64. I THOUGHT IM THE ONLY ONE OMGGG spaghetti are literally the worst noodles to exist. They’re so ducking long and slippery for what??? And like you can’t eat them without smacking them against your chin at least once. I fucking hate them lol

  65. Long sleeves, I feel like I’m too clumsy not to just rub them all over everything, it’s like the sleeve covering anything past the elbow messes with my proprioception and now I don’t know where my arms are in space and I’m a lumbering menace all of a sudden. Always pushed up, even suit jackets so I basically am channeling a Miami Vice vibe anytime I dress formally 😆

  66. Most sounds. Volume is the main problem for me, pitch doesn't matter as much, but higher pitch annoys WAY faster.

  67. Poor quality clothing is definitely up there- like cheap linen or heavy cotton. For other touch stuff, running my hand along polystyrene. Or sound proof Foam. Certain kinds of textured plastics. It sounds weird but I get like goosebumps in my teeth roots when I touch one and it's awful.

  68. Yes to the candle thing! I have actually yelled out “put the lid on it” to extinguish a jar candle so I don’t have to smell the soot.

  69. Tick tick tick or tap tap tap or click click click or any type of repetitive beat or melody that is short and just plays over and over. I can handle a lot of noises at once but slip a quiet little annoying sound over and over and over and I will lose my ever loving mind.

  70. Based on the comments, it’s kind of sounding like Misophonia has entered the chat. This has been my Achilles heel since childhood. Competing sounds being top annoyance of literally all time. Don’t get me started on sounds, chewing food? Gum? SIPPING coffee? I will exit the room immediately.

  71. People chewing with their mouths opened, smacking their lips together as they gasp for air chomp chomp smacking away, for particles probably erupting from their mouths holes too, for all we know

  72. You just described how my dad ate. It was like he was always in a hurry to shove as much food down his gullet as he possibly could, to the point that he'd actually get winded while eating.

  73. When you're sweating through clothes with no ventilation and everything just clings to you. I work in a kitchen and in this current heatwave the sweat alone is doing my nut in.

  74. Accidentally scraping a nail against something that’s rough/different in texture that ends up making a squeaky/screechy sound. I almost wanna go into a catatonic state and wait for the feelings of ick to go away. I don’t fully know how to explain this one.

  75. That high pitched noise electricity makes. Or the sound of someone else walking fast, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a trauma thing lol

  76. OP, I'm with you on the stinks! Our neighborhood reeks of fabric softener sheets sometimes and I have to come in from gardening.

  77. Play-Doh. Ugh. I hate everything about it. The sickly sweet smell, how it feels, the sucking sound it makes going into and coming out of the container 🤢 I never even told my children that Play-Doh existed because I hate it so much.

  78. I hate the smell of other people's cooking (be it when a person I live with is making something to eat, or when a neighbor's kitchen smells somehow make it into my home through an open window). I deal with it by obsessively opening windows to let the air move through (if someone in my household cooked), cleaning every kitchen surface around the stove that oil droplets or greasy vapors could have stuck to, or deodorizing the oven by placing a dish full of water with a bit of vinegar and tons of cinnamon in it and turning it on so the vapors can do the job, etc., depends on what was cooked and how. In the process I use a lot of "products that are supposed to smell clean" in my attempt to mask the kitchen smells. I don't generally need my home to smell like these clean products but if you hit me with the smell of your cooking, I will not rest until it smells like what I decide it to smell like.

  79. Bluetooth phone calls from inside cars. The ringing is SO LOUD I can hear everyone in the neighborhood making calls and I’m enraged on a daily basis.

  80. Absolute worst is certain fabrics, especially on my feet. My socks are never off during the day, only right at the last minute getting into bed. Every inch of my skin crawls just at the thought of walking barefoot.

  81. Interesting, I am the opposite. I hate wearing socks and shoes so I never put socks on until right before I have to go outside and take them off as soon as I am inside.

  82. Loud motorcycles driving by. It makes my brain litteraly stop working until the noise is over. Can't continue a conversation at all.

  83. This one is weird as hell but I cannot stand small cardboard tokens like the ones you get in board games. I can't do it, I have to get someone else to move them for me if we're playing a game that uses them. They make my skin crawl.

  84. Tinnitus. The ringing never stops. It’s louder than my thoughts. I haven’t heard my internal monologue in years.

  85. Unexpected noise close to my ear, which is usually someone kissing me on the ear or whispering something. Makes me jump, and shiver, and occasionally hit them, before I realise what’s happening. I have considered a tattoo on the back of my neck to warn people about startling me… I think it’s ptsd x adhd maybe.

  86. Any time a song is playing that I don’t like. Doesn’t matter what song. I can’t relax until that song is over. I almost had to leave a store recently because they had an all-Elvis playlist on.

  87. Multiple conversations happening in a single room. Stores? Outside parties? Completely ok. But indoor parties or being on break and hearing all my coworkers talk at once? Panic™️

  88. Metal scraping porcelain plates. It was one of my first sensitivities to sound, and then my siblings found out and use to do it to torture me — making it worse. Also the sounds of metal spoons on teeth, like when people eat fast and scrape their teeth — it makes a clicky/clunky noise and hurts my soul lol

  89. Wearing shoes. I absolutely loathe wearing them because my feet feel so "trapped" I have to sometimes force myself not to focus on the fact I have them on otherwise I'll start wiggling my toes reminding myself how restrictive shoes are

  90. Noisy rooms are my personal hell and white light. Also, I’ve realised over the last couple of months that I absolutely cannot get myself to shower if it’s not a warm scented soap/shampoo. If it isn’t a nice smelling soap I’m not showering.

  91. I scrolled pretty far and haven’t seen this one mentioned: I cannot stand food tastes that linger in the mouth longer than ~5-10 minutes after the meal is done. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. Like I lose my ability to properly focus on anything else until it’s resolved.

  92. For the longest time I ate like a piece of toast or cracker after some meals (because us ADHD’ers like our sugary carbs too lol) and my friends and family know it’s my palate cleanser 🤣😂

  93. Putting lotion on my skin. Sun screen is the worst but atleast there’s spray stuff and I can handle supergoops texture. But my skin is dry af cuz I hate using lotion 😅

  94. Having any piece of clothing be partially wet. Like when you’re done with the dishes and your shirt is just kind of wet around your stomach. I wear an apron, or just immediately change my shirt after.

  95. Idk what its called, but like, etched metal. Probably the worst feeling in the world after touching it, the grooves. geh.

  96. Textures. I don't really eat any fruit because of texture problems. Have to get all my fruit in the form of juice. Lol.

  97. High pitched or out of tune sounds. I often hear beeping noises others can’t hear and it’s excruciating.

  98. people talking while I am trying to think. Me processing ANY social queues while trying to do something else means I can't think at all. If someone is trying to tell me what to do while I am doing something it is absolutely awful and overloading.

  99. The air blowing machines in bathrooms. Not only are they violently loud but it just feels icky. I'd rather use paper towels to dry off my hands. But even then, my hands have to be super wet because I hate rubbing my dry hands with dry paper towels. 🤢

  100. Hair on my face & sometimes neck. I can just "feel" it. Bangs are a nightmare from my childhood. It stresses me out if I think to hard about someone else's bangs touching their forehead, I couldn't live with that madness 😆

  101. Unexpected screaming. Too many requests at once (I have kids). Thick yogurt. Banana. Fleece on cotton. Hair touching my neck (I shave it off for that reason). Tags in clothes. Chewing sounds.

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