Is it awkward for Indians when they call a cab and the driver is Pakistani or vice versa?

  1. No because “cab driver” is a job description. We don’t judge the worth of others based on the occupation they choose to pay their bills. We’re all more than our jobs.

  2. i honestly can’t tell if someone is indian or pakistani just by looking at them, and even if i could why would it make a difference

  3. Most ordinary Indians and Pakistanis have no dislike of each other and they have so much culture in common especially Indian punjabis and Indian Sindhis as Pakistan’s population is 65% Punjabi and Sindhi.

  4. Had an Indian Uber driver, my first time riding an Uber too and I was really terrified of using an Uber

  5. No. Recently visited Devon St in chicago. Every cab driver we called was either an Indian or Pakistani and it made me happy because I could just chit chat in my language. One Hyderabadi Uber driver was even nice enough to take me to the right location ( I put in a wrong destination) almost free of charge. I did pay him extra cash, though he didn’t even ask. I feel much happier whenever the driver is a Desi.

  6. Honestly whenever I’ve had a Pakistani or Bangladeshi Uber driver and I told them I’m from India (they can usually tell from my name), they always become like super friendly to me and act like a well wishing uncle to me. I love it lol. No different than if they were Indian.

  7. Haven't used a cab solo in a while but I'm one of those annoying people who ask brown people where they're from if we've been chatting for more than 5 sentences. Never felt anything but a sense of brown kinship, regardless of whether they were were Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi.

  8. Yes, whenever my cab or Uber driver is Pakistani I flip out and scream "PAKISTAN MURDABAD!!! INDIA ZINDABAD!!! MODIJI WILL DESTROY PORKISTAN!!!!!"

  9. No, why would it be weird? You’re able to commiserate on how shitty the immigration system is where you’re promised the dream without any recognition of your credentials being fulfilled

  10. It is not awkward in general. One party wants to make money to feed their family, the other wants to get from A to B, and exchange some pleasantries.

  11. I had a Pakistani driver in UAE and I forget how we got in the topic but he started saying things in support of the Taliban (most of the PK drivers there are Pashtun). It was pretty awkward but he didn’t seem threatening lol.

  12. Have had a lot of Pak cab drivers in NY and all were pleasant or neutral and not a single one brought up politics. I also eat at Pakistani owned restaurants and shop at their grocery stores. I don’t understand this question at all.

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