Notice how Dribble didn't attack & harass any of the dudes. He didn't try shit with Kobe or SlowMo or Patrick or even sweet little G-Mo. He literally went for the smallest & the weakest person in the room. Congrats, bro, you're gonna fight a 5 foot Jewish princess. Ffs 😑

  1. He’s all about “positive energy and loving vibes” lol. Always funny how ppl with these outlooks are also judgmental and self centered

  2. Loved when he tried to talk shit to John and he gave it back. Spahkles need to shut the fuck up, the favorite part was when he asked him if he's still living at home and Spahkles just ignored it.

  3. I loved it. I know plenty of Boston John’s and he means what he says: he’s not afraid of him. If the chains were off Jubri would just need to make one of this not so witty comments to john. Then john would first it him with a few spot on sarcastic comments and the gloves would come off. John would kick that punks ass. John’s a bar room street fighter. I bet ya he’s brutal.

  4. I was sayin “damn bini needs to put him in another coma” but then that would require bini to actually stand up for ari for once

  5. For someone who’s a proud MMA fighter, he is really submissive when it comes to protecting his wife.

  6. See my whole thing was Bini literally has no balls. He’s always letting Ari get chewed up.

  7. He's just trying to keep it together for Avi. If they did split up she would use him as a weapon against Bini & make sure he never sees his son again.

  8. My husband likes to say "Some people have never been punched in the mouth, and it shows." I feel like Jabri didn't learn his lesson the first time...or that whole story is a bunch of BS.

  9. He reminds me -- from way back in the rowdy tavern early band days -- of the classic Sat night douche-bag I'd point out to a band-mate: "See that guy over there?" (trying to pester and intimidate some much bigger guy, for bar macho cred) ... "In about fifteen minutes or less, he's gonna get his ass kicked." Never failed: BANG-ZOOM, POW to the temple, perhaps wiped up and down the sidewalk outside. Everyone always laughed and the Jibri-of-the-moment skulked home with chowdered lips & nose. Hyper Boy is a live wire, for sure.

  10. I’ve never seen someone project so much of their own insecurities onto someone else. He was lashing out at Ari for not supporting “bini’s dream” but at the same token his whole brand is broken up because of Miona (allegedly; I do like Miona)? Totally projecting his own issues.

  11. This is literally the best analysis of his atrocious behavior. I didn’t think he would be this bad at the tell all, he’s just acting a fool. It’s like, dude what happened on your way here that you feel the need to fight with everyone??

  12. He just wanted all the camera time on the show tonight. He's a little attention whore. He thinks he's going to be famous for mouthing off during the whole show. Sorry Jubri, no one is interested.

  13. Moons (I meant miona but I’ll leave this autocorrect) just stares at the ground. Tell your man child to stfu please

  14. I feel this way about Bini too, like tell Jibri to shut the hell up. But then again that is Bini and Ari’s biggest problem, is he refuses to stand up for her. He just stands there like a whipped puppy looking at the ground.

  15. Pretty much. "This tell-all isn't ready for Jibri!" Spoken in 3rd person. Like, what???? You're not the only one on the show, Jibri!

  16. I LOVED when Ari didn’t defend against his insult but was like “Yeah, if I’m so jealous shouldn’t I be able to recognize it?” 🤣🤣🤣 Gold!

  17. And Jabroni just retorted with the same thing he'd already said, just worded slightly differently. Sharp as a tack, that kid.

  18. You’re so right. Nothing but cheap crap from this guy. I bet that sparkle suit was cheap shit.

  19. He has a bone to pick because he’s triggered that Ari tells her husband to stay realistic with his dream of MMA and to be smart about it. Jibri has been told that same thing his entire life by his parents I’m sure and it makes him feel small when he “knows he’s so talented and a genius/is gonna make it big time” 😂😂😂😂 anyone with common sense and concern is a hater in his eyes

  20. Bini might be short fused when he gets mad and we all know he could WRECK Spahhkles if he wanted to... He could still speak up but I'm sure Ari is capable of standing up for herself

  21. Despite how his sisters acted. Ethiopians are typically very reserved and not dramatic. Especially the orthodox Christian’s, which is what most are.

  22. He’s literally 5’6 no offense to the short kings but he’s literally got a napoleon complex. The way he talks to women should worry Miona.

  23. It is pretty cringe watching a man lashing out so violently and escalating so needlessly at a small woman who did nothing to merit that behavior. She had constructive criticism of him at worst. I wonder if we are not getting the full scoop on the accident, he was in a coma so it was serious and his behavior is good one minute, then he dramatically snaps at the slightest criticism. I agree that he took it too far with both Ari and John... I don't want to make fun of him if it's a disability but his behavior is unpredictably hostile and that is something someone with a traumatic brain injury exhibits and it can feel scary to be around. They can be fine one minute and throwing things the next... Ari had her arms fully crossed over her body, her body language was broadcasting not feeling safe and no one could calm him down or stop him from continuing to demoralize and degrade her.

  24. As someone who has experienced a TBI, I call bullshit. You don't get to use that as an excuse to indefinitely be an erratic asshole. If he had sustained a brain injury from the coma, which is likely, he needs to acknowledge that he has a predisposition to be a certain way and actively work on it. That's like saying your zodiac sign is an excuse to be an asshole... I can't help it I'm a Scorpio 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  25. Jibri said he was in a coma from a fight with his friend David. He was not only disrespectful to Ari, he came for John Yve and Kara. He's very disrespectful to women, but didn't have the balls to talk shit to Patrick, Bilal or Kobe. He's all about wanting all of the attention tonight. What an attention whore little clown. He needs to take several seats. I'm curious if Bahstahn John is gonna whip his as next week. Haha....

  26. Car accident? He was beaten, that's how he got into a coma. And you're right, he could have brain damage but I'm guessing he has histrionic personality disorder. He fits it to a T!

  27. The only man he harassed was John and he would drop him in one fucking hit. The thing that pissed me off was the fact that everyone on set let Jabri act like a bitch to everyone and not call him out on it. WTF?! He came in looking for a fight and going after everyone.

  28. Let alone the fact that his commentary added nothing to the conversations! He was just injecting himself into everyone’s segments.

  29. Jibri picked on John because he thought he was weak because he is a drunk and he picked on Ari because he knew Bini wouldn’t stand up for her. What the hell has happened to the men these days ? If I married a prostitute I would not let anyone disrespect the woman I love for anything in this world . But yet I watch people like Bini and even Patrick let his own brother step over the line in his relationship with Thias . Jibri was trying really hard to get his own show from TLC.

  30. Bini would wipe the floor with Jabri in 30 seconds. Not to mention, there's no way that little man child had a hundred grand. Boy please, take a seat before you get hurt.

  31. The fact that he said he had $100K to fight Bini was the silliest joke of the tell all. Especially after just being tossed out of living in his parents’ house. He was totally out of control and looked like somebody went crazy with a bedazzler kit on that outfit he was wearing. Clearly, picking a fight with John was his BIGGEST mistake of the night.

  32. There's a lot going on with Bini but I think, in Jibri's case, he didn't want to waste his time. I also think he knows that Ari takes care of herself pretty well.

  33. Yasssss! I thought about that. He is such a wimp picking on a woman. He reminds me of this bully when I was in middle school haha

  34. Bini would wipe the floor with Jibri in 30 seconds. He's a clown, his best friend, who's not a trained fighter put him in a coma.

  35. Ok, not the point of this post — but is Miona’s shirt supposed to be worn like that or did she just sling the strap over her head to make it look ✨fashion✨

  36. exactly. I said since we were introduced to him that the flashy clothes probably come from insecurities. Last night furthered my opinon on this. He went for ari and John thinking they were easy targets to try to establish some sort of dominance. Was disgusting to watch. So embarrassing for him. Edited for spelling correction

  37. just watching now but like why does he attack ari unprovoked.. he’s talking to other couples and then randomly goes “you two won’t make it, you’re too jealous” like what no one was even talking about ari 😂 he’s too much

  38. Same here and I don't want to see him again. I have watched this since the very first show but this may be the last.

  39. What was his beef with Ariel? Did they have problems behind the scenes on social media or something? Why didn’t Bini step in?

  40. What in the world could his parents possibly be jealous of them for. They are just tired of supporting their lazy ass son and his wife and paying for his ridiculous wardrobe. Grow up. Get a real job. Work for the things you want.

  41. I’d love to never see this clown again. He’s awful - he thinks he’s so unique and groundbreaking because of his wacky clothes and absolutely terrible music. Nah dude, you’re a dime a dozen. Enjoy your 15 minutes.

  42. Jabri's behavior at the tell-all was absolutely vile. He was disgusting. He didn't go as hard on the men as he did with Ari. It was really disgusting to watch him behave in that way.

  43. For those who don’t know the definition of Jewish American Princess: often disparaging + offensive. : a stereotypical well-to-do or spoiled American Jewish girl or woman. — called also Jewish Princess.

  44. I cannot stand his voice and his whole demeanor any more. I am neurodivergent as well but my Glob! Please get some meds or therapy or meditate. Do anything but shut up! We do not need his opinion on literally every sentence someone else says! He went after Ari for just giving her opinion on the same thing his wife said. But Bini just sitting there is telling as well.

  45. I think he is projecting. His marriage is going to fail spectacularly. That his mother is jealous that “they” shine to bright.

  46. I didn’t mind this exchange to be honest. Yes jibri is brutal at times “he’s gonna be a million dollar fighter” 🤦🏿‍♂️ relax! but he had some valid points about Ari. I will say though Patrick’s brother had me dying during that back and forth

  47. Easily the worst person this season and especially after the tell all. He is trying so hard to become something that it’s cringe and just an asshole.

  48. I know it isn't all real but this tell all felt super phony. Sparkles just made me not want to watch it. And I am sorry but the 5 princess needs to go. They are just not interesting.

  49. Little man syndrome. The way he went hard at Ari is straight up abusive and Miona should take notice. This is why his parents had strict boundaries for him, because he is a man child.

  50. I would be so embarrassed if that was my man !! Like ewwww there’s nothing uglier than a man that attacks a woman —- especially unprovoked 🤢 even if Ari came at him or Miona , Jibri’s behavior is such a turn off. Miona deserves better imo !!

  51. If I were Miona I would have walked off and out of his life. His behavior was a major warning for her letting her see that side of him. There's nothing good for her. She will end up getting the same treatment he gave Ari. Is that what she wants??? Jibitchi is mentally unstable and sick and there's nothing there she can fix.

  52. My last episode was episode 7 bc I just couldn’t anymore. I just started the tell all and the first sentence out of Jibris mouth has me ready to turn it off

  53. I wanted to like Jibri at the beginning. I really tried. Plus, he has some moments where I saw some reasonableness under his petulant 15-year-old-boy routine.

  54. When Jibberish decided to fight a tiny woman I thought “Here are two entitled, dependent on parents, spoiled brats and she is actually looking good all things considered!

  55. Not a 5 ft JEWISH PRINCESS 😭😭😭🤣🤣💀💀. Of course he has no smoke for the men the only dude he did have it for was John. I was like “Okay BriBri you need to simmer down before someone puts you another coma” I understand everyone has their comments and opinions on everyone but he stayed and I mean STAYED commenting on everyone’s relationship except for his

  56. I feel like someone was making fun of some anime characters and created them unintentionally. Cowgirl booplip.

  57. I felt SO BAD for Ari. She held herself very well, I would have buckled. I feel like us fans need to write an open letter of support to her. She deals with depression and anxiety. Covered in self harm scars, like wtf is wrong in his demented twisted head to tell the woman who has been cheated on several times, that she's not good enough??? FUCK jibri.

  58. The arrogance is astounding, he came with no respect. I didn’t pay full attention, but I don’t recall Miona saying much. At times it looked like she wanted him to STFU.

  59. Why the hell didn't she? Maybe she was afraid he would beat the crap out of her after the show. Wouldn't surprise me at all.

  60. Because he was projecting everything he really wants to say to miona. She is holding him back and ruined his career. Same thing he said ari would do to bini

  61. From bleached tips to flashy ass jacket; he is walking insecurity. He attacked Ari since she has been on the series the longest and has had the longest battle with the mental toll of the public show. He sees her as a threat and knew he would get called out or knocked the f out by any of the the other dudes. Emily would shut him down. He’s such a joke. A over exaggerating fake joke of a boy. MeOwnYa will see it one day but she needs to learn to put her top on first. Head goes through the two straps.

  62. You're right. Did you notice he didn't go for Emily because neither she nor Kobe would put up with it. However, he came for Ari, Yve, Kara and John. He wanted another 15 minutes, but chose his victims carefully. This clown just wanted to make sure he got the must camera time. Sorry dude, you're never going to be famous, or have a million women chasing you. Bye girl..... Haha.

  63. They mean Gribble (I made the same mistake the other week when I said in the preview that he reminded me of him lol). Dale Gribble is a character from King of the Hill he’s a big conspiracy theory nut who talks a lot of shit but is the biggest baby of the group and basically lives in a fantasy world compl oblivious to reality.

  64. 100%. He’s street tough. He’s probably been in a slew of bar fights. I bet he knows all it will take is a few strategic blows thar can bring that shit Jibri down to the ground and keep him there.

  65. Meh. Everything he said about Ari was spot on. He is a blustering coward and clearly insecure, but he's absolute right that Ari is holding Bini back with her insecurity and jealousy. Kobe was also 100% right to say it's not having jealousy that's the problem, it's how you handle it and act on it. Ari is classic BPD and poor Bini takes the entire brunt of it and still tries to stay positive.

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