Remember whatever your opinion is, don't hate the JMods, they likely have nothing to do with this.

  1. Except Mods Jack and Kalaya are happy with the idea as evidenced by Mod Jack's recent comment on one of the other threads

  2. Do you think they make the jmods pull straws to see who will be the sacrificial lamb and deliver the news?

  3. Omg yes king you should just be able to make 5m+ an hour, one of the best money makers possible with sub 1m gear requirements and no skill. There should be no resistance.

  4. I think it's splitting off a section of the playerbase, as well as the waste of dev time that will go into this that has people annoyed about it

  5. I feel like all the anger has to be some kind of residual build up from all the controversies this year over unpolled content and how the wildy has been handled... It's really weird that this made everyone THIS mad...

  6. The main and only downside is splitting up a playerbase. In past and previous this has never been a smart move

  7. The only thing I’ve heard is people saying it will crash the economy, which is just a bad take. I think this will be overall bad for the new player experience, but if that’s what Jagex wants to do then what do I care?

  8. Personally what upsets me it's that they're eventually gonna be shunting these players back into the main game. I don't actually think it'll have that much effect on the economy long term(tho there will be a dip) but seems like a shitty thing to do to those that wanna enjoy this game mode.

  9. What is the alternative to it not being a "cash grab"? Allow everyone to make an account on the fresh start worlds free of charge? This would mean thousands of people making alts to generate wealth to transfer to their main in 6 months. And even more thousands of bots generating wealth to sell when merge happens. And people say fresh start will crash osrs economy, but bitch about it costing money to play.

  10. The alternative would be to not make this change. The fact that this is even being proposed (rather, planned) is the cash grab.

  11. They are in the meetings to discuss ideas. All devs are in the product meetings where features are discussed. This is no different

  12. It takes a lot for a dev saying 'dont take this idea that will make you a bunch of extra money because some people will be mad about it for a week then get over it' to actually make them consider cancelling the plans. Even if it wont actually make much money, as long as they still think that it will...

  13. I'm sure this is an attempt to come up with an excuse to get currently grandfathered accounts off their low sub rates in part. It's really not a big deal.

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