New Client Update: Clue Scroll Helper | Weekly Game Update (July 27th 2022)

  1. I'm surprised by the reception of the B variant. It just looks like an edgy generic fantasy armour with the Egyptian theme barely there. IMO concept A looks more like an old school high-level armour from a desert raid, and incorporates the Armadyl helmet very well.

  2. Honestly I prefer A to B for Masori, the lighter colours make it nice and distinct and is similar to other light clothing from the desert.

  3. As a mobile only player and I think I can say this for the most of us, we really appreciate what you’ve down over the last few months for mobile client.

  4. Does the Clue Scroll Helper tell you how to solve clues that you've never seen before? Seems a bit pointless for them to still even be cryptic if Jagex are just going to auto-solve them for us. And what about new clues that are added as part of an update? Does it just solve them for us without giving us a chance to figure it out?

  5. B looks really cool! I like the red eyes and I wouldn't mind if you made the whole outfit even more "evil".

  6. I'm digging the fortified Masori in Concept B. I'm definitely on board with the crocodile theme. I can tell you guys took a little bit (but not too much) inspiration from that Yu-Gi-Oh outfit too.

  7. Both new Masori designs look much better than the first pitch, props to the art team for the quick turnaround on some very nice looking art. I’m struggling to pick concept A or concept B, but currently I like concept B more. Either way they’re both nice.

  8. All vibrate on tap features (vibrate on interaction, menu item etc.) appear to be broken on mobile since the last update, which is quite a large QOL downgrade. Anyone else getting this?

  9. I really like the bandaged look on the lower body of concept A, but the concept B headslot looks so damn good. Maybe its the color of the hide that looks a tad off to me. I love the scarved look of the standard version, almost makes me not want to fortify it. Kinda wish the scarf thing stays and it gets fortified in different aspects. Maybe breastplate protection plates gets more fortified but still keeps the scarf for the desert protection look.

  10. Concept A, keep the colors of A, but the helmet design for concept B. I really love the light desert colors in A. And I’d really like to try to keep some of the originals designs theme as I think it fits a desert raid. Concept B’s helmet definitely is what most people will prefer. I think both helmets look great and I’m indifferent but would really like to just see the concept A color scheme on the new raid armor. Great job for all 3 designs imo (including the original).

  11. I like A but I could understand people not liking the bird helmet. It looks like they took inspiration from the Pernix set which is fine with me. Strapping arrows to the leg is a little on the nose but w/e

  12. I prefer A of the Masori gear concepts but would be happy with B. It'll be nice if the losing one gets added as an ornamental kit variant or something.

  13. I can't play the game on my galaxy s6 edge anymore because the app is no longer compatible. Makes me sad cause I know a legacy client for older devices is too much to ask for. Oh well, hope everyone else has fun with the new mobile updates. As for me, I suppose it's time for me to find something else to do on my old android device.

  14. Great stuff. However, can you please fix the “Vibrate on Interaction” feature in the mobile client in settings? Was a nice feature but sadly it’s broke and doesn’t work at all anymore. Ever since Monday’s system update, none of the vibrate settings work when interacting with an object (tree, rock, etc).

  15. Is it possible to include which updates are available on each platform? by the news post it seemed that clue helper was going to be C++ only with a mobile section further down the post. The NPC highlighter is also confusing that I think some features are C++ only and some mobile but from testing its entirely C++. Unless I can't find those settings.

  16. I understand making parity with runelite, but herbi helper is the weirdest thing to me. if the content is that hard to see why don't we just make it easier to see by default instead of adding a helper?

  17. Always good to see mobile app gaining QoL updates! Is there any plans for menu entry swapper and ground items for mobile? And maybe tile markers!

  18. The Clue Scroll helper is a weird thing for the official client to have. I mean we all use it but Clue Scrolls are just... Scrolls at this point and officially recognised as that.

  19. Concept B is good stuff. I think that will look good with other BiS range gear without just being the same colors everywhere.

  20. hoenstly we should have an ornament kit or something for the style that doesn't get chosen, both designs are really good

  21. Not seeing this mentioned anywhere else in the comments. On mobile, you used to be able to tap a skill on the skill window and see your xp update in real time as you gained it. The window appears to have changed and no longer updates in real time. When tapping, it shows the current xp but if you continue gaining xp the number will not update until you tap again to close the window, and then tap once more to open it back up to see the current xp.

  22. Can we have the option to have the old tooltips look on the C++ client? I don't use the new mouse-over tooltips on things that didn't have them already because I think they're ugly, but now I'm forced to look at them on things that normally do have tooltips (prayers, the "All Settings" button, SKILL EXP, etc.)

  23. After update this morning, Zulrah is staying highlighted the whole fight on mobile, instead of flicking back to normal unhighlighted after clicking. It's making it really hard to tell if I'm actually targeting it, since highlighting usually indicates targetting. Can this be fixed to be the way it was yesterday?

  24. Mobile became absolutely unplayable. Constantly getting logged off and having to fully sign-in again with authenticator. Also the vibrational feedback is gone which is a huge downgrade. As a mainly mobile player this really sucks.

  25. This is great news! Especially for those who plays on mobile. Is there any news on fixing the chatbox glitch :/ Its kinda annoying to refresh client to be able to PM a friend or find an item in the bank.

  26. i was using the new clue helper in your client, but at some point i did a step needing me to do agility, and the agility overlay stayed up and the clue helper wouldnt show up anymore :/

  27. I noticed when I hover over anything in my side bar the text that comes up has a transparent background, how do I turn this off? its making reading anything so difficult

  28. All the people upset about the clue helper being added to mobile is hysterical. Like 98% of players don't use the plug-in or search the web for the solution.

  29. @modlight If we like the original design the best is it better to vote for option A or neither? I think the artists did an amazing job the first time.

  30. They both look good! But Option A is clearly better, especially since it actually incorporates the Armadyl helm and looks fucking siiick!

  31. Thank-you for this mobile update! I love the npc indicator and clue helper. I understand You've received alot of backlash from the mobile client after the beta. I also had problems with the bugs ect, but I know it must be hard making a diamond out of the rough. Ive already noticed in the last few days that some game breaking bugs have been fixed: fps/ inventory glitches, That made it near impossible to complete hard pvm like cg or pk. Despite the hate you've received from the mobile community, I thank you for even making the mobile client in the first place. The only thing I would like too see now, is tile indicators and possibly get the same ui scale before beta. I notice my deadzone placement is a little different. I play on max pre beta, and it feels slightly too far to the left then what it was before therefore rendering my precision with tab switches. Thankyou for implememting all these qol updates!

  32. I'm someone who uses Runelite and the wiki for all cluescrolls, yet this cluescroll solver just feels weird and doesn't sit right with me.

  33. I think the Zebak hide is 100% the direction to go with Masori Armor to give it a unique feel to any armor set in the game and tie it in directly to the raid itself. I also think the concept B headgear (without protruding beak) is nice because it's subtle without sacrificing character. It also brings the hide mask forward which makes it feel more armor-y.

  34. I did a beginner clue with the reldo hint bringing me to the desert to dig. I knew approximately where to go from experience but it didn't show me the exact tile. Genuinely curious - is this intentional? Not getting the pitchforks, just curious if I need a coordinate helper in the future.

  35. Nice work on the new designs, I'd be satisfied with both. I love the red eyes with the helm on and I too wouldn't mind an armor that looks slightly more sinister if possible.

  36. When will poll 76 changes be completed please? When will mobile get ground items plugin please? Will a permanent leagues world be polled, jagex i will love you forever? Please can you auto guthix rest creation please? Will there be penalties for players not showing up to the pvp arena? What and when will there be new rewards in the pvp arena? Thanks a lot

  37. First, the clue helper and Herbiboar helpers are huge QoL improvements for Mobile. Second, I like both iterations of the Masori Armor but I prefer A personally as, like a few others have said, it incorporates the Armadyl helmet quite well.

  38. Hard clue question steps seem broken on mobile. I have the step to talk to the dark mage in the abyss. He gives me the question scroll when I talk to him but then talking again never makes the text box appear to answer the question.

  39. Big surprise by the clue scroll solver it’s the main thing I didn’t think they would add but it’s a big step and potentially means their Cleo t can have everything runelite does and do it better/more accurate.

  40. Please restore iOS 12 support! Why does this app require iOS 13. It excludes a lot of devices that can run the game perfectly fine! Please don’t give into planned obsolescence!

  41. Can personal best times be filtered when you leave the clan chat? currently all other broadcast are hidden if you leave the clan chat, but personal best times still show.

  42. Is there a reason the armor poll only includes A and B and not the original, the original was far better but it wasn’t an option so I was only able to vote for neither?

  43. Will we get the twitter leak of these armours in game before the poll closes? I assume Soffan will only be making one of the two which'll happen after the poll?

  44. This update fucks! Thanks guys. Been playing mobile so much more recently, and now I can resume hard clues a little more often I appreciate this.

  45. This mobile update broke my external keyboard and mouse I was using with my iPad. I submitted a bug report. Hopefully it gets fixed fast!

  46. Amazing update. I hope bank tags comes next. Gearing for certain things on mobile is such a hassle trying to remember what I need

  47. i wouldnt do clues period if not for runelites clue helper but even so it does feel a bit weird having it part of the actual game

  48. The amount of people complaining about clue scroll QOL updates clearly don’t do many clue scrolls or even play the game.

  49. Both options look great, well done design team on the updated model! Ya did good and I’m excited to see it in game

  50. Awesome updates coming. I like the lighter colours they have in A for the armour but prefer the helm in the B set

  51. Both of these concepts are far better than the original design, so thank you for considering all the feedback and great job at making improvements!

  52. Massive update to mobile/ stam. NPC indicators! Massive WIN! Please also allow them to have respawn timers/ respawn location.

  53. Concept B looks fantastic! I loved the armour before but I really love the inclusion of crocodile skin, it’s a great way to keep it more in-line with the range armours that already exist whilst keeping it unique to the region and the lore!!

  54. I like both armor designs, my favorite and ideal outcome would be the first version being the basic one you get, and having some sort of unlock to get the second version as a cosmetic toggle, ideally at X KC of the raid or something, could also make it a gold sink.

  55. Any chance there will be some time into adding a collection log hi-scores? It's been discussed a couple times on live streams in the past with positive reception. I think that there is more interest now than there ever has been.

  56. I think both Masori concepts look great, I really dm which way the art goes. Great job and huge thanks to the art team for dealing with all the backlash and feedback.

  57. I don't like the idea of a clue helper personally. I know it's off by default, and you can just Google stuff anyway, but it removes another sense of community this game had when trying to work out locations with friends etc.

  58. does new clue helper have the puzzle box solver? I've always felt liek that ones TOO op, but is much weaker than runelite while runelite is available if its not, for doing clues. cuz while its in the game I'm using it.

  59. I don't really like that there isn't a "I just like the original" option in the poll. Sure there's a neither but I feel like to jagex that's just going to mean "make more concepts until the community stops crying"

  60. These redesigns look fantastic! Honestly not sure which one I would prefer, I'd be happy either way. Leaning towards A but its really cool that B incorporates some of the look of Zebak.

  61. Concept A does an excellent job of incorporating Armadyl themes, but I love the texture for concept B's armor. The headgear on B just doesn't feel as good as A's.

  62. Bro, A and B both great looking. I’ll never be good enough for this content, but I love the dev team and am always excited for what they come out with.

  63. Am I the only one having to re-set the “dead zone” of how far away my buttons are from the edge of my screen every time I log in on mobile?

  64. I love concept B except for the helmet. Needs some combination of A and B in my opinion but B still works. (I dislike A for the most part)

  65. I massively prefer concept B over A, but I'd like the top of the fortified helm from A on the B set. Other than that B all the way.

  66. I think A is nice that it still has the Arma motif on the head piece, but I'd be lying if i said B doesn't look fucking wicked

  67. Concept B actually looks quite good. Love the new design and the team's ability to keep on pumping out great concepts!

  68. I vote concept B. Color scheme is starting to fit the other range armors with a greenish / goes with green theme.

  69. I wish we had a C option for the armor where it was Concept B but the Fortified on it had the Ra head still.

  70. With both new concept arts looking incredible, can we get B as an upgrade to A similar to twisted kits?

  71. Concept A has a much nicer color scheme, although concept B’s helmet/mask look better. However, the fortified versions make it look less like a good and more like a coif, which looks like a downgrade.

  72. Concept B all the way. I feel the crocodile aspect is consistent theme wise and really gives a nice evolution of the gear. Also it makes more sense for a BIS range. I feel like it will fit with BIS range gear better than the white. It also just seems to look stronger. Great job here.

  73. Love the new concepts for Masori. Both A and B for the base versions look awesome, but imo the upgraded versions for both are just a teeny bit over designed, particularly for the chest plate. I think a slightly simpler design with the same concept would be perfect.

  74. I would love to see a 3d model of both concepts before polling on it. We haven’t had any crocodile themed gear so it’s hard to imagine what it would actually look like. But absolutely love both concepts and appreciate the quick feedback from the team.

  75. Love the croc textures from B. I prefer B in general, but I like the gold/silver ordering on the arm bands in A-fortified better (it matches the legs). I think I like the A-fortified helmet better too, minus the light facemask.

  76. I like the colors of concept B but I really like the upgraded helm of concept A. I think it would be cool if A went through and they included a recoloring jar as one of the potential drops from the tomb.

  77. For the masori armor I think they both look awesome this time but I’m not a big fan of A because of the beak helmet so I’m gonna have to go with the B concept. Good job to the art designers at Jagex

  78. Concept B looks so much better. Might even add an untradeable drop from the hardest incantations to morph the backpack. Replacing vork's head with that from zebak and change the colourscheme to zebak's

  79. I like both A and B. Why not both options and allow folks to choose their own style in game, some kind of mechanic that would allow us to hunt crocs and use their skin to turn it into the B variant

  80. Can devs also look into adding a call change timer to BA? It's a pain to grind BA gambles without it and is the only reason I still need to switch to RL.

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