Update #1 still no pet, will update every 100K wrath runes or so, hope to get pet soon so I can pick a winner on who guessed the closest for 50M prize, people are more than welcome to comment their guesses on this post too to potentially win!

  1. Because I still want to make some GP whilst doing it and 2m+ at wrath runes per hour aint bad! Are mind runes better rate to get pet?

  2. when will people learn to stop going for pets as goals? you could easily rc every day for a year a not get it

  3. More proof that skilling pets are far too rare. At minimum there should be a 10x higher chance to get the pet after 99.

  4. I’m not sure I still haven’t done sins of father but someone was telling me you can get 10-12K blood runes tick perfect which is a lot more than wraths? I get around 9K wraths an hour I think

  5. 55m, I really like wrath RCing, did it for a few days while working from home and it’s super low effort for decent gp/hr, surprised it’s not more common of a method

  6. I'll keep my guess from the first post at 29.6m exp. I'm really curious how much money will you make by the time you get the pet.

  7. Switch to Arceus, tele to Mind altar, Max craft at fastest rate. You should get it within 4-5 days through sheer volume of rolls. If continuously unlucky you’ll get it within 21 to 35 days.

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