RS3's new boss is literally Zamorak. How far do you guys think osrs will be from fighting the gods?

  1. Possible return of Zaros as well since Zaros was banished prior to Guthix awakening so Guthix had no idea about Zaros, at least in RS2.

  2. Makes a lot of fucking sense. What kind of lore is that?? We can easily kill the one being who sculpted the actual world of gielinor, the one who banished the actual gods? That's just rediculous.

  3. We already got as close as we'll ever get when we fought the Fragment of Seren. OSRS is basically a timeline split with RS3. The major difference being the Edicts of Guthix will never go away in OSRS meaning the gods (except the Menaphite Pantheon) cannot be on Gielinor.

  4. can't wait for the meta quest where your character wakes up in rs3 and vice versa where their character wakes up in osrs.

  5. Isn't while Guthix sleeps coming to osrs? Or has that just been rumoured and talked about. Also I forget what even happened in while Guthix sleeps, was that the one where Guthix was killed?

  6. You forgot an important one. At the current pace of lore progression, it would take decades before we come anything close to a point where we’re fighting gods. Their next big project is probably Valamore but that’s not coming out anytime soon.

  7. General lore background tends to be shared between games, and in RS3, Zuk is classified as a demigod, so that's actually already happened.

  8. In rs3 before eoc there was a vampire quest that hinted at an alliance between zamorakians and saradominists to get rid of guthix edicts. I dont think that thread went anywhere but I'd love if they continued it in osrs

  9. I hope we get up to Rotm then take our own path where no gods come back and we end up like preventing these gods from coming back into gielinor through different GmQ.

  10. Rs3 lore is entire based on the gods returning to gielnor. I HOPE OSRS is an alt timeline where they never return.

  11. Agreed. I always enjoyed the mystery of the Gods rather than having them in the game. Once they got into the game they became pretty lame pretty quick

  12. People hate on this stuff for being too grand, but I think, for the most part, RS3's "main story" is rather good. I really enjoyed the personalities of the different gods, acting directly on Gielnor.

  13. I don't dislike it for being too grand but it's just a huge tone change that happened pretty abruptly in the rs3 narrative. The world also feels kind of silly when you talk to a quest giver who ponders if saradomin is being literal or if it's some text that's been exaggerated by time. The priest crys that we will never know only to send you to falador castle to talk to a guy standing right next to saradomin.

  14. That lore basically focused the entirety of the world building towards feuds of philosophical super hero like personalities.

  15. Considering OSRS hasn't even gotten While Guthix Sleeps yet, a loooooooong way away. Especially since OSRS isn't really pushing much in the way of a "Lore" like the World Guardian.

  16. Yeah Runescape really went with a pretty horrible fucky artstyle. I hate it and cannot play it. It’s a very messy game with an identity crisis

  17. The divine appearances of the gods are direct evolutions of the mortal form. In Zamorak's case, the robes merged with Mahjarrat's body giving him a demonic appearance.

  18. As much hate as rs3 gets around here, it seems at least from my limited perspective, that PVM is really getting a lot of love over there...

  19. I think both communities are pretty accepting of eachother for the last year or so. There’s always people looking to stir the pot on both sides, but it seems both communities realized that at the end of the day, both games help keep the other afloat in different ways and can appreciate that.

  20. Osrs and rs3 are on separate time lines, although the zamorak fight is amazing, I just don’t think osrs can make it unique or interesting enough without ability or extra action buttons

  21. I played RS3 for a while and it was so bizarre coming from osrs and seeing all the quest-line stories continued/finished.

  22. I experience it the other way around. Beyond me why they have not yet ported over the Dwarven storyline, as it has no relation to the gods and would fit fine 1:1 in OSRS.

  23. Gw3 started back in 2021 but the last boss released was ED3, but a lot of players do not really count elite dungeons as true pvm because of the amount of time wasted to clear the trash mobs before a tu ally fighting a boss. The last true boss released was solak, which was like 2018. A lot of decent pvmers have complained about the lack of a true boss post Solak and Kerapac is the only one that somewhat filled that hole in, but now Zammy kinda does as well. Problem with Zammy tho is that it’s ED4 and you’re forced to deal with trash mobs that have high HP + def until you’re unlock the ability to just skip straight to Zammy

  24. imo having evil gods be vast eldritch horrors that touch the world through avatars of destruction >>>>>>>>>>>>>turning a godinto a loot pinata

  25. Tbf as with most recent rs3 bosses you don't kill them. In this case, rs3 spoilers beware, you banish Zamorak by reinstating Guthix' edicts throughout the fight.

  26. If I recall correctly, Zamorak is also weakened after the first world event when rs3 officially came out. There was a massive fight in lumbridge between Zamorak and Saradomin. The players could participate, and Zamorak lost in the end.

  27. I play both games on iron and main maxed on all. Both on fun and I’ll play the other when I eat burnt. Hard to add a lot of bosses to osrs as well since it’s so limited unlike rs3 with ability’s that wouldn’t be possible with eoc which is why they had to do eoc.

  28. That's the trade off. RS3 is OSRS's mtx shield. Their player base protects us from having the Squeal of Fortune / Treasure Hunter, and since their whales make that game profitable, they continue getting great updates. If you look at it, Jagex really is developing and maintaining 2 games. We have more players less profit per user. Congrats to them for the continuous new content.

  29. Former rs3 player here, their updates are much much more insignificant than you might be picturing. A lot of things that sounds amazing coming from an old school perspective are dead on arrival on rs3. Het's Oasis is a good example of this (their duel arena replacement).

  30. I mean that is not a bad thing. As RS3 gets 0 "housekeeping" updates these days, just new content and old all old stuff gets left behind. I'm happy that the OSRS team is allowed to improve and fix old content, and not just hide behind the old "spaghetti code" excuse which the RS3 team loves doing. Well of course it isn't the devs fault, just management wanting to milk RS3 while they can.

  31. Aren't the 'gods' literally just other regularish(alien) people from other worlds/dimensions who found a portal to RS world? I haven't read the lore in a long time so

  32. Well we fought Zuk already, who ranks as a 6 (demigod) on the tiers of godhood and had ascended by an Elder Artefact, like most other gods. Though this places him right below tier 5 gods (Tumeken, Elidinis, Marimbo, Brassica Prime), he's on equal footing with other tier 6 gods such as Itchlarin and Amascut. Additionally, I think it is important to note the following:

  33. I think it's worth noting that during the boss fight, the player is trying to reactivate the edicts of guthix. Once defeated in the encounter, the player banishes zamorak similarly to how guthix did after he put the original edicts in place (bc the edicts are a shield, not a removal system. Guthix still had to kick out the other gods living on the planet first).

  34. IDK about all that new shit but I wish they'd bring back some of the great RS2 quests from right before it was RS3 like While Guthix Sleeps or the Majarrat ones.

  35. They've made a blog post about backporting quests, and while guthix sleeps was on the menu, although would require changes to fit with their intentions for osrs lore rather than just being a straight copy-paste job

  36. WGS, and some rewrites that wrap up the Mahjarrat instead of raising the stakes ever higher and I think most people would be down for that.

  37. While rs3 devs giving players another boss/god boss. We get weekly Gimp ass updates, graphic and grammar fix.

  38. Yea, even look at their none GWD bosses. Rex Matriarchs and that shadow dinosaur Raksha are pretty badass.

  39. Are they literally going to kill off Zamorak like this? Turning one of the big three gods into a loot piñata? Atleast when Guthix died it was a plot point, not just "players ran out of things to kill"

  40. RS3 Lore now is going to the direction (with this fight) of banishing the gods by reactivating the edicts. So Zamorak doesn't actually die, but rather gets banished with the other gods.

  41. More of a banishment then killing him off, however with us "putting the Edicts back in place", ALL god-like beings are forcibly ejected from the world. So Sara, Armadyl, WiFi Box-Boy. I think it's sort of them realizing the whole "Elder Gods" thing was a total cock-up and are wiping the lore book back to "good 'ol adventures with dangerous beings"

  42. Man I hate it when people compare osrs to rs3. Fuck rs3. I poured years of my life into that game only for them to make it completely unplayable. I’m so happy to have osrs and I really don’t want them to make it anything like rs3.

  43. As someone who plays both osrs and rs3 osrs is quite far away from that i mean you never even see the gods in osrs but you talk to them on rs3 so thats a pretty big leap

  44. Never - OSRS is defined by the 3 god system. Other deities are explored but not central. A god can be defeated in RS3, because there are so many and that's all they are. In OSRS it undermines the whole concept of god affiliated items and prayer.

  45. Did they really go with generic "Spooky face dark face, red eyes, with appendages growing out of it!!!" for fucking zamorak? God dammit RS3.

  46. My hot take for how osrs lore should split from rs3 is that the gods are just actually super powerful majharrat.

  47. Not sure if I'm misunderstanding you, but the majharrat are a species, not an organization. Zamorak IS an ascended majharrat which explains his appearance, but we've seen a vision of Seren in SotE, and she's something else, and a near-perfect match for her rs3 self.

  48. Only Zamorak (and Azzanadra in RS3) are Mahjarrat that ascended to Gods. It's canon to OSRS too cause of the Shadow Sword miniquest.

  49. Do you know what the Mahjarrat actually are? They are a unique species... not all of the gods in Runescape are Mahjarrat.

  50. I would just like osrs to keep the mysticism. If it ever gets there. Instead of standing before a god, drink a sleeping vial or brew of some sort, just like in dream mentor, and talk to a god that way. So even as a player, you’re thinking is this real, or am I tripping off this crushed grimy ranarr, and eyes of newt.

  51. I rather have the God's stay Gods who we don't directly come into contact with. We just fight their servants, demi-gods or self-proclaimed gods like Iban.

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