Thoughts on Mod Kieren saying they are looking to rebalance crystal shards to be less tedious to acquire?

  1. Unironicly a solid idea though. Crystal eels, and raising the odds of getting crystals in the prif mine and I'd skill more there

  2. Degradation is a loathed mechanic in every video game. It feels like lazy development, and it’s just laborious and dreadful for the player.

  3. All of this because years ago some kids whined about barrows being too strong so they nerfed it by adding degradation. It might have still come about some other way but that first sin I will never forget.

  4. Degrading gear is fine as long as the benefits of it outweigh the costs. The game needs more gold and item sinks.

  5. 1/200 and 1/50 drop rate of a corrupt crystal tool seed from gauntlet/cgauntlets that you can use on a crystal tool to corrupt it

  6. IMO, just rework crystal acorns. Make it like 10 shards + normal acorn to sing a seed, make it take a day or so and yield 50ish. Passive, doesn’t flood the market too bad. Cause currently the other ways you can get crystal acorns are just straight up not worth it

  7. This would equate to about 2400 shards/hour, guessing a crystal tree run would take ~60 seconds. Though it would take 2 months to make that 2400 shards, this would still be meta by an extreme margin.

  8. Just making a corrupt version of everything would be fine with me. I'm an ironman btw but non-irons can just buy the shards via. enhanced crystal teleport seeds.

  9. isn't that sad though that people would rather buy shards in the form of teleport crystal seeds instead of feeling like doing content within Priff gave decent shards/hr and they could get them there?

  10. acquisition probably does need a buff, I have like, what 1600 crystal shards from doing 210 cg? Now, if I had an enhanced crystal shard I couldn't even corrupt bofa yet, let alone put charges on crystal armor.

  11. Honestly it really doesn't take long to get the shards needed for the tools. The main thing that really needs rebalancing is the elven crystal chest. The rewards are barely better than the regular chest, the uniques are abhorrently rare (1 in 2500 each), and each key costs 10 shards. It should be more profitable to use the chest than the Taverley one, since it's locked behind a GM quest, but instead it's a massive GP loss to even use a key on it.

  12. It's crazy how opening 1 chest will cost you around -150k lol, that makes no sense. I think the chest should be upgraded version of you mostly losing money but can hit something good that makes up for it. Or just generally add in more rewards like elite clues or rare chance for crystal tool seeds.

  13. Maybe cap the amount of charges that crystal tools use per hour? Like if it uses a charge, you will use no more charges for 30 seconds. That way you don't use that many while mining in gotr.

  14. Buffing crystal signet to something crazy like 30-50% of charges saved overall, or making it something like 100% of charges for crystal armor/weapons is an idea.

  15. You’ll have more than enough if you get the bow on drop rate. If you get lucky then count your lucky stats you didn’t go dry. You also don’t need to get it corrupted. If you aren’t an iron you can just buy shards.

  16. Maybe let us infuse elven signets into crystal tools? Or make it 3 signets and it “corrupts” the tool? Idk spitballin here

  17. Crystal shards are definitely spread too thin, to the point where I trade in extra enh seeds on my iron even though they're worth a ton of bonds. If you want bowfa, blade, armor, 1 tool, and let's say 10k scbs and ranged pots, you're looking at over 11k shards just to get started. Over time you'll use hundreds more in your armor and even more in your tool. I don't know about any other irons, but my crystal tools haven't seen the light of day in years, even though I barely use bofa at all. I simply value divines too much.

  18. I enjoy the fact that shards are so useful, perhaps because they are a bit slow to obtain. I dont mind how it is now probably because I actually kill zalcano and have extra shards and also I dont use crystal armor

  19. Getting shards is easy. Guaranteed from gauntlet, chances from various skilling, crystal implings, Zalcano, heck you can even buy them too if you use the weapon or armor seeds on the npc to exchange for them. There is no need for them to be easier to get. Corrupting the tool seed may be fun but the crystal shards do not need to be earned easier than they already are.

  20. You can already get well over 100+ shards/hour on an ironman and mains can just buy shards? I don't see how this is an issue.

  21. I mean you really don't use very many of them. Crystal tools are only marginally better than dragon alternatives so shards would have to be ridiculously easy to obtain to be worth it for overall exp/h without buying them/crystal trees.

  22. I'm pretty against it just because there's so many different ways to get the actual shards. If you are doing nothing but trying to get shards it's pretty tedious but if you just casually do any of the elf content every once in a while it adds up.

  23. If you actually want to use crystal armour youll run through them far too quickly. Looks good on the armour rack at least I guess.

  24. I was pretty disappointed when I heard this honestly. It sounds like more making the game easier for ironmen so their restriction doesn't really prevent them from doing anything. :/

  25. arguably, this impacts ironmen the least. they'll likely have lots of extra shards after going dry at CG than a main will ever have unless you're pet hunting.

  26. When we need more reasonable item sinks, it's insane that they're willing to destroy item sinks simply because a few people find it "grindy." It's not even difficult and it's for an intentional self-restricted account.

  27. You can buy crystal teleport seeds and get like 200 shards for like 2m without grinding a single thing. Isn't half of iron man mode tedious grinds? Like why sign up for a mode where half the gameplay is boring grinds? Just make a main and go for collection slots, that way you skip half the bullshit

  28. Perhaps if we revisited adding a Prifddinas Diary this would be easier to justify. The primary reason it failed, imo, was the idea of skewing the requirements upwards (which sort of makes sense in the low-end given the requirements to reach the city, but overall it should not make the Diary cape harder to reach).

  29. Does corrupted mean it doesn’t degrade? Sorry for my ignorance, I did Google it, but couldn’t tell for sure.

  30. Shard rates across the board need to be buffed, and all crystal gear should be permanently charged like the enhanced weapons. Seeds as a rare but tradeable way to get shards should remain the same. Woodcutting and Mining crystal shard chances should scale with the resource you're harvesting, and combat crystal shards should scale with the enemy's level like Brimstone keys. Keep the guarenteed drop on superiors, or buff it so it's multiple shards per drop. Add a backup Hunting method besides Crystal Implings, because they're so absurdly rare and require 80 Hunter.

  31. Corrupting does directly solve the problem, he's categorically wrong. He plays iron man but doesn't want to grind a lot of them. Corrupting is an instant fix.

  32. I irrationally hate items that degrade. I will spend a ridiculous amount of money to corrupt every single crystal item I have if they let us.

  33. I wouldn’t mind buffing crystal shard droprates somewhere, but it’s really not that bad as is. In addition to the normal places you collect shards, you can pickpocket elves for enhanced crystal teleport seeds for like 175 shards per hour average in maxed thieving setup.

  34. Yea I mean, the amount of crystal shards you get from all activities are too low. Getting a max of 9 for doing CG, one of the hardest pieces of content in the game, feels low. Don’t even get me started on the Prif agility course.

  35. I think shard usage is currently fine as it is with maybe some slight tweaks, however there are a lot of activities in priffdinas that just don’t give enough shards that make people feel like they have to follow the meta of either thieving elves elves or doing CG for shards. All other activities in Priff - Agility, Woodcutting, slayer cave, mining, farm patch (not crystal tree, the allotment/flower patch), implings etc. all should have their crystal shard rates looked at and be more competitive with CG & elves. Maybe the rate is ok but when the a shard is rolled, maybe it can roll between 1-3 shards with a lower chance of rolling a higher amount of shards?

  36. Really only a problem for irons since mains can just trade enhanced crystal teleports for shards. So no it’s fine how it is, stop catering the game to iron men

  37. I actually just did a 1-2,000 start-to-finish Shard Grind to corrupt my Bowfa via Rogues Outfit Elf Thieving. It was a mixture of Mobile and PC play, but it took me just three days of casual, low-focus clicking on both to acquire the necessary Shards (300 were normal Shards and the other 1,800 Shards I gathered came from turning in Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seeds, 6 pulls for a total of 12 seeds).

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