Sote Completed on lvl48 UIM

  1. Only just finished this on my main yesterday; 90 HP, 82 Def 78 Mage, the boss took me 5 attempts! How tf did you do the last boss with those stats

  2. So many BiS methods for you now. Nice man. Will you do gaunlet and go for the lowest cb Bowfa? What content are you planning on here?

  3. Forget being a 1 defense pure, this dude took on one of the hardest raw total damage output, DPS-check and sustain-check challenges this game has (in a quest no less).

  4. was about 90 when i did those, but yes very much. Staminas too. My first iron I did Sote on didn't have stams for library and that kinda sucked after 30 mins

  5. Remembering the final boss fight on my maxed main I can't even begin to comprehend how you did it on a level 48 UIM, what a gamer

  6. Care to share your secrets? How? There is so much killing involved before SOTE and even during the boss fight and to do it all on UIM, that's amazing

  7. I couldn’t even do the seren fight on my 108 cb main with a trident of the swamp, and had to borrow a friends sang staff 😭

  8. You are simply far far better than I am at this game. Congrats OP. Get that low lvl bofa on a UIM.

  9. Mad respect, I didn't think it could be done on a regular iron much lower than 50 combat. I started on mine at 53 combat but ended up 54 after getting a few hp and magic levels.

  10. Yoo I was doing zalcano with my room mate last night and you popped in for a few. We were both like wtf nice account and then you talked and we saw the white helm haha. Dayam!

  11. eyy nice i managed to get 3 pet rolls in 500kc there. Gave up on wearing the white helm after a few deaths... managed to die 40 times in those 500 kills.... 1 shot too many times....

  12. When a p neck procs it negates the attack damage of projectiles currently in the air. It’s how you avoid the 90% hp attack

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