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  1. We've talked about this on press row many times - we think Carter starts. Bud's emphasis on defense usually trumps all, and adding the 20-point scorer & playmaker you've been missing mitigates the need for Allen. Having Allen / PC / BP off the bench now is a helluva potential scoring punch.

  2. Do you think Allen returns to the starting lineup if he struggles with scoring coming off the bench?

  3. Ah, I don't think he's a guy where it matters. He started last year, but came off the bench in previous seasons. He told us the other day that he's also not a guy who can tell anything about his shot from warmups--that it's just game flow. So I think 20-25 minutes is 20-25 minutes in his mind.

  4. That's exciting to hear. Some guys just don't make that adjustment and with his seven native improvements, I think there would be space to work around him starting.

  5. If we got Brook for that same contract it would be an absolute steal

  6. Being healthy going into playoffs > being top seed

  7. I did Discover a few weeks ago. It was put 10k in and get $450. I opened the account on a Sunday. Wired (cost money) the money on Monday, the $450 posted on Tuesday and I wired the 10450 back to main account in Tuesday. So that’s almost 48 hours but it’s really 3 days and takes spending money on wires. But definitely worth it. And I called the bank and they refunded the wire fee so definitely a win. I love opening accounts. I make a good 5-8k a year opening accounts which takes almost no effort. Anyone interested look up

  8. Yup just have to have the liquid cash to take advantage of it.

  9. True but a lot don’t require liquid cash. Yea that one did but 99% just require direct deposit. That site also talks about how to “trick” direct deposits just by transferring from other bank accounts you own. Lots of ways. Best of luck to all!

  10. zs15 says:

    Sweet, good to know!

  11. Not sure I understand why you got all the strengths. I wouldn't be graduating that quickly between them, especially from .05 to .1.

  12. Huh, I've lived in WI for almost a decade and never knew these existed.

  13. I never thought of that, but that's a great idea. What type of knife do you use? Plain edge or serrated?

  14. I think the Magic already have one of the biggest lineups in the NBA.

  15. This is spectacular.

  16. You could try the Group Experiences purchase program, since you have more than 10 in your group:

  17. Nope, you're generally correct. They just rename the Ticketmaster fees, it's basically no difference in price anymore.

  18. It's like reading an amazon product description.

  19. PTO isn't just about taking a vacation. I think people get caught up in not using their time off, some for toxic work culture reasons, but others because they aren't doing anything.

  20. I agree. This weekend is the best barometer for how many unnecessary advertisements you're signed up for.

  21. The ship has sailed on that trade, if it was ever actually available, which I’m still skeptical of. The media kept saying the Lakers had a standing offer they could accept, while Pritchard himself that while they always will at least listen to offers, they weren’t actively shopping Miles and wanted to see how he and Haliburton played together.

  22. So many rumors this year/summer were predicated on teams tanking in obvious, aggressive, and unprecedented fashion.

  23. PubPass and State Park pass are great gifts!

  24. I swear this isn't a joke post.

  25. You make a good point about his age, it's easy to forget how young he is because of the tier of players he is compared with.

  26. If it doesn't, my derm has recommended adding a little epsom salt to give it the grit. And the Magnesium in the salt is also supposed to be good for acne.

  27. The guy has been way better anyone expected. We got lucky with him.

  28. Watched a video the other day where they said the Bucks strategy has been to buy low and build confidence of mid-late career guys. Brook and Bobby were great examples and now Jevon is the next in line.

  29. Wish I could. I watch/listen to so many nba videos on YouTube while I'm doing housework, I have no idea what video it was.

  30. I went to 2 small, pandemic-era weddings at Pizza Man on Downer. The atrium/rooftop space is incredibly nice and has perfect intimacy for a group that small.

  31. seems poor to have Kobe as an option and not guys like Bird/Russell/Shaq/Magic

  32. Agreed, I thought it was an odd inclusion.

  33. The numbers over the last two games don’t even do justice. He’s just been a menace. When the team is shooting well, he is so scary.

  34. And you could see it last night.

  35. I don't dislike the concept or even the lore issues like most seem to, but I do find the most recent incredibly difficult to follow as movies.

  36. Christ what is with this sub’s obsession with these horrific additions the past couple days?

  37. Bruh, more tech savvy and financially secure entities than you have tried and failed to impose your tech on Apple. Good luck.

  38. I'm naturally a 'trust the process' kind of person, but I just can't see what Nwora brings.

  39. Marjon should be getting 20+ minutes a game. More consistent scorer & better on defense already.

  40. At the rate he's producing, I really don't get why he isn't. Marjon has been an average or better NBA player for them, and has plenty of upside. Let him have it.

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