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  1. So the crazy transphobic MAGA-adled white guy trope doesn't play? I guess this case won't be on the MSM anymore.

  2. Higher kill count, but lower media coverage, how odd.

  3. Nope, this guy used a gun and killed black people, so by definition he has to be a white supremacist. He's obviously using guidance from Satan as a ploy to garner sympathy from the left.

  4. Well, thank god we'll finally get the the bottom of whether Trump improperly claimed a homestead credit for Trump Tower.

  5. Could this finally be the beginning of the end for Donald Trump?

  6. This is how you know how full of shit journalists are. Compare their reaction when the murder happened with how they're reacting now.

  7. Then: "OMG Trump is best friends with an oligarch who murders journalists, this is dangerous fascism, a threat to democracy!"

  8. I’m curious how many people in this thread read the stipulations of the bill. It essentially says you cannot teach that anyone was treated unfairly due to their race or gender. So literally just factually explaining Triangular Trade would be illegal in Florida. You would have to tip toe very heavily or just not explain why women didn’t have the right to vote or the civil rights act.

  9. Or in other words, the FBI had informants acting as Trump supporters.

  10. I really hope they bring up emoluments again. What a classic.

  11. Zeldin was endorsed by Trump, voted against the 2020 election certification (a so-called "election denier"), has been a vocal opponent of the Democrat January 6th committee, opposed the two impeachments...

  12. He should start his monologue then just stay up there for a 90 minute comedy set and dare them to pull him off the stage.

  13. Kinda makes it worse. Like two old friends who happened to just see each other across the aisle and couldn't help but reach out to one another. WTF, if it was unplanned the correct action would have been for Kerry to turn around and walk away.

  14. Ironically the best thing that could happen to the Republican party itself (and conversely the worst for the Democrats) would be a Trump indictment, followed by him not announcing (or dropping out) to defend himself and passing his base to someone else (DeSantis?) as the heir to the America First agenda, making a case that to fight back his base has got to get behind that candidate while he fights his own battle. Any other scenario where Trump does run and isn't the eventual nominee will probably result in some subsection of pro-Trump supporters sitting out 2024, especially those that were first time voters in 2016. That is a significant risk for the GOP re: the 2024 presidency.

  15. Never Trumpers never miss a chance to dump on Trump and try to convince us we should all feel the same way.

  16. My favorite kind of fake news hit job are the ones that are all about a "furious" Trump flying into a rage and lashing out. Is there a video or even a recording of Trump actually exhibiting a "furious" demeanor or screaming at someone? He's held his composure better against hostile press than Biden against friendly press.

  17. As far as I can see no Republican has announced their candidacy. There's no guarantee Trump is actually running and DeSantis hasn't even hinted at it. You have both Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley who sort of give off vague signals they'll run. Has Ted Cruz definitely stated he wont run again?

  18. "Donald Trump... has just decided... that you are not orcs."

  19. Trump tested the crowd last night with A, and this is him checking the reaction to B.

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