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  1. You could trade ETF for another ETF? How?

  2. Malaga is a tech hub, a lot of opportunities here.

  3. Take your coordinator with you. There's a fair bit of chance you might heed help.

  4. It's not even an answer to the question though.

  5. Under special tax regime, you pay Spanish taxes only on Spanish sourced income, but there are a lot more details to keep in mind. The rate depends on country of origin. Whether you pay taxes on in your country of origin - it depends on laws in your country of origin.

  6. 8ok1 says:

    Thank you - how do I go about finding a reputable gestor?

  7. I don't have a too good advice, nor someone in particular to recommend, but if I were doing it now I would've probably searched for something like "spain gestor tax immigrants", found reviews, and checked if found gestor is a registered one:

  8. I really loved part between Planetario park and Matadero. It's quiet but still walking distance to centre, and with good connections. I don't have a broker advice.

  9. Not all people have nodes running 24/7, and when they do the electricity costs might be higher than the mining rewards. Currently, the minig rewards are about 9 cents usd per day. So people delegate to pools who distribute rewards for a fee.

  10. We’re goooooing to the moon! 👨‍🚀

  11. Way to go! Just 9963% more to ATH!!!

  12. In South-Eastern Serbia there are a lot of people still alive that can testify about atrocities committed by Bulgarian army in WW2. If you're interested enough go around the villages there and ask people.

  13. Why is the sea cold in Málaga? Isn't it the Mediterranean too? I know Cadiz is cold but I don't think the Costa del Sol is.

  14. I would assume it's because the proximity of the ocean but I really have no clue. This is from my experience, if you want to be sure look at sea temperature statistics and compare.

  15. A quick glance doesn't really give me definitive answers, but if it is colder it doesn't seem to be much, not so as you would notice I don't think.

  16. Interesting, the data really shows not much difference. Better rely on data rather than my individual experience.

  17. The biggest problem is finding a company that can and want to provide a residence and work permit for you. Most commonly it is a highly qualified professional permit. In my experience it is around one in ten companies that would provide this. That being said there is a high demand for good engineers and Malaga is a tech hub, so the chances are on your side. Feel free to pm me if you want.

  18. Thanks. I tried this a couple of times and got blank stares from waiters, like if they don't know what I'm talking about. I find it hard to find a non-ipa ale in a tipical restaurant, so probably they really don't know.

  19. But if you dont go to a beer place they wont have one. Basically, the grifo ones are 90% of the time blonde lagers.

  20. is Nomic down currently ? cant seem to see my staking page

  21. You were awarded them based on how much you staked during the governance period, but I'm curious how we can buy them now?

  22. They stay in the wallet. If at any point of the governance period the balance in your wallet goes below committed amount you don't get rewards for that period.

  23. No problem. Don't forget to vote when the time comes, otherwise no rewards.

  24. As long as you're not worrying about the Algorand price action, that's reasonable. If the Algorand borrow % starts to outpace the earnings between governance and staking, you might end up at a slight loss, but that's not super likely.

  25. He's asking about the risks of potential AlgiFi debacle and loosing algo due to platform issues, not about the price action and borrow rate.

  26. Gotcha. Misunderstood. Thanos for helping clarify. You have thoughts on it?

  27. I wish someone could say "probability of algofi going down is x percent" but I'm afraid everyone has just to come up with this estimate on his/her own and decide whether it's worth the risk. :/ For what is worth I also have a small bag of algos on algofi.

  28. Ajde obrazloži ako se već razumeš, ovo je mogao bilo ko da napiše.

  29. Ma lupam, ignoriši. Inače, na zapadu nisam čuo da je iko ikada upotrebio izraz "programer".

  30. A jeste, glupo sam rekao, brišem.

  31. Having more validators means more time to reach concensus.

  32. No, I can't guarantee I'll be able to attend every ceremony, I can't risk loosing my hard earned 544 idenas.

  33. I think you need to be employed by a Spanish company (and to not have worked in the country for the past 10 years)

  34. And to aply wirhin 6 months of arrival to Spain I believe.

  35. No with veto. Majority of the other coins are shitcoins. You can literally create a coin, provide liquidity, now you want RAW because of it?

  36. There's no "no with veto" option.

  37. Finally! the only reason i havent stake to you guys on some of the chains

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