When you come across a feel-good thing.

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. My school has announced that I have to leave at 5 o'clock every Monday... Pinke lead me some of your positivity

  2. Fuck I have now an internal conflict on who is cuter misty vs pipp

  3. She's the cutest out of g5 but that's not saying much since I don't like the inherit design of g5. But maybe should give some more time because I felt the same about g4's style before it grew on me

  4. https://yp1.yayponies.no/books/book.php

  5. Fluttershy x Fluttershy = diabetes. I am sorry, what?

  6. Why did Italy vote for her? Knowing she is a facist.

  7. Most didn't vote bc there was no good option. A pick your poison case. Many said best not to waste paper and not vote. Its sad tbh

  8. It is a whole other thing if they were 0th cousins

  9. Pishion vpn still works here just takes like 5 minutes to connect as opposed to 30 secs but works just as well as ever

  10. I feel like she could be souls boss

  11. I like how discord x discord is a ship

  12. I'd hug them as if I was saying goodbye to my own child for the last time

  13. Everytime I see chrysalis i hear "this day has been just perfect"

  14. It's on every samsung phone with one ui 4

  15. well khosh oomadi... motavageh nemisham chera ba in vaziat oomadi, vali omidvaram inja behet khosh begzare!

  16. Farsi man khoob nist. Man khargi hastam

  17. alright no problem, glad you're trying tho :)

  18. Well I've lived here for like 7 years. And yea iran's internet state has been dragged through the mud. Thanks for the link

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