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  1. They should totally make a camper van using a similar design.

  2. Battery is a problem for a lightly used vehicle type with high energy demands. If a battery in a camper van can be useful connected to the home when at home the numbers work a lot better.

  3. Was there any alcohol involved in the series 4 test?

  4. Fancypants Ultra owners, apparently.

  5. Youtube needs to fix this, as some other apps including Youtube TV don't have this problem. It may have to do with our HDMI CEC setup.

  6. Then this thread doesn't relate to your setup

  7. The time of year makes it less likely to be ammonium nitrate. But if a longer video show no secondary explosions then fertilizer is a good explanation.

  8. S6 maxV was probably the first actually different model in almost a decade.

  9. Roborock covers all the price points, often without meaningful added value on the more expensive models. They do put models on sale regularly. When I bought my S6 from amazon three years ago I thought the price was a mistake.

  10. This is what happens when the designer explains to the execs how to use a device.

  11. I'm a 4runner owner and not a Rivian owner. Did I read 32 to and 48 correctly? Because 32 for me is highway pressure and off-road I go down to 16

  12. EVs are very heavy, have stiff sidewalls, and don't air down well. An R1T is 3000lbs heavier than a Tacoma. nThe super excited reviews are by inexperienced people.

  13. Roborock has a new Q series which in some models doesn't seem to have a mop. I suggest looking at those units.

  14. I'm never running in front of a 30mm cannon Maybe that's just me though

  15. More than a few videos suggest blue on blue is a significant cause of casualties. Lack of training time.

  16. I assume those are not pavers. Hopefully you do not live in a freezing climate

  17. But then how does company come up with the dosage or amount in each product. Someone must know something

  18. Presumably Renue is guessing at roughly equivalent dosages between NAD precursor products. If that makes you uncomfortable then donotage is probably a better choice. As a baseline 1000mg of donotage powder is as close to a standard dose we have available today.

  19. Unfortunately it's all a bit too expensive for me right now to be trying variations and combinations. Trial and error with supps seem to be a life long experiment.

  20. Money aside adding resveratrol might make sense. In hindsight adding reservatrol after a few months of no response might have been the way to go,

  21. Not related to NMN, but don't assume that your pediatric neurologist isn't an idiot. My son had occasional seizures for years until he was changed from liquid to tablet divalproex at my request.

  22. I would do a much tighter crop

  23. I really like this, saw in my feed and scrolled back. Makes me want to get this lens

  24. It's not the lens that makes the picture

  25. Ah, the firm that got 2 FDA warning letters and changed names three times. They downvote me on sight because I’ve pointed out their takes on NAD are sometimes self serving and unsubstantiated.

  26. Their NMN SL product is also consumerlabs top pick, in a field where 2/3 of products tested contained no NMN.

  27. FDA warning letter mean nothing in the supplement business. They are usually issued for making health claims. Do you know what the letters were for?

  28. IIRC one claim was for covid and NMN.

  29. Not technically true. Human cells do make ATP in response to certain frequencies of light. Photobiomodulation is increasingly used as a therapy and is academically studied.

  30. That's not exactly true. 5% of US imported oil comes from Saudi Arabia.

  31. Imports is the key world here. The US is energy self sufficient. Refinery profitability is a market function.

  32. I mean we still factually use Saudi oil. We don't technically need to use Saudi oil but we do, so it'd still be correct to say so.

  33. Not correct in the context used.

  34. You do realize there are thousands of owners who are not glued to the internet and not posting about every rattle and squeak, right?

  35. Granddaughter. Fruits are enlarged ovaries

  36. I like the Defender 110. I have a R1T preorder for the max pack. If Rivian bags the big pack I may go with a gasser.For my trips I need a 400 mile range vehicle.

  37. My best guess is 2-5 years to the UK, then probably 4-8 years for the EU.

  38. Right hand drive is unlikely to come before left hand drive. But the vehicle is too heavy for the EU/UK anyways. Like Cybertruck, the R1 is a North America vehicle.

  39. no reason to make a z-wave humidistat without temp. You can turn off reporting temp on most devices

  40. FWIW, I was told specifically by my Guide that Rivian will not be overhauling existing vehicles with a new design, because a new design doesn't exist. The only thing they are doing is if yours does break, they will fix it with some new "modified" parts.

  41. That's all you need. Not to mention we have outlets in the back for a hot plate if needed.

  42. not usable at the same time as induction

  43. Max output of all 120v receptacles is 1,400w (1,500?) which is woeful IMO. I sent a question to my Guide Christina about what happens if you exceed/trip that amount. Rivian shuts down and reboots. Did not mention any fuses or breakers. Which may be ok but makes me leery of getting close to that limit. Currently, this limits us to about 1 good appliance at a time

  44. Unfortunately the inverter seems to run off the 12V circuit. Ford's high watt solution is a lot more attractive

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