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  1. Way better than what lego has put out recently. Nice job.

  2. The Division 1 was great. For me, I'd add Dead Space and Ghost of Tsushima which could be my all time favorite game.

  3. They are convenient, but drain the batteries super quick and are not confortable. A cheap wireless keyboard is the way to go.

  4. Mine crash once, so hopefuly it stays like that ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. I have a series x and the only time it has crashed was when I was trying to play with a friend on ps5 and 4 other xsx users. Other than that, it hasn't crashed. It sucks that it is happening.

  6. Bf2042 could have had awesome customization like V did but in a modern setting...what a missed chance.

  7. They could have gone a direction of customization like Insurgency. Put a marker over teammates heads so we know who is who. Ugh... This game could have been light years better.

  8. Various annubias plants up the side with a carpet in front and down the middle. Nice hard scape.

  9. I can read it fine, but where I think there could be some difficulty is with your capital "Ts" there should be a space between the next letter. Also, your lower case "fs" look a little to me like a lower case "L". The "w" in would looks more like and "m" too me. Overall everything looks sharp, pointed and a little squashed. I think if you rounded out some of the letters and added some space between them it would look a little more legible.

  10. If they did, I would prefer the progear. With that said, I definitely do not want that here. I need to spend no more monies on FP stuff! Lol

  11. I have a Pilot c74 ef and it writes really smooth for being needle like. I would recomend it.

  12. I just started looking at 823s this week and now they are popping up everywhere ๐Ÿ˜ญ I don't need another pen, but I think one of these could be it for a while.

  13. I have stock projector headlights and I replaced the awful halogens with leds from dieselleds.com and they are fantastic. I can't recommend them enough.

  14. Unless I'm mistaken, it's a wolf spider, they've been trying to invade my house all summer!

  15. Double check markings. There is a funnel web spider called the brown recluse that is not good and this may be a contender. As funnel web spiders don't have the same climbing abilities they are often found in basements and have less success climbing smooth surfaces like glass and plastic.

  16. Looks like a wolf spider to me. Usually try and get away from me when trying to catch them. It's that time of year again when they do try and seek shelter in homes.

  17. The 823 has a bit different balance & is a bit bigger & heavier.

  18. Do you like them more because od the size and weight difference or just all around?

  19. I used miracle gro organic soil and it worked well. Definitely sift it first.

  20. You've done nothing wrong. You were polite, courteous and not breaking any rules. She has somethings to work out... Yikes...

  21. This is fantastic! Great idea putting sharks under the boats.

  22. Take it out, set it up for old time sake, Iโ€™m sure you(and your family if you have one) would enjoy it

  23. Probably should, at least to make sure it still works lol.

  24. Exactly, you want your trains to at least work for when you do pull them out to use, and itโ€™s nearing Christmas time which means maybe you should put it under the tree?

  25. It is, however, I picked up a new freight train which will be used this year for Christmas! But it may just end up being a mess in the basement this year and I'll end up running all the trains lol

  26. This is seriously the only answer. Sad, but true.

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