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  1. Don't forget about SALT cap on deductions.

  2. Looks amazing, what temp did you cook at?

  3. Jk, did you update the nozzle size in the slicing software?

  4. Do you think the plate has warped?? Just thought of that. It’s a new Prusa plate.

  5. Did you adjust the Live Z height for the new plate? If i change that or the nozzle then i have to adjust the Live Z height.

  6. I think V1 is deprecated and no longer emitting.

  7. I usually look first and sip from the other side. Not sure why i do that.

  8. They recommend moving to SVN-MSHARE.

  9. Idk... Madmex doesn't bring much. 30X isn't much and only on 3 main coins. Might as well leverage trade on binance or any cex

  10. Daily trade volume has been growing rapidly, hit 100 mil yesterday. Seems like it's a hit so far, hopefully it continues to grow. stats.madmex.io

  11. Standing under a thin piece of wood? Any hints?

  12. It ain't a win until you sell. Congrats!

  13. "Remember to get your pets spayed or neutered" - Bob Barker

  14. How, without sending it back to CDC app and doing it there. Don't want to have to pay extra.

  15. I would also like to know this. Last time I converted it in CDC app and paid the fees.

  16. Yeah launchpads are definitely a whales game with the overflow method and you'll likely lose $$. So i would stay away from it. If anything just farm it and sell for profits to bring back to cronos. For someone to make profit, someone has to lose. Don't let it be you.

  17. How much are we talking? Do you have an example?

  18. Why not just key up the backend? You already tried to be nice and leave them a note. At a minimum tow or call parking enforcement.

  19. Or better yet, have mshare peg to SVN. Cut MMF completely out of the equation so mshare prints SVN forever. 🧐

  20. They are working on new features and need a little time. We'll see what happens. Hanging in there. Allot of fudders scaring everyone off.

  21. “Hello community, the project is going through a period that no one wants, no new cash flow, the market entered a downtrend period. We are still working on developing the project and the features but we need time, as you can see we have tried out a lot of features to increase the usability. But perhaps that's not enough in a bear market. We always listen to your ideas to contribute to the project. A lot of ideas are very good and great, but to make it happen we are technically limited and need a lot of time so sorry if I can't update your ideas. We will still be here and continue to do our work, just hope that when the project runs smoothly, you always praise the project, during this difficult time, hope you will always support us as well. not by investment but simply by not saying bitter words. from Dirty Deer“

  22. You should read the docs before investing. There is a 15% burn tax when TDEER is below peg. This was an added anti whale feature requested by community to discourage swing trading. So like someone already mentioned you need to increase your slippage to account for tax. Persinally i would wait until it's back above peg to avoid the tax.

  23. How are LP rewards paid out?? I'm confused???

  24. Im also still confused, i pulled my $ from CRO-USDC farm but kept BTC-USDC farm as that base APR was much closer to the overall listed APR and rate of payout appeared accurate.

  25. LP rewards would be what is earned in trade fees by people using the pool to swap. If a lot volume is moving through the pool, you’ll earn a lot of fees. On the other hand, if it’s not a very active pair or a slow day, earnings are lower.

  26. Thanks. I was trying to get an answer for so long on their TG but it just kept getting buried in useless memes and banter. I'll monitor the rewards for few more days before i decide to keep money in or not.

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