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  1. Extreme NTA - when I was 14-15 I begged my parents for a belly piercing. Got it when I was 16, and ended up taking it out by 21. I hate it. Hate the scar and how it looks! Absolutely am so jealous of unscarred tummies.

  2. Who wants to bet that Dave and his wife actually went away on vacation together?

  3. Watership Down. I wanted to watch it because of the “bunnies”

  4. ywoi says:

    What type of animal was it during Dave Turin’s show?? At 18:44

  5. ywoi says:

    Though I agree, I think both sides of the pendulum swing pretty far. I was watching a video the other day of some guy putting a pelletized pesticide on his lawn to keep grubs & ticks out. He spreads this over his entire property. But you know what this guy uses??? A long lasting non-selective pesticide that kills ALL bugs - worms, ants, honeybees, caterpillars. Doesn’t take a genius to see why that’s problematic

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