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  1. Make sure you have one/all your fully charged power banks. Bring plug and cable on board in case they have usb/plug chargers. Download as many games as you can and open them at least once before you go. Ideally only plan for single player games, even if your plan has wifi it will be terrible for latency. Also if you can try out power plans for games so that they’re still playable on the lowest possible power settings. Bring aux IEM’s (preferably to save battery) or Bluetooth headphones. Any games you emulate try and make sure you play them a little first. I got stuck on a Zelda shrine that needed the gyro working.

  2. Go to desktop mode and set Bluetooth to "enable on login" and connect to your device through desktop mode.

  3. Things you love to see. Don’t hate me comes from a place of rivalry love.

  4. This is why I refuse to buy anything. Backpack or lanyard doesn’t matter, proportionally the value is outrageous.

  5. I completely agree, he should face the death penalty. How dare he speak his mind.

  6. We’re not in the US, best of luck with your defamation law suit. Also as a max fan you spend WAY too much time in r LH

  7. how tf do people actually think that RB is more toxic than any of the other teams lmao

  8. The only way to stop them doing this is stop watching click bait titles. But they do work, so why would they stop? You’re going to click it anyway.

  9. I believe what you crossed out is how it works in Le Mans.

  10. Which is absolute bullshit by the way. Ken Miles won that race.

  11. Stroll to alpine is deffo the most unrealistic part here unless Lawrence diverted his investment

  12. Alpine made 3rd best car for 2 seasons 2025-26 but due to their lineup, they never finished better than P5

  13. I was working at Zandvort then had another week away in Monza before I could go back home… would’ve been perfect for the flight too haha

  14. Aren’t they a private company? Censorship has nothing to do with this. They could write anything into their TOS. This is about avoiding bad PR

  15. But DuckDuckGo did exactly the opposite of this and got accused of censoring… so

  16. Adrian literally did he thesis on ground effect. RB have had the perfect combination this season on a peak career mv, top tier strategist and class back room staff.

  17. How the fuck we getting from Azerbaijan to Miami in a week?!

  18. I was told F1 would be environmentally friendly

  19. They’re doing things that save money that have a byproduct of saving the environment. Money is priority, not the environment.

  20. What i was thinking lol. Between all double headers you bet the cars fly back to England. Add to that they have multiple sets of the garage equipement moving around on boats/not planes at all times. Personnel also flies back home all the time.

  21. It is going to be a exhausting season for the mechanics and team personnel! As fan i know I should be happy that there are more races but still.

  22. It’s going to be a lot of fun in vegas knowing the season is over though. Pack up Saturday night, out Sunday fly to UAE Monday.

  23. OP I bought this last night and the first hour has been fantastic I’m not usually into games like this but I’m loving it, got the full edition on sale £6 ends today though

  24. I too like to keep my world of Warcraft turned on in the living room

  25. The place was taken by the Host Country, they have more money...

  26. I don't know who I'm more upset at, you for making this comment, or me for opening the thread for the express purpose of checking if someone had made this comment.

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