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  1. I’m a frequent traveller but I don’t regularly come across these from my travels I believe you usually get them on slightly older regional trains they are fairly common but not standard place. I’ve seen them with EMR and I know they’re probably with GWR and TFW.

  2. They're not on any of the TfW trains on my commute.

  3. I deliberately have my spawn set up at my second home in Paleto near the bunker. I precede to swing by arcade also In Paleto for earnings and snacks then do a quick weapon parts run. Following this I’ll quickly find another invite only session and go do a bunker sell mission and buy restock, on and eventually cash in casino daily’s (this takes slightly longer than 15mins but it’s a days minature grind)

  4. The fuel idea sounds like gta could have a new battleground….. the forecourt!

  5. Current best community on 67 (Standard) with 10members. Mostly armed military but with two cops and a fire marshal , they alternate between maps as a response force dealing with peoples problems and plague hearts then moving on once things are calm

  6. Fear will keep the other systems in line , fear of this FULLY OPERATIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE IMPERIAL TEAM

  7. Duuuuuude a medieval-themed bounty month would be so legit! Armor, weapons, and a catapult base upgrade.

  8. Ive had about 8 cups of tea and now having an espresso so I’d say I’m doing slightly above average

  9. Congrats ! Also for those asking what’s a good way to do it Im no expert but can share what I did.

  10. Agreed I loved rocking that in far cry 5 , felt like a proper gun for dep to have as a deputy as well

  11. If a killer makes me crawl , I just stay still as most of these killers want to do what the artist did. No point in giving them the satisfaction.

  12. I just now comedically spin around if Ive been left on the ground so usually the killer gets fed up and hooks the 360 spinning Claudette or actually picks you up to let you wiggle free out of sympathy.

  13. Man!?? Thats no man thats a cultist scumbag called John Seed

  14. You’ll hear survivors moaning about rats next thing ZATS gnaw through your red talon agent eating them before feasting on your legacy pool. (Please UL don’t be reading this for ideas)

  15. And then after I'll invite you over for dinner in my community, we'll even share a few rucksacks of mystery meat with you 😇

  16. Right thank god I’m not the health inspector that meat is indeed a mystery

  17. Did you do the random at paleto?

  18. As others have mentioned you can actually have your survivors as belonging to red talon or even supporters of the network through customisations and recruits etc.

  19. Oh yeah I am. One of the best weapons in the game.

  20. It looks great I’m soo close only two left fortunately I have my spawn set up at my Paleto bay house I’ve got with my arcade and bunker so I’m usually in the vicinity

  21. Thanks! I’m sure I’ll stumble across the other parts

  22. So is this some kind of costa Autumn special where costa club members get a free chicken with purchase of any medium drink?

  23. I know. Sometimes I just grab a police car for the sole reason of NPCs getting out of my way while I moderately speed. Not chasing anyone, no mission currently active, just cruising without the worry of some random driver aiming to take my door off. The only negative is having to listen to that siren the entire time. The lifeguard granger would be freaking cool though. Only black it out though. I want to be an FIB agent trained to take down criminals while also being ready to catch some waves at a moments notice, and hopefully even give some cheesy 80s cop catchphrase at the end of every arrest

  24. I like those vibes! Pulling up black suv or car taking down a crook to deliver some sweet cringey catch phrase : Gotcha punk!

  25. Exactly 😂. "I see you have a knife, but what you need is an umbrella. Cause there's a sh*t storm gonna rain down on you…PUNK!" -Capt. Raymond Holt

  26. Captain holt whenever he sees an AI chatting dirty : BONEEEEEEEEE?!?

  27. Just wait for a killer to chase you and watch their confusion as you just hook yourself

  28. I didn’t know they where sentient. Good. They’ll feel my bat beating the shit out of him :)

  29. I think what they really mean is ask the strange green clothed man away from the prestigious deliciously infectious dispensing unit

  30. Don’t worry though we all know sprunk won after all it won the hearts and minds of this sub

  31. I usually am obliviously crouched in corners as survivor. It often makes the killer instantly notice me and then somehow think I’m a low level and spare me. The other half of the time the killer strolls on past searching lockers extra while I self heal and watch from a bushy corner right next to a hook

  32. Were you aiming for a car at least? If you were going to die anyway, you could at least do it by recreating the GTA SA cutscene from the mission stowaway that plays if you jump out of the plane without the parachute

  33. Tried to guide myself towards Vespucci but slammed into some sweet concrete

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