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  1. I always knew that banks are not my friends. Having crypto projects that enable me to send money across border with low fees and instant finality like NGM is one of the reasons I believe crypto is the future.

  2. I always knew that banks are not my friends. Having crypto projects that enable me to send money across border with low fees and instant finality like NGM is one of the reasons I believe crypto is the future.

  3. Trading is a good option but I wouldn't rule out staking entirely. I have been making good sum by staking ATOM, NGM, JUNO and EVMOS since last year.

  4. No, it's one of the 8 wonders of the world.

  5. I'm still investing heavily into ETH, BNB, OCEAN, MATIC and ATOM mostly. I recently started staking OCEAN after veOCEAN and data farming launch. The first rewards distribution is tomorrow and I'm very excited. I also have ATOM staked on Keplr.

  6. By reading crypto news and following new trends. Projects like MATIC, OCEAN and DIA are always making the news. I read Mercedes Benz is using OCEAN's tech stack for their Acentrik data marketplace which is deployed on Polygon.

  7. You should.comsider staking it. Staking is the least risky passive income. I'm a big fan of staking and I have ATOM, JUNO, EVMOS, NGM etc., staked. Their APYs are also very good at 18%, 62%, 186% and 25% respectively.

  8. Stablecoins will play a big role in payments due to its price stability. Why Bitcoin adoption is growing, majority of merchants would rather receive payments in a stable asset.

  9. SOL should be replaced by ATOM. People are really sleeping on the Cosmos ecosystem but I have no doubt that the ecosystem will get traction during the next bull season.

  10. BTC and AAVE are good investments but they are many other good investments that you missed out. BNB, MATIC, OCEAN and ATOM, just to mention but a few are all solid investments.

  11. I'm happy to have LINK in my bag and to have bought MKR few months ago. BNB, ATOM and MATIC have also done well since the bottom. Other coins I believe will follow very soon are FET, OCEAN and ZIL.

  12. Still a long way for Apple to implement it.

  13. There are lots of interesting chains on Cosmos besides the ones you mentioned. The ones I'm following are JUNO, STARS, CMDX and NGM.

  14. OCEAN Protocol does. You can tokenize any type of data as NFT and sell it in the OCEAN Marketplace and other NFT marketplaces. This

  15. The safest option is to stake or provide liquidity in LPs. I have many tokens I'm staking ATOM, NGM, JUNO and EVMOS on Keplr. ATOM and EVMOS are also available on Trustwallet. I can also use Leap Wallet to stake, send and swap NGM after their recent integration.

  16. Yes, I just read a cryptopunk sold for $1.2m.

  17. Do you think they will ever become irrelevant in the market?

  18. I'm curious to know the fate of L2s when Ethereum finally scales.

  19. I'm still very bullish on JUNO, EVMOS, NGM, ATOM and CMDX.

  20. Of course it is. I'm still earning from liquidity mining on Osmosis and Sifchain. I also have ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, etc., staked for 18% APY, 196% APY, 25% APY and 62% APY respectively.

  21. A wallet this diversified. I really wonder how you get to manage them all without an asset management system. Getting through the rigors of different authorizations can be a lot

  22. That's right. I have to use different wallets and exchanges to manage them.

  23. If you ask me, these are solid ones. What is the staking APY for FET?

  24. I'm not staking FET. The ones I'm staking are OCEAN, EVMOS and ATOM. OCEAN's APY is up to 100%, EVMOS is 196% and ATOM is 18%.

  25. I believe data and AI could be the next big trends in the next cycle. These projects have been overlooked and haven't really had a run.

  26. The majority of the projects you mentioned are still significantly undervalued. OCEAN and ROSE are both on my radar. The OCEAN data farm is something I plan to participate in.

  27. I'm encouraging everyone to take a look at the data farming. The reward is juicy, up to 125% APY.

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