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  1. I love stellaris its my most played game and I love linux gaming but is this the right sub for the update?

  2. Instead of downvoting you, I'm just going to say yes, this is a Linux game. We don't need to lose interest in a game once it has come to Linux, and I don't think the implication that updates about Linux games are unwanted here.

  3. Probably not happening, GTK doesn't support fractional scaling. However, KDE should get it early since Qt, the toolkit used for everything KDE, does.

  4. Well, I guess I'm switching to KDE then.

  5. Yes. Avoid downloading blueprints, just make up your own. Also keep in mind that it's not just the tutorial that helps you discover the fundamentals, but the title screen as well.

  6. Pretty much this. It was a bad business decision, but of course he will later say that he tanked it on purpose, just because he could afford to.

  7. If you want to segment your network, remove rows and columns to create logistics borders which can be temporarily connected or disconnected from eachother by individual roboports acting as a bridge. These can be manually deconstructed/replaced, or powered by a single pole that is connected via switch to the power grid. If you segment your robonetworks, this can help prevent bots from one side of your base getting a job that takes it to the other side of the base.

  8. One problem with a single massive robo network is that a job can always be given to a bot all the way on the other side of the grid. They often work better as multiple smaller grids to cut down on travel time. That then gives you multiple other problems of resource distribution between grids but once you solve that the end product is usually more efficient.

  9. I agree. Although you could also just go amoeba-mode; create an extension of a larger network grid, and then disconnect it once it has enough bots and logistic resources to be self-sustaining. You can create expansions without even laying down a single piece of track yourself.

  10. Most character action games are decent at this, but probably the best example is Astral Chain since it has only one primary attack button: Using tap, hold, and tap-tap-tap, and tap-pause-tap as different moves/combos on a single button. Making the three-hit chain one of your most simple but least safe attacks makes you carefully consider the timing of every attack and associated animation.

  11. While also saying to the investors "If I am involved, then money is also involved."

  12. So, as is with most forms of design philosophy, many ludology teachers will teach what they believe to be tested and true. Some will use evidence and examples, some will use established precedents and institutional knowledge based in certain game studios (as an example, Ubisoft and their schools). Some will be based on high level abstract theory, some will be based on many hours of focus-group testing and stats. The medium sometimes tends towards auteurs and superstars (a certain Warren Spector quote comes to mind), while at other times seems to focus strictly on what is profitable rather that what is a good game.

  13. I have separate partitions for windows and linux library folders. I install games on windows, only if they only work in windows.

  14. Ive heard of someone using git to track changes and revert updates. Granted it was specifically for XCOM2 which had a habit of breaking mod compatibility with updates, so he had a specific reason for that one.

  15. Just make Parasite Eve 3 and completely ignore 3rd Birthday as if it never existed

  16. The only reference should be some cutscene where Aya is chasing someone through a random kitchen and a birthday cake with three candles gets thrown out the window.

  17. Not in the reddit community here. But I've seen chat member on twitch in Outer Wilds games drive streamers to quit the game due to spoilers and back-seating with "no you're not playing the game right" or "you keep doing the same mistake" type comments.

  18. Question is, is he carrying his government verified proof of non-vaccination?

  19. This exact image works if you switch the Gundam for an Animorph.

  20. I mean, it's supposed to be fine when your grizzly bear arm gets sliced off by an alien blender on legs, and you can still de-morph into a normal human with all your intact limbs. But then have nightmares about your arm getting sliced off every night for a month after that.

  21. Go full chaos, make it space bar instead.

  22. Matt isn't a very good Catholic if he's divorcing willy-nilly.

  23. If you do it quickly enough, it's not a divorce, it's an anullment, which God is okay with. You just gotta make sure no condoms are involved, because

  24. It just means that Slate isn't keeping your ship at 100% in the newer versions of the game.

  25. Woah woah woah, "Unix"? Better get started writing "Our-nix" for liability reasons.

  26. Well, you got to use those numbers to argue about on reddit, so you can't say they were for nothing.

  27. Ontario had the lowest voting turnout in its history. People need to vote. In every single election they can.

  28. Remember kids, every non-vote is a con-vote.

  29. The end of July's trailer apparently had Hellena Taylor's voice, so there may be more to this than currently known.

  30. Could be a Keifer as Snake type situation, seeing as how this game seems to have a multi-timeline thing.

  31. The Green Party isn't progressive. They're fiscal conservatives that also happen to like trees.

  32. You don't agree with the notion that they are socially progressive and fiscally conservative?

  33. cool how? I swear it doesn't work the way it's supposed to?

  34. I suspect you are attempting to do it too late in the loop. If you're skilled enough to get past the cacti hallway with your jetpack, you'll be disappointed when you try to teleport up and there's nothing to teleport to.

  35. May I draw your attention to the "Spoiler's OK" tag on this thread?

  36. That's up there with the Banjo Tooie Stop n' Swap scheme.

  37. It's easier to figure out when you use power poles in between objects. Mouse over the power poles that have green or red cables to see what number the corresponding signals are being shared between devices.

  38. Remember when trudeau promised electoral reform? Pepperidge Farms Remembers...

  39. In case anyone needs the reminder, that was AFTER the NDP had also made it part of their platform.

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