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  1. Do you have the delivery preference set to “e-mail” under manage communications in your profile?

  2. I was in the same boat. I wanted to waive the escrow but because I did not put 20% down they would not allow it. It was ridiculous how they kept missing the mark every year - one year I received an $800 overpayment check, the following year I owed them $500 for underpayment, and so on.

  3. It is an edited clip. He says it here at 5:01:

  4. Took you somewhere where there was no food and then the town resources brought food, shelter, immigration lawyers…

  5. Why is she noted as “Georgia Governor”?

  6. When did all this "unanimous" stuff start happening (I've seen it mentioned in other articles)? Sounds ominously like they are setting this up for "we wanted to prosecute but we had one hold out" - but I don't think they need it to be unanimous to refer it for prosecution.

  7. There has been nothing but “anonymous sources” and “sources close to the investigation “. If they had something concrete they would have it plastered everywhere. The only court they are using is the court of public opinion.

  8. How did the guy know what suit Phil was going to have on that day? My bullshit meter is ringing.

  9. It just cements that more people voted against Trump than for Biden.

  10. IMO, a lot of the poor reviews are from those who don't know how to use it. Though it can be frustrating at times, it will do what you want and is worth buying.

  11. I definitely know how to use it, but it seems the 4th gen has a crappy microphone. The earlier “hockey pucks” could hear my voice from across the room, these globes can be on my night stand and I have to shout at it when I am less than three feet from it.

  12. so how do you know it is a microphone issue and not a wifi issue? You can give it commands but unless it has access to a good signal, it could time out or not even get it. If the router is a couple of rooms over, that could be a problem. If the dot is not in line of site of the door, it could be a problem. There could be other causes for it not to hear you. So yes, there is a chance you do not know how to use it.

  13. Thanks for the condescending response and confirmation that you did not read what I wrote.

  14. The point is these talking heads never shut up. In 2016, Trump was going to destroy the economy, In 2020, Biden was going to destroy the economy- which was true.

  15. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

  16. The Left is the definition of misery loves company. They like to restrict the car you can drive, the amount of electricity you can use, the amount of water you can use, the meat you can eat, and now the natural gas you can use.

  17. Didn't Flanders run the Left Hand Shop? The mug has to be used with your left hand, mildly interesting (Flanders had glasses...)!

  18. If Hurricane Ian travels west into the Gulf, they will shut down the platforms and we are going to need the reserves.

  19. Biden flooded the market with oil from the strategic reserve increasing supply and driving down price. It will be interesting to see what happens as Hurricane Ian gets closer to the mainland. If it doesn't take a hard right at Florida next week, they might start to evacuate the platforms in the Gulf shutting down all production and we will need the reserve.

  20. I have never been to a rally to know what one looks like, but apparently, she does...

  21. For real. I don’t even drink but if I have to blow into a device every time I drive that device is getting bypassed really fucking quick

  22. The LED lights you see on Apple Watches and fitbits can measure BAC. They will mount them into the steering wheel or door handle.

  23. I'm guessing it doesn't get cold where you live? I don't think people will like having to take off their gloves every time they get in to their car in the winter.

  24. People can use the touch screen in modern cars with their gloves on?

  25. Have to be super specific on gender, but super generalize your family members.

  26. Airlines recommend tilted* smaller seating for profit improvement.

  27. It was a requirement in the new infrastructure bill passed by our effective Congress last year.

  28. There is no mention of plane, air, seats, or tilted in there per a word search. Not sure where it's references these tilted airline seats...

  29. I was poorly worded, but I am speaking of the impaired driving technology requirement. I saw nothing about tilted seats, but feel free to search the link I provided.

  30. You say rallies but link to the arrest of Danchenko who was a Democrat operative charged with putting together the fake Russian dossier?

  31. If they understood and agreed to it, then why did they create a class action lawsuit?

  32. They didn’t. Lawyers are “acting” on their behalf. They were (potentially) misguided by flying to MV. Now they are (potentially) being misguided by lawyers who apparently know what is best for them.

  33. Paul Ryan called the thing Trump said about a Mexican judge the textbook definition of a racist comment

  34. No, racism is not one sided. But as someone who has documented events that help all sorts of minorities while he was president, he is a bad racist

  35. Yes, but Republicans have called Trump racist before. That's my point. At the start of his campaign, when he wasn't mainstream yet, plenty of them agreed with us

  36. At this point, name calling has zero effect. Most kindergartners are taught to ignore it.

  37. I understand that they are gesturing to music. It still, as a result of all the other things I mentioned, makes me think of fascism. What do you think about the other stuff I mentioned? Like the attack on the Capitol building, what do you think about that?

  38. Descending on the Capitol was a dumb move, but it has turned into a witch hunt where some should be charged but others are sitting in jail for 2 years because they took a selfie under the Rotunda.

  39. Everyone who entered the building using violence should be prosecuted though right? Do you put any blame for that on the leaders like Trump who got everyone together and spoke to them before they took those actions?

  40. People who committed a crime should be held accountable. The people who were in there two minutes and came back out because everyone else did, and did nothing other than misdemeanor trespassing, should not be held for two years.

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