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  1. Nice strap! Is that an OEM strap? I'm looking for straps for my BB58.

  2. Strap is from Wristbuddys.com and the watch is purchased in Milano!

  3. What band is that on the Moonswatch?

  4. Black Curved Rubber Strap from Wristbuddys.com

  5. I’ve never seen speedy on rubber like that. Does the speedy have 21mm or 20mm strap width?

  6. Contact us ASAP and we will solve this problem. Im very sorry for this!

  7. If you’re the same wristbuddys as the strap seller, it would be awesome if you added a maroon/burgundy color to match the mission to Pluto!!

  8. Haha I’m the same. We are working on it! 😎

  9. Its from my own shop ;) Therefore I didn’t write and useful info.

  10. Why would the OP add any sort of useful information to his post? Imagine that!

  11. Definitely white! Which is the size of the strap? And where did you got it? Thanks!

  12. Ordered them directly from the manufacturers. Will probably start selling them soon.

  13. Hi, what tool is needed to switch the strap on the Moonswatch? Can I get it from the wrist buddies site?

  14. Just a simple spring bar tool, we have them for 4$ aswell.

  15. It’s me, PM me and we will figure something out ;)

  16. https://wristbuddys.com/products/curved-rubber-strap-orange

  17. Any news on when your black curved rubber straps will be back in stock? I'd love to pick some up!

  18. Do you contacts have the leather envelope case?

  19. Hmm, they might have! Send me a picture and I will source it for you!

  20. Fire and some smooth hands and tools. Be careful, I have seen a few people failings when removing it. Check some tutorials on YT as preparation!

  21. Simple solution: keep the watch until you get old enough that the magnifier helps you see the date.

  22. Do people actually use the chronometer function or it is mainly a style thing?

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