1. I'd talk to your gp first there may be a long waiting list

  2. Did you know pigeons were originally white but just turn grey when they absorb brake dust

  3. It may take vendor's more than 5 days to post a package

  4. Have a look at fly fits website and see what you think. The workshop crossfit is a gym close in d2 aswell

  5. Regular late late is recorded on the day at 7pm or so. Toy show is live

  6. A person I know got 2 aquas stolen in a row. It seems to have security issues

  7. Yes, must write it as if you did it yourself

  8. Is it just 9-5 that bugs you? Or would shift work bug you as well?

  9. I much prefer shift work. Love my rest week

  10. Not working for me, still on 4g. Did you have to change any settings?

  11. You only need a lisence for sea trout and salmon.

  12. The majority of the time someone is driving the wrong way on a main road it's because of dimentia unfortunately

  13. Just be warned don't be offended if they don't let you play a guitar

  14. has this happened to you before? or have you seen it happen?

  15. Ah I've seen some lad ask to play a guitar but he was clearly not going to spend any money atall and wanted to play a 6k guitar

  16. Get a hand writing book for kids and just practice and practice and practice

  17. Are you asking over 18s or under 18s?

  18. Some clubs may change depending on who is on the door

  19. Vrt is litterly illegal by eu law. The government makes more loney in vrt than the fine the EU gives them yearly.

  20. If you're looking try get into a bigger company versus a small Independant business

  21. Therapy seems to be the number one advice on here for everything. Op is just getting older.

  22. And some people need guidence through tough times when aging. Don't judge someone based on your own experience

  23. Have a look at bianca and kade on YouTube

  24. if you want a nice boutique hotel the Mayson is beautiful

  25. It's a Pollock and a very good size one Just be careful next time. For all you know it could have been an endangered fish, or you could've needed a lisence to catch it and ended up with a prison sentence for killing it.

  26. It’s a cod, very good eating. I would recommend not holding it by a knife in the head. I also put a knife in the back of a fish’s head, when I want to kill the fish to eat, but then I don’t hold the knife with the fish still embedded in the knife like a psychopath. It’s also quite dangerous, I recommend a pair of fish grippers. (Edit: on second thought it might be a pollock, still good eating and the point about not holding the fish with a knife still stands)

  27. Busses will be running on a Sunday timetable. You can take the 16 or 41 to o connell Street. Abiut 10 minute walk to ha penny Bridge

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