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  1. The Coinbase card is up to 4% back. I’m getting 4% XLM back. No stake required.

  2. I do this same thing except I concert the XLM to BTC

  3. Yeah, I didn't mention it, but I also convert the XLM to other crypto, usually BTC or ETH.

  4. It’s the best thing to do with that 4%. Especially while prices are depressed.

  5. I move everything I have to my ledger once a month.

  6. Purchased training droids with crystals. Last time I looked, I now have about 750,000 of them.

  7. I successfully moved 5 CRO as a test earlier this week to my Ledger.

  8. I seem to have not gotten my spotify rebate this month after my 180 day period was up in May, I got the rebates in June and I contacted support about the missing July one and they seem adamant you no longer get the rebates after your cro in u locked even if you don't unstake.

  9. Just keep the rebate and don’t say anything to them

  10. Is there a timetable for it to be fixed? I am experiencing the same issue.

  11. I’m seeing the same… unsure what to do? Crypto.org to Cronos Beta works fine, Cronos Beta to Crypto.org does not work.

  12. Looks like they started early on the maintenance oh got the date wrong but way to screw everyone over

  13. That’s a terrible mistake on their part. I didn’t try my card again today. Does anyone know it the cards are working again?

  14. Seen 2 of these posts, never any poof though

  15. I disagree. If lots of people liquidate their coins it’ll push the price lower.

  16. I’m locked up til august so I’m indifferent to it now. I’ll make sure to make myself some popcorn and watch from the sidelines.

  17. I appreciate your perspective and work putting this together! I am Ruby and when my stake runs out in 88 days I will move everything to DeFi and hope for the best. I don’t plan to use the card any more from this point forward. I’m using the Coinbase card and trading all my AMP for Ethereum.

  18. Perfect meme. Unfortunately the damage is done.

  19. I received my Ruby card fast as well. It might be something with the ruby card where it always comes quick.

  20. My ruby took 6 weeks so I’m not so sure that’s the case. Congrats on getting it though!

  21. I gave Ackbar and Leia the omicrons for GA and I’m pretty happy with that team. AA is R3 and I end up with a defense or two every time. Good luck!

  22. Same here. I do this 99% of the time just for the rewards.

  23. My card was "shipped" a month ago, still waiting for it to arrive, but I feel like it's been stolen

  24. Mine shipped after a couple of days and it took nearly 7 weeks to arrive. It looked like it had been to the moon and back. Maybe chat with support? Mine suspiciously arrived 3 days after I contacted them.

  25. Maybe it’s because I live in San Francisco but there are a ton of restaurants in my area that offer in store cash back and half of them are places I already go to. My favorite pizza spot, taqueria, halal spot, and burger spot are all listed as giving 5-10% cash back on in-store purchases. I don’t eat out often but I’m going to make sure that it’s a spot that gives me at least 5% back.

  26. Same for me in Atlanta. Nearly every restaurant within 30 miles and lots of stores. I’ll be Jade in no time!

  27. Sweet! Yeah it sounds like some people just want to complain for the sake of complaining. This is huge.

  28. Totally agree! We try to eat at small business restaurants when my family goes out and this is just another incentive to try something new. I think it’s a cool new perk to having a card!

  29. I’m only ruby red but I am halfway to Jade/Indigo. I’m not worried at all about the rates and I’ll keep on buying.

  30. If you stake doesn't it not matter what the price is as long as your getting paid weekly in CRO? IMO it's like investing in a company and earning a dividend. Price matters depending on strategy, if it's store value collect payouts it's perfect. If it's buy CRO hold for a moonshot that bag will get heavy fast.

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