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  1. 850 sounds great. Can you change channels and tune them for your space to deal with overlapping/weak range?

  2. I wish but TP-Link Decos at least are taking the Eero approach and making that all automatic without end user control. I’m personally fine compared to the more vocal on on this subreddit with everything being automatic and auto patch.

  3. It’s a hypothetical risk yes but how often is that truly the case?

  4. You are right, if want to turn knobs on, will need a more powerful box. The FWG runs on a J3160 so I’m surprised at the claimed rates.

  5. https://www.bitdefender.com/business/support/en/77209-151104-configuration.html#UUID-121d23f8-c1f4-7e32-1977-830fea96bcbc

  6. I have only three endpoints at the moment

  7. Definitely stick with consumer protection level. I would just make sure I go through and set all the protection modules on, some like Ransomware remediation aren’t enabled by default. If your worried about your users messing with settings you can also password protect the options once you have it all set. I’d stick with Internet Security is it’s the complete AV protection without all the extras Total Security has unless you really see value in that in a work environment. With the Bitdefender Central console you can remotely wipe and lock PCs as well as get basic details of security events, just can’t manage granular policy settings but you can also kick off scans and such in the consumer version.

  8. Is the protection same as GZ, apart from EDR and reporting part?

  9. Looks like Bitdefender has a Small Office Security option that is probably a better fit for your use case than Internet or Total Security.

  10. Thank you all so much for supporting yesterday's post! Our whole team was surprised by the support for the 2.5Gbit unit. Due to this, we are going to push ourselves and our vendor to launch the pre-sale as early as next week!

  11. Is the CPU, RAM, etc all staying the same as the current Rev.B or will the Plus add more than just 2.5Gb ports?

  12. Yes. Just replace the ports and add (a lot) software optimization to handle 2.5gbit traffic per port.

  13. Nice, hopefully the engineers can take this chance to ship the PCs with items like Secure Boot, TPM, etc all enabled from the start in the BIOS for additional security.

  14. I just preordered the gl.inet Slate AX and use WireGuard to connect back to my FWG. I’ve used the gl.inet MT300M as well and worked decently, just needed the stronger CPU for faster WireGuard.

  15. At least a dildo isn't illegal. (Unless it's a place where weed is legal)

  16. Or if you live in Texas and own more than 6 dildos then it’s illegal.

  17. How is that even allowed to be illegal? Like how do too many dildos cause a problem?

  18. Dildos are more heavily regulated than guns in Texas. Really wish this was a /s but it isn’t.

  19. Where you are VPNing to? maybe there is some regional protection on the games you are installing?

  20. I can only download games form the Xbox App connected to a VPN server. I’m in the US connecting to a US location.

  21. Are you checking the flows to see what’s blocked?

  22. Just curious. I just got our Purple this weekend, and changed it to early access (tapping beta 10 times). What version is that running, and if it's not the latest Ubuntu should I update? thanks!

  23. Purple shipped with 20.04.3 LTS and is the latest available.

  24. At the current prices, for $20 more I’d go with V2 just because of the future proofing and extra horsepower of the CPU and DDR4.

  25. I seen due to hardware constraints that they were switching up FWG and every since then I was curious what those changes were. Sounds like in some aspects the hardware is slower. I.e. going from ddr4 to ddr3 Thanks for posting

  26. Other way around, the V2 has faster hardware for both CPU and RAM.

  27. The FWG has better hardware than Ubiquiti. I don't know anything about Sophos.

  28. Don’t listen to this moron, AWS is used to make the connection between the phone app and Firewalla but it all happens over an end to end encrypted tunnel they have no insight into.

  29. I'm sure that other readers will admire the moral qualities of an individual who calls a stranger a "moron."

  30. It doesn’t require having morals to be able to call out someone for being a moron for having factually stupid opinions.

  31. I’ve noticed since upgrading to the Ubuntu 20 beta image from 18 my FWG is pretty much always cool to the touch now. Ubuntu 18 it seemed to get pretty warm most of the time.

  32. Personally I’d avoid TP-Link being that they are a Chinese company and your using a Firewalla for security. They also only seem to release a couple firmware updates for their devices then they stop all together within a year or too.

  33. That was going to be my second choice. I did a install at a school not to receiently and was amazed how you can configure one as a controller, and then just start plugging in other APs and they would auto configure themselves based upon that first AP. That and the mesh is pretty seamless. Only issue I see was range but of course that’s inside a brick and concrete school building and not the wood construction of my home. Do they have any good long range external APs? I’d like to be able and cover about 2 acres from a 70 foot tower on the side of my house

  34. No idea about the range but I’d imagine outdoors without obstructions it will carry pretty far. Can always start with 1 and see the coverage area. I doubt even a single “long range” will cover 2 acres.

  35. Has anything been updated since the initial drop? Been running without issue since release.

  36. Yeah, they released a slightly newer Ubuntu 20 image. I think the alpha was 2.122 and the newer one is 2.123 but the image file on their website says v3 vs v2 originally for 20, version numbers are all over the map lol.

  37. What changed with the v3.0.0113 image of Ubuntu from the original beta 2.1221 release? I’m assuming it’s worth reimaging the Gold again with this newer 20 image?

  38. Seems to be hit or miss, especially in regard to the upload speeds. ATT gig fiber and it nearly always hits 1 gig during peak nighttime watching time using speedtest or the ATT test for the mode. My Firewalla network test is set to run during 4 am which should be the slowest time is usually lower 900s downloads but about 50/50 600 or 900 on uploads.

  39. All my cloud managed 1930 switches are on 1.0.5 and software updates says 2.4.0 was installed 4 days ago. My APs report as 2.4.0.

  40. Ah, so same thing as I’m seeing too. Just put in the 1930 with an AP22 and while mostly good I’ve been getting the switch randomly start blinking orange for a few seconds which appears to be a PoE fault.

  41. If you leave your work do you still retain the Family Account for the remainder of the year, or does it get disabled immediately?

  42. It says they stay active until the next renewal date for enterprise. So if you pay yearly then and leave 2 months into that cycle it continue to work for another 10 months. During enrollment it requires adding a payment method as well to fall back on.

  43. Does this apply to self hosted licenses?

  44. The email and release notes I got specifically mentioned it’s for cloud only at this time.

  45. I wouldn't use Bitwarden for professional use till there is a feature to allow admins to help users reset their master password. It is pretty much guaranteed users will forget their master passwords at some point. LastPass has this feature, and I consider it an essential feature.

  46. Uh they have both of those features right now. It’s an organization setting that you have to check before you start inviting users to allow an admin to reset their vault passwords.

  47. Question, how are you dealing with having to separate vaults (personal and work)

  48. Royal pain in the butt, only option is to completely sign out and re-login/2FA if I want to jump back and forth. I suppose I could login to personal for the desktop app and work for the browser extension or something like in the meantime until they add that toggle functionality.

  49. I experience the same issue and haven’t found a fix yet. Support is sending me a replacement Eero hoping that will resolve it.

  50. I just did a full reset of all my eeros and rebuilt the network in the app. Hoping that works or support will be my next step. The Pro 6s has been bullet proof for me too since launch until suddenly the last few weeks. Did yours start acting up recently too?

  51. Yes seems to have started (or at least gotten much worse) recently.

  52. If you have ATT check if they enabled Internet Security on your Modem. I turned it off months ago at it slowed down my speed tests but checked again tonight and sure enough ATT turned it back on remotely.

  53. yes, available only in windows via solo-cli

  54. Yikes, was that solo2-cli 0.1.0 that you tried with too?

  55. Do you by chance have an Apple Card on your account? Mine started doing the same thing for the last couple of months with my Apple Card. Have had to re-enable each time to get my 3%. One of the times it happened I called support to ask what’s going on and they processed the payment right then since it was overdue and next thing I know the next month I get a $10 “support” charge which I fought.

  56. What is the difference between this and gold beyond the multiple Ethernet ports? I just purchased gold but if this is cheaper and essentially does the same thing maybe I should have waited…

  57. Gold has much more horsepower so you made the right choice unless you really the need the extra $100 or so. As an added benefit if Firewalla where to ever close up shop and go under the Gold is a full blown Intel X86 PC so you could easily load any number of other firewall distros like Untangle, OpnSense, pfSense, etc.

  58. Are there any tutorials to install other distro on Gold?

  59. None that I’ve seen but basically just like installing any operating system on PC hardware. Create a USB of the OS you want then boot to it while in the BIOS menu and go through the steps to install.

  60. I’m going through the sim swap/sim lock issue. I was never given an email. CS contacted them for me and I received a call on Saturday from someone in that division. She gave me their number so I’ll call them tomorrow as soon as they open.

  61. That phone number worked getting ahold of the fraud dept. Got the eSIM all sorted out. Next step is figuring out how to do the Apple Store trade in and get the T-Mobile promo added since the store had to release the phone manually after the SIM feature seemed to royally screw up Apple’s POS.

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