1. Friends don't let friends shoot at max power unless you're shooting at paper for groups on paper. The ONLY time I've taken my 7-35 ATACR over 16x has been to zero my rifle on paper.

  2. This. I’m rarely past 12. It’s the sweet spot on my scope. I can happily read the subtensions at that mag, and I’ve had no problem seeing 1-2 MOA steel out to a mile at that magnification

  3. I’m sorry if I’m uneducated on this, but technically won’t you see more clear with more magnification looking at something far away?

  4. You’ll see more detail, but magnification doesn’t equal clarity. That’s going to come down to the quality of the glass.

  5. How about we put a magnifying glass on the last, say, three dozen mass shootings and see which laws were effective, which weren't, and what law might have been?

  6. This is one of the biggest problems with any meaningful piece of legislation in general. You can apply it to just about any category of things.

  7. Seattle really gonna end up with the first overall pick of the draft.

  8. I believe that the glass optic should be in front ( closer to the target ) of the image-intensifier ( night-vision ).

  9. Are you talking about the first picture of the AI? Because that’s setup how it should be.

  10. +1 for Liberty. Peace of mind is worth the money to me. If you’re not worried about the fire rating, I think their fat boy / fat boy JR options are a great choice.

  11. The GT3 is impossible to buy at anywhere near MSRP and will likely remain so. I really wish that wasn’t true…

  12. It’s not impossible, but it’s rare. Just depends where you are.

  13. Honestly asking: where can I get it at close to MSRP? I’m willing to travel anywhere.

  14. I got mine from my local dealer, Porsche Littleton in Colorado. MSRP.

  15. Dang they didn’t use the new GT3RS, gave everyone else a chance..

  16. The shuttle was one of my favorite builds in a while.

  17. Please don’t spend 5k (I’m assuming CAD) on a rifle and cheap out on the glass.

  18. I am also curious about this. We have a 2020 with almost 50,000 miles and literally zero issues so far.

  19. Ditto. 2017 with almost 80,000 and it’s the one car I’ve owned that I’ve not had an issue with. The Macan has been one of my favorite cars to own.

  20. I said accutac, because I meant accutac. Atlas sucks. And no, a bag isn't better as you can't load up a bag.

  21. I run a Proof Stainless Barrel and it is a tac driver. I’m not a fan of the carbon wrapped offerings they make, but I’ve not had an issue with any of the stainless prefits I’ve had. They’ve been on par with the original WinTac (Bartlein blanks) barrels that came with my rifle for half the price.

  22. Is the juice worth the squeeze on the spuhr mounts? Never seen one first hand but heard nothing but great things

  23. Isn't Ford literally creating a sub brand to sell their electric cars directly to consumers because of dealer nonsense?

  24. Still the same dealer network, the dealer just has to commit to a certain teir. The top tier essentially requires an electric showroom and will not allow the dealer to adjust pricing. If they do, they’re liable to lose their most desirable allocations.

  25. Unless you have a specific reason for 300 Norma, go with 6.5 CM. You’ll have a lot more fun shooting it.

  26. I agree with almost everything you said except Mathis. That guy is a straight up liability.

  27. You guys remember when the Chargers came up with all this wild ways to lose games. That’s us now. We have out chargered the chargers.

  28. You need a CDL to drive a semi truck. But anyone can go out and buy an RV if they have the money.

  29. You actually don’t need a CDL to drive a semi. You only need it to drive a Semi commercially. It’s insane.

  30. Even with a trailer? That's wild. I would think a semi without a trailer would brake and accelerate decently though. It's not that much bigger than a lifted f350 dually or something similar.

  31. Even with a trailer. I know a few guys who drive semis with motorhome/trailer combos that give an overall length of close to 80ft. And they do so without a CDL

  32. That’s true, What action and barrel did end up goin with? And how much do you think it cost to complete?

  33. I’m running an AI AXSR. It came in 300 PRC left handed from the factory.

  34. You absolute beut… snuck your damn AI into a conversation where the OP’s budget is like 1/6th the price. Lol.

  35. I’m sure some will get it, but I’ve never heard “Copper” to refer to the police in my time in the US. It strikes me more as British slang.

  36. While not used as much in today's vernacular, it was a fairly normal slang for police not that long ago, even in our neck of the woods.

  37. Thats interesting. Crazy how words go in and out of our vernacular.

  38. Try Boretech c4 for cleaning solvent.

  39. This comparison is like saying a race car is better around a track compared to a semi.

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