1. The issue we have today is that you can’t do, or say anything without someone providing their political view on it. The best way to fix a country torn by politics? Eliminate the political cancer that is destroying it.

  2. Yet when it comes time to vote we all vote for the same jackasses. Incumbents have like a 90+% win rate-- left and right.

  3. This is a major issue. And the challenge is finding people willing to run, but also finding funds to go against the mega rich establishment candidates.

  4. So the judge is scaring/forcing defendants to say their own personal actions are Trump's fault, not accepting their plea as they choose, using all of this to build a case against Trump.

  5. Is it truly against the law when you work for “the law”?

  6. I completely agree. How does one (or many) get a corrupt judge off the bench that was appointed?

  7. That’s where I am no help. Hopefully one of those that is more knowledge can assist.

  8. Nothing is being hidden. The Affidavit is just as solid as the Steele Dossier. /s

  9. I know right?! I too was shocked to hear this! /s

  10. 26miles has been my max so far. 13 out and 13 back. The full trail is a 38mi lake trail that I plan to do next spring.

  11. Is this really shouldn't surprise anybody at this point. Garland issued the warrant, And clearly right or wrong was worried about trump selling some secrets abroad. I think it's ridiculous, But from a pragmatic standpoint of national security, Him taking the passports isn't the craziest thing I've heard in the last week.

  12. Funny how Trump is the threat yet Pelosi and Biden are flying around causing international tension and making under the table deals.

  13. They don’t typically like to stick around with loud noise or lights. I’ve seen people use strobe lights and firecrackers to deter them. Basically set a booby trap and if the bear wanders in, it’ll give it the scare of a life time, but won’t harm it.

  14. Haven’t used the QAD, but the Magnus are solid. Lots of good reviews on them and hard to beat any of the Magnus broad heads for their price.

  15. I just put the rail section on and attached a protac light with a basic Vtac light mount. I have a TLR on my G20, so the 870 isn’t really my main choice, but having the light option is nice when it does get used.

  16. I run a tlr on my handgun as well. Good input, thank you. Ill check out VTAC.

  17. Solid pick. Have had mine for a few years now and runs like new still. Definitely punches above its class.

  18. Exactly, like in GPS-wise. Asking for a friend

  19. Now do the military and other government workers…..

  20. Tell that NCO to fuck off. Respectfully of course.

  21. Im trying to do that, it’s my readiness nco who is telling me all this so

  22. As another mentioned, document the communication and watch the change in tone. Also, go up the chain if needed. You have a documentable financial hardship. This is something the CO can easily override the readiness NCO and push your date.

  23. Just got my boy a little Bear kids bow for his 4th birthday. Don’t worry it’s basically a toy. He seems to enjoy it so maybe next year we’ll get him something a little closer to the real deal.

  24. I did the same with my son. Green Bear kids bow. It’s his “green bang, bang”. He loves to use it, but gets mad when his aim is off and tells me, “You need to get me a better bang bang. This one doesn’t work. It keeps missing”

  25. Haha I suspect it may be the very same bow. My lil guy swears there’s something wrong with his bow but really it’s because his release is crap 😆

  26. Less than 50. Didn’t get it til the spring and wrecked my shoulder at work lately. So bummed out

  27. I don't understand the olight hate either. Not everyone has the luxury of buying trijicon and surefire.

  28. I run Olight, Streamlight, and Surefire. Can’t afford top tier for everything, but enjoy a mix.

  29. I've had no issues out of my olight yet. I have a rechargeable laser light for my 5.7. But I agree, it's nice having options. But with a sub like this there's bound to be snobs due to the high price point of FN firearms. Just because we bought a $1k plus gun doesn't mean we want or need to spend another $1k on attachments.

  30. C. His jitterbug senior phone doesn’t have it programmed therefore he cannot call.

  31. Of course he won’t call. He doesn’t want help. He doesn’t care about the flow. It fits his narrative.

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