1. You know it kind of makes sense since there’s no due process yet

  2. Open the car door and dildos fallout out everywhere. I swear officer, these are mine. 👈🏼😆

  3. War Is Murder. Taxation Is Theft. Police Are Gangs. Politicians Are Criminals.

  4. It’s just another line item in the bank transactions that nobody notices just like a real life subscriptions

  5. Those numbers would give Republicans a majority

  6. Imagine being so brainwashed that you march around in public wearing that and scream at tourists that get in your way LMFAO

  7. Nice, thanks for the info. I’ve always wondered. I mean, she has to see her face everywhere.

  8. These kind of pictures are called wojacks and npc’s

  9. Yes! , ideally buy in a bear market like now, sell 5-10 years after a long bull run, if you invested $400 a month since 2010 you only would’ve been negative the first year. You also could have lumped sum $10,000 and got similar returns. It’s hedged from business perspective because of SOXS. I can’t find any leveraged ETFs before the year 2010. So they’re fairly new. You could also sell a little bit off at a time once I got real high.

  10. Ha ha even Nancy Pelosi’s bought a house down there

  11. Why invest in something you believe will go down for within the next 6-12 months?

  12. Am I really the only one that doesn't have most of his net worth in equities?

  13. Most of us don’t have net worth because our debts are bigger than our assets.

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