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  1. Demons aren't real, no matter how much the monster fuckers want them to be.

  2. With all kindness, have you tried doing a google search? 'TGCF plushies' turned up 20k results. . .

  3. Cats, because even a freshly bathed dog stinks. Like, you barely touch them and you have to wash your hand because it stinks.

  4. I haven't had any kind of cold or flu since the first mask mandates. And before anyone asks, I also haven't had Covid.

  5. This isn't about keeping the worker dry, it's about keeping the food dry.

  6. NTA yet. Some of those violations could make customers extremely ill/kill them. Reporting in this sort of situation saves lives. Your mother and boyfriend should be ashamed of themselves for not seeing that.

  7. TBF, being better than the christian god is a pretty low bar.

  8. NGL, hating cats is a red flag. Men who hate cats tend to treat women like shit.

  9. Flip it over, looks like a pestle. It even has the finger grips.

  10. If you think about it, carving a face into a pestle isn't really that different from my friend putting googly eyes on his computer tower. Humans are just weird like that.

  11. INFO: Do they even want to be there? You might be worrying over nothing.

  12. Is it really satirical if it can be observed in action?

  13. If cPTSD affects a child's brain development does it count as brain damage?

  14. I haven't had a cold in two years. Before the pandemic I would get sick every couple of months, even during the summer.

  15. NTA. 'Xaiquiri' looks like what you would name a daquiri made with Zima.

  16. It depends on whether or not they know it's me. Like, I would say something ominous and cruel if I was anonymous, but if I weren't anonymous I'd get personal.

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